The Bloodline System

Chapter 1192 Thirty Seconds Countdown

Chapter 1192 Thirty Seconds Countdown

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


The smaller frost Raikin approached the multicolored egg which happened to be a Viondur egg.

Although the other Frost Raikins in the vicinity were not suspicious, they still had eyes on the Viondur Egg.

The smaller Frost Raikin flew around the viondur egg and kept circulating for a period of time.


Mist was instantly formed around the egg, imparing the vision of the Frost Raikins around.

Usually the Frost Raikins would have enhanced capabilities whenever they were close to anything cold so a mist wasn't supposed to impairing their vision.

However, this mist wasn't formed from frost or coldness. It was a different type of mist.

The Frost Raikins became suspicious at this point and flew into the mist after a few seconds.

The mist began to die down at this point and when they were finally able to see the summit of the floating frosted mountain again, nothing was out of place.

The Viondur Egg remained seated atop. However, the smaller Frost Raikin was nowherre to be found.

The other Frost Raikins just assumed it flew somewhere else during the mist covering so they still didn't think much of it.

Minutes later, a figure appeared more than ten thousand feet away from the floating frosted mountain. He stood above a massive floating diamond like platform with a Viondur Egg in his grasp.

"That was easy," Gustav muttered. 

("Only because you were smart enough to acquire the form of a Frost Raikin initially,") The system voiced.

"Even with that, it would have caused alarm had i not exchanged it with a fake," Gustav stated.

Before Gustav took on the form of a Frost Raikin, he did a little painting with a white egg he had taken from one of the caves.

White wasn't one of the required eggs to make a Viondur egg but Gustav had taken this one just like he took many others that would be considered useless as well.

Cases like this was where the usefulness of these colors of eggs came into place. Gustav painted the egg to look just like a Viondur egg and replaced it with the one at the summit of the frosted mountain. 

From the moment he stirred up the mist, he was already gone. He had made use of his Cognitive Concealment ability to mask his presence.

"One more Viondur Egg successfully acquired," Gustav stated before keeping the Egg in his storage button.

("Going after the others won't be as easy,") The system voiced.

"I know... especially since I don't have the forms of the other creatures," Gustav turned to stare in the south west direction. 

A platform growing out from the rocky wall in the distance looked like the massive floating diamond like rock  he was currently standing on. 

However, this one seemed to be stationed on the wall, four times as large as a skyscrapper and had an entrance.

Creatures who only had a massive owl shaped head for a body and thin but gigantic fowl like wings, could be seen flying around the entry point.

Besides this, they had sharp claws for beaks and their legs looked like it could easily rip a person in two like paper.

While it looked like there were only about thirty in number flying around the entry point, Gustav's perception had picked up on the high numbers that were nestling within the platform.

They were over fifty thousand feet from his location, yet Gustav's perception had infiltrated their territory to the point where he could already tell where the Viondur egg was.

'Why do they all keep the Viondur Eggs like its some kind of trophy?' This was amongst Gustav's many questions.

On the surface, the Frost Raikins protected the required eggs to form a Viondur Egg like it was their child and here, thousands upon thousands of creatures protected just a single Viondur Egg.

Gustav couldn't complain, he had managed to save days of wandering up there by getting a single Viondur Egg.

He didn't want to be too greedy but one wasn't enough. 


A circular metal like button appeared in Gusta's grasp and he proceeded to put it on his forehead.

[Cognitive Concealment Has Been Activated]

Gustav's presence completely dissapeared to the point. One wouldn't be able to tell if he was even around them unless they directly set eyes on him. His footsteps made no sound, if he tapped on anything, it made no sound.

His speed also made no sound as it would always generate whooshes. Everything was masked.

"I'll have approximately thirty seconds to get in there and take the Viondur Egg out before I am spotted," Gustav stated as he tapped the button on his forehead.


His entire figure instantly turned invisible. Now he was at a near perfect state of Concealment. 

Gustav's body transformed as he leapt into the air.

[Dash Has Been Activated]

The timer had started counting down.

There was no sound as he arrived before the entrance of the diamond like platform only a second after the countdown had started.

29 seconds~ 

Wings sprouted out of his back in his invisible state as he glided across the air, evading the creatures around the entrance so as not to make contact with them.

'Oh so they're called Ziaphanos...' Gustav took note of the species name as he flew into the diamond like platform.

The instant he got in, flashes of bright reflections assaulted his eyes.

The gravitational force within the diamond like platform shifted, causing Gustav to bear the weight of a hundred tons.

Gustav was surprised by the shift and paused for a bit as the pressure bore down on him.

However, the weight was really nothing and he resumed flying a moment later since it had only startled him a little.

The Ziaphanos kept flying across the place unrestrained by the difference in gravitational force between the exterior and the interior.

This made Gustav realise that, these creatures would be very fast so he had to be careful so as not to attract their attention. 

25 seconds~

The scenery within the diamond like platform was quite inexplicable. It looked much larger on the inside compared to how anyone would have thought.

The shards and icicle shaped objects reflecting rays of light across the vicinity could be seen hanging from the rocky walls and even the ground.

However, one stood out the most...

'It's up there,' Gustav said internally as he stared at the massive shard in the middle of the Ziaphanos territory. 

This shard was so massive, it towered high up reflecting blinding rays across the entire vicinity. Due to its height, the ceiling of this diamond platform was thousands of feet above.

Swarms of Ziaphanos flew around the massive shard, similar to how the Frost Raikins were flying around the floating frosty mountain earlier.

Just as initially calculated, there were over ten thousand of them flying around the shard and even more just moving about the place.

The space within their territory was like a mini city.

Despite the increment in gravitational force, Gustav flew upwards with speed. He was well aware of his limited time and didn't want to waste even a second.

The usual vibrational waves and turmoil, his speed would cause the environment had all been masked by the Cognitive Concealment ability and the invisibility button just made things smoother.

However, as Gustav flew higher, he noticed the difference in gravitational force.

For ever fifty feet scaled, the pressure would increase by a hundred tons.

Gustav noticed this when his speed decreased after scaling up to a thousand feet in an instant. He knew that with his current speed he would be way faster but then the pressure was already bearing the weight of up to two thousand tons while still maintain flight.

The Ziaphanos who were higher up, still flew around the shard unrestrained which was quite surprising to Gustav. With this he realised that the ones lower were weaker than the ones at a higher height.

If Gustav got noticed, the chances of escaping would be quite low considering he would be spotted by their strongests first.

23 seconds~

Gustav's brain processed information very quickly so he already well aware of the current situation, he increased his speed and flew even higher, fighting against the pressure.

By the time Gustav Scaled two thousand feet, he felt like he was carrying an entire city on his shoulders.


He suddenly and swiftly swerved backwards, dodging the massive body of a Ziaphano that changed trajectory in mid air, nearly bumping into him.

The creatures were more up to three hundred feet large. Gustav size compared to theirs was like a grasshopper standing beside a human. 

21 seconds~

He resumed flight upwards after distancing himself a bit from the area of the swarm circulating the shard.

Bearing the force of more than two million kilograms upon his entire being, Gustav kept flying upwards till he was on a couple hundred feet away from the top.

He could finally spot the Viondur egg above, firmly seated on the tip of the  massive shard.

19 seconds~

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