The Bloodline System

Chapter 1193 Things Go Haywire

Chapter 1193 Things Go Haywire

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter 


He could finally spot the Viondur egg above, firmly seated on the tip of the  massive shard.

19 seconds~

Despite the immense size of the massive shard reflecting a blinding glow across the territory, its tip was as thin as a needle.

It was quite surprising that a three feet large egg sat upon such a thin surface looking incredibly balanced.

At this height, only around a hundred Ziaphanos could be seen circulating the shard. These ones also moved unrestrained so Gustav could tell they were the most powerful in the whole territory.

From what he sensed, taking a single one of them in a battle would be cumbersome. Not to talk more of when there were more than a hundred. Gustav wasn't breathing at this point as he made sure to move discreetly as possible.

He covered the rest of the height in about a second and calculated that he had around 18 seconds left.

Based on the timing he had only a second or two to get the Viondur Egg and leave the same way he got in.

The problem wasn't having enough energy to keep Cognitive Concealment active or not having enough invisibility buttons.

The issue was, the moment the invisibility button he currently had on his forehead, ran out of power, he would turn visible for an instant even if he was to quickly take out another and place it on his forehead.

That split instant was enough to bring attention to himself and he wasn't willing to take the risk so he wanted to make sure he got out before the timer counted down completely. 

The Viondur egg was only a few feet in front of him at this point. Gustav had decided to use a similar tactic like before to cause a momentary visual disruption and switch the egg with a fake.


Mist began erupting from his figure in his still invisible figure which of course drew the attention of the Ziaphanos in the vicinity.

However, Gustav was still invisible and the mist spread so quickly, there was no way to ascertain the source.

Gustav moved quickly and reached for the Viondur egg as a fake appeared in his grasp.

He was only about thirty centimetres away from making contact when he suddenly felt a strange energy ripple forth before he could touch the Viondur egg.

("You just triggered some...") The system voiced but it was too late.


A yellow coloured blast was sent forth, which pushed Gustav as well the mist in the environment backwards.

The entire territory quaked intensely as the invisibilitybutton on Gustav's forehead smoked and sparked with electricity. 

"*sigh*" Gustav let out sigh of defeat as the massive eyes of the Ziaphanos turned to his direction and focused on him.

He was very visible at the moment, and marked by the yellowish energy that just blasted forth which happened to cause him to glow intensely as if announcing that an intruder had infiltrated.

'I didn't sense that,' Gustav forehead creased as he thought.

("It didn't exist a moment ago... it seems to be the ability of one of the Ziaphanos,") The system words explained why Gustav didn't sense any trap of sorts.


This wasn't the time to go into analysis so Gustav's quickly bolted forward and grabbed hold of the Viondur Egg.

"How dare you!?" The Ziaphano closest to the tip roared.

"They can speak?" Gustav voiced with a tone of surprise.

"You will die here vermin!" Another one of the Ziaphanos yelled as they all charged at Gustav.

Now wasn't the time to be in awe of the intelligence of the Ziaphanos who currently had it out for him. Gustav initially planned to make use of his dimensional bracelet if things went south but he currently couldn't. 

Despite having put a checkpoint outside the Ziaphanos territory where one of the Diamond floating platforms was located, he couldn't use the dimensional bracelet or the crushing weight of the gravitational force would destroy it.

He had somehow positoned his body in a way that the Dimemsional Bracelet would not be affected by the gravitational force which was making him bear the weight of nearly three thousand tons.

If he tried to make use of the dimensional bracelet right now, it would get crushed. 

Fwwhiiii! Fwwhii! Fwwhhiii!

The Ziaphanos charged at Gustav with intense speed that clearly surpassed his despite their massive size.


After sending the Viondur egg to his storage device, Gustav's wing rescinded into his back, causing him to free fall.


The Ziaphanos quickly changed trajectory and flew after his falling body. 

Despite his body, descending like a falling star, the Ziaphanos soon caught up to him and clawed at his body in a bid to rip the intruder to pieces.

Gustav's right arm transformed, becoming black, scaly and muscular as he grew three pairs of sharp looking claws which he proceeded to swung upwards in response to the massive talons ripping at him.

Shiiinnnn! Claaanngg!

Upon collision, a sharp and intense metallic sound of collision rang through the vicinity, sending forth shockwaves alongside.

The territory quaked once more alarming the rest of the Ziaphanos around after Gustav's claws collided with the talons of the Ziaphano that first arrived before him.


Gustav's body shot downwards even fastsr than before as he had made use of this collision to escape the encirclement of the Ziaphanos.


The instant Gustav landed on the ground which hadn't even been a second yet, he sped forward in the direction of the entrance.

However, the entire place was already swarming with Ziaphanos who were headed for the entrance as well and Gustav's speed was lacking compared to theirs.


Sprouting wings once more, Gustav activated as many speed related skills as he could to boost his flight. 

Leaving a trail of white blur across the air, Gustav arrived at the entry point in less than a second since he was no longer carrying the weight of almost three thousand tons.

Unfortunately, the entry point happened to be packed with hundreds of Ziaphanos who were already aware of the intruder in their midst.

They all bit and clawed at Gustav intensely as he approached them.

"Haven't used this in a while but it should help," A red hilted katana with dark blade appeared in Gustav's grasp.

The instant he held onto it, a wave of alarmingly powerful energy was sent across the surrounding like a warning. Electric arcs coated the blade of this katana as it glowed intensely increasing the unease in the environment. 

Gustav raised this katana with vigor and slashed down at the incoming Ziaphanos blocking the entry point.


A disastrous red arc, hundreds of feet long, swept forward with intensity, carrying lightning streaks with it after Gustav slahed downwards.


The entire Ziaphanos territory rumbled fiercely as the red arc cut through the first Ziaphano in its path as well as destroying the entry point by making it even larger than it originally was.

Multiple Ziaphanos were blasted backwards as lightning streaks also spread to them, burning a few of their feathers.

The Ziaphanos happened to have very sturdy bodies so only three Ziaphanos who were directly in the path of the arc had been sliced into two scorched halves while the others were barely incapacitated.

The space that had been left in between gave Gustav the opportunity to fly out of their territory. 

Zzzhiiii! Zzzhiii! Zzhiiii!

Three massive talons suddenly appeared above Gustav the instant he arrived outside the territory, slashing down at him vigorously. 

Gustav didn't even have the chance to blink as he realised he had already been surrounding by up to sixty massive Ziaphanos and more were incomimg.

These were the Ziaphanos who were at the topmost part of the shard. They had instantly caught up with Gustav the moment he managed to get past the entry point. 

They were insanely fast, however now that Gustav was out of the intense gravitational force area, he was confident in escaping their onslaught.

[Lightning Blitz Has Been Activated]


Gustav turned into a lightning streak and dissappeared straight into the east direction, tearing right through the wing of one of the Ziaphanos. 

He instantly reappeared eight hundred thousand feet away from his initial location. He heaved a sigh of relief after successfully escaping far from the angry Ziaphanos.

He had given them a very wide distance but so as not to take any chances, Gustav decided to activate Lightning Blitz two times more.

Thhrrrriihhhzzzhhhh! Thhrrrriihhhzzzhhhh!

He was now millions of feet away from their territory, practically in another area entirely.

Gustav looked around and noticed this area was a little misty but had a weird looking structure erected on the ground thousands of feet below.

He was about to head downwards when he felt a sudden shift in the atmosphere. It sounded like a ripping sound that grew increasingly louder by the millisecond. 

Thhrrrriihhhzzzhhhh! Thhrrrriihhhzzzhhhh! Thhrrrriihhhzzzhhhh! Thhrrrriihhhzzzhhhh! Thhrrrriihhhzzzhhhh! Thhrrrriihhhzzzhhhh!

Gustav's eyes widened as dark streaks cut across the air in the distance and arrived across him.

These streaks were the same massive Ziaphanos guarding the top of the massive shard he had stolen the Viondur egg from.



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