The Bloodline System

Chapter 1194 Gustav Vs The Ziaphanos

Chapter 1194 Gustav Vs The Ziaphanos

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"Shit!" Gustav had suspected that they would be extremely fast the moment they left the intense gravitational force area.

However, he hadn't expected that they would be anything remotely close to this speed.

("They followed you,") The system voiced.

'Thanks captain obvious... you don't think I know that?' Gustav nearly yelled this out loud.

("No I mean they...") The system was about to add something else when Gustav activated another lightning streak.


("There's no point, look behind you,")

"I know," Gustav voiced as he turned around to see black streaks appear before him once more after scaling close to a million feet in one second.

("They are...") The system was about to add something once more when the Ziaphanos reached for Gustav.

"Die Vermin!" One of them yelled.

Zwewhiiiii! Wwwhiii!

They were extremely fast, causing their slashes to send sharp and massive arcs forward that tore through the air.

Gustav's body bloated a little and turned greenish as Iro silks sprouted out of his body like spikes, covering him up.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Slash!

Multiple sounds of heavy collisions rang out as the iro silk along with Gustav got blasted backwards intensely. 

They traveled speedily across the air with the iro silk crumbling to little pieces as Gustav crashed through multiple diamond like floating platforms.

The hundreds of Ziaphanos flew after him in order to make sure they finish the job but the instant they got close to the diamond like floating platform Gustav's body was embedded in, an intimidating energy spread forth.

Gustav had used ultimate combination. He climbed out of the hole his body got embedded into with a powerful energy cascading forth from his being.

The air rippled continously as it felt like space was twisting due to the strength of the form he had just taken. The Ziaphanos were well aware that the so called vermin they were looking at was no ordinary being.

However, they seemed confident in their numbers.

"Kill him and take back the Cifa," One of them yelled as they charged forward. 

| 'This is troublesome... I guess I have no choice,' Gustav charged in their direction as well.

He wasn't ready to leave this place yet and there was no guarantee that he could use the dimensional bracelet to return fast. Time was a luxury.

"Each as powerful as level 250 mixedbreeds..." Gustav had to admit he had never done something so crazy before.

Level 250 Mixedbreeds were quite rare on earth and each of them were extremely powerful. Their strength was equivalent to a Beta Ranked mixedblood and yet he was going against more than a hundred of them at once.


The first three Ziaphanos that arrived before Gustav swung their talons at him. Gustav reached out to grab the first one while his hands were coated with milky colored energy.

The talons which could easily rip an entire city in two, just from the wind generated with its slashes, were stopped by Gustav. 


He spun to the right and flinging the entire massive five hundred feet large creature in the direction of his associate. 

"Kiiiiiiiiihhhhh!" The Ziaphano cried out as its associate talons ripped through its right wing.

White blood squirted out like a fountain while the Ziaphano fell from great heights unable to make use of its damaged wing.


At the same instant, the sharp talons of the third Ziaphanos slammed into Gustav from behind.


Fortunately, he had conjured Iro silk behind him. However, the iro silk crumbled instantly upon collision, sending him flying across the air for hundreds of feet.

In his years of using the Iro Silk, this was the first time any creature was able to damage it with just a single strike. The Ziaphanos were truly fearsome creatures. 

Gustav had taken a little damage from that hit despite the iro silk but he quickly, stopped himself in mid air as he was flying towards the triple claws beak of another Ziaphano.


A massive destructive dark and purplish energy beam formed in the mouth of the Ziaphano he had stopped before.

With the way the air trembled, Gustav could tell that this was no ordinary attack.


He sped forward and swung his fist upwards with intensity. 


It sounded like a thunder bolt as Gustav's fist slammed into the jaw of the Ziaphano, causing its entire head to tilt backwards while it got catapulted away by the force.


The energy it was initially gather, exploded in its beak, causing the head of the Ziaphano to exploded to smithereens. 


The residual energy blasted across the place, sending forth charges that also slammed into Gustav.

'Being small has both advantages and disadvantages,' Gustav realised as the Ziaphanos around were not in anyway affected by the blast.

The Ziaphanos had swung out their talons once more, causing Gustav to quickly create iro silks.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gustav puked blood as his body got blasted thousands of feet away after the iro silk he constructed around himself repeatedly crumbled.

The Ziaphanos were unrelenting and he had only taken out about three of them so far. There were still in the hundreds.

"Take on someone of your own size," Gustav muttered as he cleaned his mouth.


His body suddenly began to lengthen, along with his silver scales and muscular arms. His horns grew very large along with his tail as well.

The glowing light on his forehead also increased in size as well.

The Ziaphanos were stupefied once more. It looked like the so called vermin had more tricks underneath his sleeves.

Gustav reached out to the closest Ziaphano with his right arm glowing yellowish. 


He slammed his fist onto the head of the Ziaphano causing it to get hurled thousand of feet backwards as a mark appeared on its body.


An explosion from the mark sent the Ziaphono hurling further backwards as it cried out in pain.

Other Ziaphanos didn't wait for him to approach them before bearing their talons once more upon him. Now that he was larger, it was easier for them to attack him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gustav moved as quickly as he could across the air, throwing multiple fists at the Ziaphanos while also receiving the full brunt of the attack from the ones at his flank. 

The creatures were faster than he was but he had no trouble striking blows due to his perception that let him predict their movements.  However, he couldn't dodge all of their attacks either.

The battle was becoming incredibly destructive and brutal as time passed.

Boooomm! Booom! Boom! Boom!

Every single Ziaphano that Gustav managed to make contact with, bore a small mark that exploded after some time. This caused the Ziaphanos to take more damage as time passed but Gustav was also very injured as well.

Thizzzzihhh! Thiiizzzhhh!

Gustav slashed at multiple massive, destructive and dark purplish energy beams shot from the mouth of Ziaphanos.

Each of them were as large as skyscrappers, causing the air to twist and turn but Gustav struck them with massive atomic blades.

Booommm! Booommm! Booomm!

They couldn't all be countered and the explosion sent destructive ripples across the air

"Energy dispersal," Gustav muttered as the atomic blades vanished from his grasp and he clasped his palms together.


A red wave of Energy blasted forth from his being, colliding with the explosion. 

Multiple floating diamomd like platforms crumbled to dust as the ripples repelled everything within a radius of more than a hundred thousand feet.

Gustav's figure vanished and reappeared behind a Ziaphano that was hurling across the air due to the blast.

Grabbing hold of its neck, Gustav forcibly ripped its head from its body and flung it in the direction of another Ziaphano. 

The creatures were very sturdy but it was nothing compared to Gustav's natural body defense.

Another Ziaphano clawed Gustav's from the side, piercing a little into his shoulder but it got stuck.

Gustav reached out and grabbed the two other Ziaphanos that had attacked from the front which talons were lodged in his bleeding body.

"Arrrrrhhhhhh!" Gustav screamed loudly, causing sonic waves to blast forth from his mouth. 


The two Ziaphanos in front of him got sent flying across the air as the sonic waves caused their organs to shatter from the inside out.

Reaching back to grab the Ziaphano that had clawed into his sides, Gustav held onto its beak and forcefully ripped the head of the creature open.

Blood splattered across the place as Gustav realised he had already taken down about forty of them.

However, there were still a little over seventy left and he had expended a lot of energy.

'I don't want to use cosmic superiority,' Gustav said internally as he flew upwards while the others chased after him.

("It's not like you haven't used it before,") The system responded in his head.

'On a small scale yes but with these creatures, I'll have to use it on a large scale but I'm actively trying to avoid that,' Gustav replied internally as he activated Lightning Blitz once more.


("You can't escape from them using this be...")

"I know,"

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