The Bloodline System

Chapter 1304  One Against Three Thousand

Chapter 1304 One Against Three Thousand

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


The participants in other colored vests found themselves sucked into the vortexes before they could even put up a fight.

[Red Is Capturing The Medallion]

Woooo~ Cheers~ Cheers~

Loud cheers rang out from the spectators area that consisted of planets under the red color.

-"Captain Crimson is Amazing!"

-"He just singlehanded turned the tide,"

-"At this rate we might win,"

-"Let's cheer them on!"

The earth's spectators area as well as others whose planet had been disqualified and had taken a liking to Gustav could be heard talking about him in adoration.

They began slowly chanting his name as they watched the challenge with looks of interest.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Boom!

The sound of explosions rang out heavily as the colors trapped on the outside of the barricade began sending forth powerful attacks.

Endric snapped his fingers a couple more times, creating more stacks of telekinetic barriers above and around the walls. He focused his energy mostly on the ones above to prevent entry.

"This isn't going to hold forever," Gustav announced as his body returned to normal while he headed towards the others.

"How long does it take to capture the medallion?" Gustav inquired.

"One person would need one hour without disruption but if more participants of the same color make contact at the same time, the process would be sped up," Aildris explained.

With every added participant of the same color touching the medallion, the capture time would be cut by five minutes.

He went on to mention that the sped up effect only works for two to ten people touching at a time. Any more than ten didn't increase the effect.

Gustav nodded in understanding as he stared at the medallion. Since they were up to a thousand participants under the red, they undoubtedly had ten people to spare.

"So, we just have to hold this for fifteen minutes to win right?" Gustav voiced despite knowing the answer.

"Yes," Aildris responded.


The space within the barricade quaked heavily as a powerful attack hit the west side of the walls.

Gustav was usually confident in the durability of the Iro silk especially now that it was combined with Ria's lava fortification and Atomic Manipulation. However, there were three different colors trying to get in at the moment.

Three thousand powerful participants from different planets were all attacking at the same time. It was bound to come down if he didn't do something about it.

"E.E, send us out there," Gustav instructed.

"What? Wouldn't it be better for us to stay in here and fortify the barricade from the inside out?" Planet Ruhz Captain voiced with a tone of confusion.

"Everything will come crumbling down before we capture the medallion if we don't create a layer of defense out there... It would be better for some of us to go out there and ease the tension the barricade is currently receiving," Gustav explained.

"I'd rather we stay in here," Captain Ostril stated.

"If the walls come crumbling down, we'll make sure no one touches the medallion," Planet Xillion Captain stated as well and other planets Captain under the red color agreed.

What they didn't understand was, the moment the walls came crumbling down, there was no way the capturing wouldn't be disrupted.

No doubt powerful people were within the barricade but one thing that remained obvious was the massive size of the medallion.

This made it easier to make contact but it seemed everyone else was overconfident about preventing touch if the walls came crumbling down.


"Alright then... E.E send only me out there," Gustav decided.

"What? Just you? There are thousands of them out there," E.E said with a troubled tone.

"Why don't I come with you?" Aildris voiced from the side.

"Yes let's come with you," E.E added.

Angy also closed in from the side.

"Nah, you guys stay here. It needs more sensible folks," Gustav stated.

"Send only me out there," Gustav added.

"Come on ma..."

"I also have unfinished business, chop chop," Gustav insisted.

Everyone stared at each other briefly after hearing that almost like they knew what Gustav was hinting at.

"I'll be better off taking care of things alone anyways. You guys just make sure no one disrupts the process inside here," Just as Gustav finished voicing out, a flash of blueish light appeared within the barricade.

Two figures in yellow vests sped towards the medallion upon successfully teleporting inside the barricade.


Elevora descended upon the first one from above, completely leaving them incapacitated while Captain Ostril grabbed the second one by the throat and flung him towards the barricade walls.


E.E quickly conjured a vortex in fear of what would happen to that participant should they make contact with the spiky lava like walls.

The participant's body phased through the vortex and they vanished.

Elevora grabbed the leg of the other participant and flung them in the direction of the vortex that was still open.

He vanished as well and E.E shut the vortex.

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"Things like that will probably happen a couple more times and they may even directly teleport in a manner that let's them make contact with the Medalion the moment they appear here," Gustav referenced.

"You guys need to stay here and stop that from happening... I'll make it more difficult for them on the outside," Gustav added.

"Alright then," E.E voiced while clasping his palms together.


A vortex appeared before Gustav and he proceeded to walk in.

-"What is Captain Crimson doing?"

-"Is he going out of the barricade?"

-"What in the world is he thinking?"

The spectators were astonished as they noticed Gustav's actions.

The violet colored world only lasted for a second before Gustav arrived on the other end which of course was outside the barricade.

The moment Gustav appeared on the outside, he came into contact with a flurry of attacks headed in the direction of the barricade.

Blazing skyscraper sized flames, lightning streaks, multiple colored powerful beams and many more attacks raging at the barricade.

[Mini Blackhole Has Been Activated]


Gustav leapt into the air and spread his arms like he was going in for a hug.

The moment he performed this action, multiple baby fist sized black swirls, appeared all across the air in a lined up format.

The mini black holes spread across the place and consumed the stopped the flurry of attacks headinh to the barricade from the west side.


The attacks got swallowed up in a few moments causing both participants and spectators faces to lit up with expressions of astonishment.

"For the next fourteen minutes, I will be your opponent," Gustav's voice rang out powerfully and vibrantly across the entire battle arena.

At first everyone thought he must have run mad considering there were over three thousand participants on the outside of the barricade. Planets like Ozious, Diov, Indulus Prime, Klaxosapes, Osiris, Orion and so many others were at the top of the rankings. They were very powerful, yet Gustav had decided to face all of them alone.

The moment Gustav whipped out the Jiko Hakai Katana from his storage device, they understood that he wasn't messing around.

"You may be powerful but this was a bad idea... Gustav," Captain Vilax voiced from up ahead.

"Maybe you're right," Gustav smiled before swinging the Katana forward.

A massive reddish arc with electric sparks swimming across it, bloated the entire sky in the next instant, descending powerfully upon the battle field.

"Take cover!" One yelled as many participants chose to escape the attack while some threw out attacks to counter.


It looked like the sky was getting torn apart as the arc descended and wreaked havoc upon the battlefield.

Lots of participants got blasted across the place as shockwaves spread heavily.

"Kiiarrrhhhh!" Screams rang out as many got hit by a dose of blistering hotness and electricity at the same time.

The grounds split open and the arena became fraught with even more destruction.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of multiple collisions rang out as Gustav got engaged in mid air by multiple participants who managed to escape the large scale attack.


His figure slipped downwards as pairs of arms reached to grab him from behind.

He landed on the charred ground where another participant was already swinging a massive white circular glowing blade at him.

[Dash Has Been Activated]


Gustav swerved sideways, dodging the swing before sending a fist towards the back of the participant.


Gustav proceeded to keep the Jiko Hakai katana away after his fist connected and leapt upwards once more.

His arms turned into after images as he swung them forward in every direction.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

It was like his fists slammed into all six participants surrounding him in mid air at the same time as they all got sent flying in different directions with their backs caving in.


Gustav moved to the left, dodging an insect like arm that swept past his face from behind in the next instant.

"Sorry," Gustav voiced before grabbing the arm and spinning.


He flung the Ozious participant towards the ground in the next instant, causing their body to create a mini crater from the impact.



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