The Bloodline System

Chapter 1305  Back To The Present

Chapter 1305 Back To The Present

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He flung the Ozious participant towards the ground in the next instant, causing their body to create a mini crater from the impact.



Gustav couldn't be spotted in a location for up to a second as his figure repeatedly appeared and vanished all across the battlefield.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The spectators were left astonished once more as they watched Gustav engage thousands of participants all by himself.

He dealt with the weaker participants first, avoiding the stronger ones as much as he could so he could thin out their numbers.


A massive club the size of a building swung towards his back as Gustav finished countering two attacks from up ahead.

He turned around at the last second as his entire arm bloated and he swung at the incoming club.


It sounded like an explosion had gone off as Gustav's fist tore through the massive club, causing rock like splinters to blast across the vicinity.

His fist didn't stop there... It kept heading forward till it slammed into the jaw of the Klaxosape knocking him out cold.


Gustav landed on the chest of the gigantic rocky being while shooting a cold glance at the incoming participants surrounding him.

He jumped off the Klaxosape unconscious body and began strolling forward slowly while his fingers emitted red glows.

This scenery sparked reverence in the heart of the spectators as they watch Gustav strike visible fear in the minds of the participants.

-"Crimson! Crimson! Crimson!

-"Crimson! Crimson! Crimson! Crimson!

-"Crimson! Crimson! Crimson!

-"Crimson! Crimson! Crimson! Crimson!

Nobody realised when it became this loud but soon the entire arena quaked at the chants of Gustav's name.

The large square-shaped screens above projected the battlefield that was riddled with destruction at different corners due to Gustav's terrifying rampage.

A group of five backed away in fear Gustav approached them. This group of five were laced in green upper battle vests.

He slowly walked towards the group that was backing away elegantly as his hands glowed crimson. His eyes had a look of coldness and aloofness as he spoke,

"Your journey ends here!"

He stretched out his right arm after saying this.


This group of five were none other than the Xionsi members left after Gustav decimated half of the battlefield.

Their eyes widened as they recognised the power Gustav was currently wielding. It belonged to the one who had lost his life at the hand of their teammates.

"Isn't that late Teemee's abilities?" Some spectators recognised and displayed shocked looks as Gustav engaged the five.

The five swiftly conjured windstorms, tornadoes and lightnings, strengthening them incredibly to rip Gustav to shreds.


It was almost like they hadn't learnt their lesson from the last time. This part of the battlefield was redesigned with even more destruction, preventing other participants from approaching Gustav due to him getting caught up in the intense windstorms.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

Gustav figure which was initially getting dragged across the air, paused in place as the winds thrashed at him.

Zing~ Zing~ Zing~ Zing~

Spherical shaped glowing balls appeared all around his figure in the next instant, abosrbing the lightning streaks within the multiple tornadoes.

Hundreds of thousands of blazing hails rained down upon Gustav's figure while the five responsible for all these tried to back away.

'I had something else in mind for them before... but oh well, I guess I'll just have to stick with this,' Gustav's raised both hands as he ascended further into the air.

His entire figure was instantly coated in crimson like aura as Teemee would look.

"Recalibration..." Gustav uttered this world calmly but it spread across the entire arena like a deity had descended.


A burst of crimson energy spread forth from his figure, forming a domain that encircled the windstorms, tornadoes, lightning and the five Xionsis.

"Oh no... Run!" Orimon looked like someone with PTSD the moment he saw the crimson glow cover the surroundings.

This no doubt, was because he recognised what this power was.

"...Speed up," A sinister smirk appeared on Gustav's face as he voiced out.


The Xionsis tried to outrun the crimson domain but they weren't quick enough.

In that moment, everything within the crimson domain visibly aged before everyone's eyes.

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The ground turned ashen and crumbled...

The tornadoes turned into mild winds...

The lightning streaks turned into tiny harmless electric sparks...

The oxygen vanished...

All five Xionsis had their skins turn visibly wrinkly as their figures thinned out and they gell weakly to the ground...

Nothing within the crimson domain was spared as it continously spread out.


The other participants in the vicinity fled as the domain kept spreading out. They had witnessed what happened to the Xionsis and didn't want to be caught up on it.

Teemee had used this ability before but not on a large scale like this. It was like Gustav had brought out the true potential of this ability.

-"That really is Teemee's bloodline,"

-"How did captain Crimson get Teemee's power?"

-"This is unbelievable,"

-"Does this mean he can acquire the power of other mixedbloods?"

-"Is this why he has so many abilities?"

Witnessing this sparked debates not only in the earth spectators area but also on the earth itself. Lots of other alien spectators were just as shocked as they seemed to be realising what this might mean.

"Were you aware of this?" Grand Commander Shion inquired.

"Aware of what?" Miss Aimee threw a question back in response.

"That Gustav could acquire the Bloodline of other Mixedblood..." Grand Commander Shion stated.

"Maybe... maybe not. It doesn't matter," Miss Aimee shrugged.

'She definitely knew... they must have been hiding this a secret for a long time,' Grand Commander Shion didn't hide the look of suspiciousness and confusion on his face.

"You must be wondering why he wouldn't be bothered about revealing it now to the world if he had possessed such a power and hid it for long," Miss Aimee voiced with her lips slowly curving upwards.

Grand Commander Shion may not have responded but hid slight change in expression after Miss Aimee spoke, proved that she was on mark.

"The answer is very simple... He now capable of protecting himself from any conspiracies so he no longer feels the need to hide his abilities. He may reveal even more in the future," Miss Aimee stated while staring at the battlefield up ahead with a proud look.

Grand Commander Shion sat in place silently with a conflicted expression. He could already imagine the brewstorm that would be formed after IYSOP comes to an end.

On the battlefield Gustav could be seen holding onto the scrawny figure of Orimon. Orimon looked all shriveled up now and trembled violently as Gustav held him up.

"Fear not... this isn't the end for you," Gustav's voice send chills across his body.

"But this is certainly the end of your participation in IYSOP... your true end will come a little later and it won't be before the eyes of everyone. I want you to spend the last of your days suffering, scared for the end of your pitiful existence, in constant pain and worry..."

Orimon could have sworn that he was staring at the devil right now.

Were his actions worth it? No... He regretted everything.

"I will come like a thief to claim your life when you least expect... but not without torturing you,"

As Gustav finished saying this he noticed black arrow like marks appearing all over his crimson domain.


He swifly leapt backwards, crossing thousands of feet in less than a second.

He was outside the crimson domain in no time but the moment he did, he found himself encircled.

Captain Kriv bore a fist down at him from the left while Captain Irand clawed forward, sending a destructive dark slash at his figure.

A halo blazing with glorious fluorescent light and spinning with immense ferocity approached him from behind.

While hundred more participants in different vest colors charged forward with numerous attacks.

"Sorry Kriv, this is gonna hurt," Gustav voiced as his skin turned red, muscular and scaly while he reached out to grab the halo approaching from behind.

The moment Gustav fingers locked around the halo, Captain Kriv's fist was only an inch away from colliding with Gustav's head.


Captain Kriv's entire arm came falling off in the next instant, taking everyone by utmost surprise.

Gustav had swung the halo upwards with so much speed, that it seemed like he didn't move at all. Meanwhile, Captain Kriv's giant rocky arm was lopped off from the slash.

Gustav let go of the halo instantly as Captain Irand dark wave swept him across the air.

The moment his figure was sent flying, the Crimon domain he activated earlier, swept towards him at incredibly fast pace.

'Corrupted... Vilax's doing,'


The Jiko Hakai katana appeared in his grasp while his figure was in mid air and Gustav proceeded to swing forward powerfully.


Another powerful red arc cut across the battlefield, splitting the crimson domain completely in half.

Before this arc could completely decimate the battlefield again, Captain Vilax appeared before the rest of it.

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