The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Beauty in Plain White (2)

Since the cameraman took the photo from below during her kick, her fluttering hair looked like it was almost perpendicular to the ground; due to the angle, the baby fat under her face was enhanced and her clothes appeared messy as it swayed in midair.

“I saw the other photos taken of you that time. All of them were very beautiful. Why didn’t they choose among those pictures?” Xiao Su gloomily commented.

Netizen: “Wow, Miss Wanshuang is so pretty. Her red skirt complements her skin well. I love her to death!”

“Film Emperor Hubby is too handsome! My husband, I love you forever!”

“How is it that Miss Wanshuang looks like a perfect match with my hubby when they stand together? Oohh, I’m so sad, but I still give both of you my blessings!”

“Did you see that last photo? What kind of angle is this? Why do I feel like she’s gonna crash to the ground like a dog eating sh*t?”

“What’s with that last scary photo? Is she supposed to be my hubby’s first love? Are you kidding me?”

“Who’s Qiao Moyu? Never heard of that name before. Why is she acting Female no.3? Someone find a replacement!”

“She’s the Qiao family’s adopted daughter. Didn’t she steal Miss Ruohuan’s spot before? Then the Qiao family discovered that Yu Ruohuan was their real treasured daughter, so Qiao Moyu was kicked out.”

“Thanks for explaining. It turned out to be the case of a true pheasant and a fake phoenix. Who knows how she got the role of female no.3!”

Xiao Su trembled in anger after reading these comments. At this moment she understood.

Thinking about it, the investor for this drama was the Xing group. She heard that today’s photoshoot pictures will be sent to the Xing company for selection, and yet not one of Qiao Moyu’s many stunning photos were chosen. Doesn’t that mean choosing an ugly picture was decided by Xing Yichen?

While she fumed, she also comforted Qiao Moyu: “Don’t be angry. Once the drama is aired, I don’t believe they can intentionally put up second-rate shots of you.”

“It’s alright!” Qiao Moyu said with a grin: “Don’t you think that picture’s pretty cute? I really like it. I plan to save it and post it on my desktop.”

“What? You’re not angry at all?” Since Xiao Su had only accompanied the original host for two days, she wasn’t clear about the previous Qiao Moyu’s real character. Thus, she failed to notice the incongruent response when the actress before her didn’t display any kind of grudge.

“Why, do you want me to be upset?” Qiao Moyu patted Xiao Su’s shoulder: “I think I look pretty here!” In her previous life, she had a round baby face, round eyes, and a tall, athletic figure since she practiced martial arts. However, she wasn’t considered much of a beauty.

Now that she had a gorgeous body, she couldn’t help but admire it at every angle. Why would she need other people’s recognition? Life is simple–just be happy with what you have and face what fate and fortune comes to you. You don’t have to be too serious or obsessed when dealing with certain matters. For instance, today she may still be Qiao Moyu, but tomorrow she might return to her original world.

Just when some fans had taken her photo and saved it, there was a sudden commotion from the crew.

Qiao Moyu looked up and saw that Xing Yichen had arrived!

He must have come straight from his company since he arrived wearing a white long sleeve, black pants, and a priceless business suit. His outfit contrasted with the historical themed clothing on set, giving people the illusion that he had crossed over to a different time period.

Xing Wanshuang had just finished acting a scene. When she saw the man approach, she smiled sweetly and called out to him: “Big Brother!”

Xing Yichen nodded to her. He chatted with the producer while his sister continued to play the last scene of the morning with Ye Peicheng.

After glancing up at Xing Yichen, Qiao Moyu casually looked back down at the script in hand.

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