The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Beauty in Plain White

After glancing up at Xing Yichen, Qiao Moyu casually looked back down at the script in hand. While practicing her lines, she pondered which the body language and movements would be most appropriate.

She was actually a fan of Wuxia dramas in her previous life, so she would often act out some scenes with her brother. But now, since she truly was in front of the camera, she needed to study seriously to make up for her lack of experience.

She didn’t know how the original host’s bracelet ended up with her, but since she promised to achieve that woman’s wishes, she would surely put forth 100% effort.

Today, Qiao Moyu and Ye Peicheng will be acting out a scene in the bamboo forest. In the script, the male lead was injured while his childhood friend helped wrap a bandage around his wound.

Since the male lead will have flashbacks of his childhood friend, several scenes will be shot today showing Ye Peicheng and Qiao Moyu as they practice martial arts in the bamboo forest.

The director gave the signal to prepare for the next scene. Xiao Su quickly nudged Qiao Moyu, who finally snapped out of her studies and looked up.

“Come on Sister Moyu!” Xiao Su was a little worried. After all, she also knew that this actress lacked experience.

Qiao Moyu nodded. She placed down the script and walked towards the bamboo grove. Although the white coat she wore today was made with coarse cloth, it actually gave her an authentic taste.

Within the lush bamboo forest, a girl stood there charmingly; her eyebrows were as the distant mountains and her eyes were as clear and serene as water. The snow white skin on her neck was graceful as a swan’s, contrasting with her striking black hair that fluttered in the wind. She was like a fairy who was about to be swept away at any moment.

Outside the bamboo forest, Xing Yichen stared at Qiao Moyu’s ethereal appearance with a slight frown.

After yesterday’s incident, he deliberately ordered his assistant to present him with today’s photoshoot takes. He would choose the photos himself. Among the numerous pictures, he noticed the girl in plain clothes at a glance. When he examined it closely, he realized it was Qiao Moyu.

He had to admit that she was very attractive, perhaps slightly more so than his sister. But he was tired of seeing her–she was just like an annoying mosquito that buzzed constantly before his face. He felt like slapping that insect dead with his palm and wiping off its nauseating blood.

That was why he chose the only ugly photo of her without hesitation and handed it to his assistant for the release at 10 o’clock.

Sure enough, when he checked the microblog, there were only praises for his sister and Ye Peicheng. Afterwards, viewers spotted Qiao Moyu’s unsightly photo and began to throw all kinds of criticisms at her appearance.

Feeling quite pleased with the result, Xing Yichen smiled in satisfaction. Even after he wrapped up a small meeting, he came to visit his sister’s set since he wasn’t too far from the studio.

However, he didn’t expect Qiao Moyu, who often stuck incessantly by his side, to actually take a mere glance at him today before quietly looking back down on her script. Moreover, she didn’t appear unfazed by the harsh comments on Weibo; she still had a light smile.

At this moment, Qiao Moyu stood in the midst of the woods in her plain white dress. When she saw the injured Ye Peicheng, she quickly leapt to his side. The tension on her face seemed convincing.

Xing Yichen sneered and retracted his gaze. He opened Weibo on his phone for another look.

At this time, he saw that the topic ‘#Sheng Shi drama’s Beauty in Plain White’[note] Su Yi素衣–plain white clothing in ancient china for women. There’s different types for young girls and married women. Here are some photo examples below[/note] had suddenly climbed to the hot search online.

Xing Yichen checked out the link and discovered it to be a video that was uploaded by an anonymous source. However, on a closer look, it was definitely a recording of Qiao Moyu!

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