The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Interesting (1)

Xing Yichen clicked on the video and discovered it was actually a recording of Qiao Moyu when she was posing for the drama’s photoshoot.

In the video, she wore a white robe over her blue undergarment. There was a slight smile on her lips as she stood in place.

After hearing the instructions from the photographer, the woman nodded. She suddenly came forth and smoothly performed a perfect split.

Xing Yichen was neighbors with Qiao Moyu since they were very young. He knew that she practiced how to dance since she was four years old, so he wasn’t surprised by her simple and clean split.

But a moment later, her performance left him in shock. Did she really just do that spinning kick in midair? Moreover, all of her movements flowed smoothly like clouds and rain and her posture was full of style. Even her landing was stable, without losing a breath.

Xing Yicheng stared at the video and wondered how this was taken. How can he not find a trace of editing? He couldn’t believe that she did it all by herself!

Afterwards, the subsequent moves she performed were also sophisticated. Coupled with her charming looks, she looked as if she stepped out of the world of ‘Sheng Shi.’

Xing Yichen set aside the video and rechecked the most popular search, only to find that the topic ‘#Sheng Shi drama’s beauty in plain white’ had risen up the hot search list from the bottom.

He scrolled down to the comment section and saw the following:

“OMG, this Sister Moyu is so beautiful! Did she cross over from a fantasy world?”

“If it weren’t for this video, I wouldn’t have known that this little sister was so refined!”

“So she’s the leading man’s first love in the drama ‘Sheng Shi’? She’s so pretty, I think she can be everyone’s first love, don’t you guys agree?”

“She’s such a heroine, this Moyu, how did she perform those spinning kicks without making a single mistake?”

“Hey, don’t you think it’s strange? This little sister looks like a fairy in all of her other videos and photos, so why did the crew pick the ugliest one out of all of them? Is there a schemer inside?”

“Yeah, why did they choose that? Who chose it in the first place…is it to blacken her reputation? No matter what others think, I’m now a fan of this white robed goddess!”

“I’m a fan too! And you know that unattractive photo of hers on the main website? I found that if I rotate it 90 degrees, it actually looks good! Her chubby face at that angle looks really cute and her posture looks like she’s about to give a hug. She looks nice like that doesn’t she?”

“Commenter upstairs, I think so too. I even used that photo as my desktop wallpaper. It looks better and better the more I look at it!”

“I take back the bad things I said about the Little Sister before. I’m a fan of Sister Moyu from now on!”

Almost all the following posts commented how beautiful she was, along with other compliments. Meanwhile, there were only scathing comments for whoever chose the main website’s photo of Qiao Moyu, saying the man who selected the picture was a pig with a black heart. This caused Xing Yichen’s brow to wrinkle even deeper.

He seemed to release a menacing aura that intimidated anyone from coming near. When Xing Wanshuang came to his side, his brow relaxed slightly.

At this moment, within the woods, Qiao Moyu had finished wrapping Ye Peicheng’s wound. The man then laid his head on her lap and closed his eyes.

The scene’s shooting was in progress.

Right behind Qiao Moyu was a green bamboo that was rather thick. The actress sat on the ground and leaned against the bamboo while looking down at the man resting on her lap.

His eyes were closed. There was something deep and profound about the way he looked. Although he was still young and inexperienced, as a warrior, he was still as sharp as a sheathed sword.

His life will go through three stages; in the beginning he is like a sharp unyielding sword; the changes he faces will turn him cold and indifferent; at the end, all of his tenderness will be hidden underneath his indifferent and mysterious facade.

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