The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Interesting (2)

A gentle breeze blew, causing Qiao Moyu’s long hair to brush lightly against Ye Peicheng’s cheek. Noticing that his creased brows wrinkled even more, she reached out and gently smoothed his forehead.

The man was deeply injured and there was no sign of him waking up. The girl’s heart softened with compassion; she bent down and kissed him.

The camera lens put more pressure onto Qiao Moyu’s acting. That’s because the script had close-up shots, and also, Ye Peicheng was an actor who always refused kiss scenes from the moment of his debut.

That’s why they plan to use a fake stage kiss technique to complete the scene, but it must be performed skillfully.

In her past life, Qiao Moyu never had a romantic relationship, let alone kiss someone; she had zero life experience for this. Just as she came close to her partner, the director immediately shouted “Stop!”

“Moyu, the man you like the most is lying on your lap. When you kiss him secretly, why does your face look like you’re about to die?”

Qiao Moyu nodded and replied to the director: “Okay, I’ll pay attention next time.”

“Alright, start again!” the director ordered.

‘Liking a man?’ Qiao Moyu never had a secret crush in her previous world. She didn’t know if it was because she was emotionally handicapped or just clueless when she was young. While her classmates read love stories, she watched martial arts movies. While her classmates cheered for their basketball team leader, she was sitting on the sidelines reading a comic about a crime investigation.

In other words, she didn’t seem to know how to like another person, let alone knowing what kind of expression a girl should have when facing the boy she likes.

But since she was an actress, she had to learn. As she leaned down towards the man’s face, her heart suddenly moved. Can she pretend that the man on her lap was Luo Luo?

Well, if it was Luo Luo, what comes to mind? The little boy’s face is tender, so the taste of kissing him would be nice! She couldn’t help but draw near.

“Hey!” the director looked slightly unhappy: “Moyu, can the expression on your face not be so–greedy?”

Everyone laughed as soon as he spoke.

Qiao Moyu grunted and licked her lips. In other words, she was greedy for Luo Luo’s chubby face. Was it so obvious?

“Sorry director, I’ll try again,” she apologized sincerely.

This time, she tried to calm herself and thought about the TV drama she watched in the past while visualizing how the male and female actors performed. Suddenly, there was a wonderful feeling within that drew her closer to Ye Peicheng’s petal-like lips.

Within the bamboo forest, a light breeze floated, creating a symphony of rustling leaves. As Qiao Moyu leaned over, her long hair swayed; a black strand sweeps over Ye Peicheng’s ear, leaving a tickling sensation.

He could smell a faint fragrance from the woman. It was different from the strong perfume smell that Xing Wanshuang wore earlier during their earlier act, but it was a very comforting and natural scent.

Then, he felt a light touch on the tip of his nose and the pleasing natural scent enveloped him.

He felt that, even with his eyes closed, he could imagine the scene at the moment: a girl with a shy gaze had a slight blush on her cheek as she leaned over to kiss him carefully.

“Cut!” The director was very satisfied: “Qiao Moyu, you acted well, and your expression was just right! Remember that feeling!”

Qiao Moyu withdrew and sat up straight. Ye Peicheng, who sat up from her lap, noticed that the girl was still in a daze. He couldn’t help but look into her eyes to try and read deeper.

Just now, she drew close to him three times. The first time, she was ‘dead as doornail’ and seemed to reject him vehemently.

On second time around, she gave him the impression that he was the cake she had brought over at his lounge earlier.

But for the third and final time, he felt as if she had immersed him into the scene. This was the first time he was drawn in to another person’s acting.

As he took another glance at the dazed girl on the ground, Ye Peiching felt for the first time that a fellow actress could be this interesting.

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