The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Interesting (3)

At the moment, Qiao Moyu was unaware of Ye Peicheng’s changing mindset. She was still pondering the feeling she had just experienced. That brief feeling of emptiness didn’t come for the first time–it was something she tasted in her previous life.

In the past, she and her brother learned martial arts together. However, she learned faster than her sibling because of that empty feeling that lurked in the dark.

But because she was the type of girl who was lazy and unwilling to practice, she could never beat her brawny brother during their fights. Still, she practiced the same moves and techniques as he did.

‘Hey, could my brother be searching for me like a madman right now?’ She couldn’t help but sigh at this thought.


When Qiao Moyu left the set, she had no idea that she had already set a small fire on Weibo** that same day. After filming, she went to a cake shop and bought a cute snowman cake for Luo Luo.

(**T/N: social media platform)

Back home, Nanny Yu was cooking in the kitchen while the toddler was playing in the living room, disassembling all the toy cars into their individual parts.

Qiao Moyu changed her footwear to indoor shoes and entered the house. Upon hearing the movement by the entrance, the little child quickly glanced at the mess he made on the floor. He turned around, ran swiftly to his room, then pulled out a picture book and pretended to read.

When Qiao Moyu pushed the door open, she saw the little boy who had a slight layer of sweat on his forehead. The corner of her lips lifted as she said, “Luo Luo, your book is upside down.”

Little Luo’s eyes suddenly opened wide, like someone who was caught doing bad things. Then, he stuck out his tongue to her as he flipped his book the other way. “Luo Luo just thought it looked better that way!”

Without exposing him, she acted clueless while deliberately saying: “Oh, this mom feels as if she’s looking down from the sky! Everything down here is so beautiful! But did aliens arrive from the sky? It looks like the cars in our living room were torn down by aliens!”

Luo Luo put down his book, ran to the door and covered his mouth in surprise. “Oh no, are the aliens good or bad? Luo Luo is afraid!”

His fleshy little hand covered his small mouth while his eyes were wide open as if in shock. His exaggerated expression almost had Qiao Moyu breaking down in laughter.

In other words, Luo Luo’s acting skill was almost like a Film Emperor’s style.

She cooperated with him: “But it seems like the aliens have left for now. Let’s head out and put away the toys, alright?”

Luo Luo nodded: “Well, there’s nothing else we can do.”

He ran to the living room with his short legs and started to reassemble his toy cars.

Qiao Moyu was surprised at how skilled her son was. After a short time, he was able to restore most of his toys.

She gave him a thumbs up and said: “Luo Luo is so smart, this mom will reward Baobei with a kiss!”

Luo Luo looked away and said, “It’s really simple!”

“But for mom it’s hard to reassemble, so she still has to reward Luo Luo.” After saying so, Qiao Moyu took the small child into her arms. She smiled greedily and planted two kisses on his little cheeks.

After another kiss, the boy suddenly protested.

“Oh, one more kiss Luo Luo. If not, why don’t you give mom a kiss?”

The little boy put on a grumbling face and said: “Mom made a mistake, you gave two kisses instead of one.”

He muttered as he leaned forward, then planted a wet kiss on Qiao Moyu’s cheek. He then turned around and ran away.

Qiao Moyu noticed that the little boy’s ears had turned an obvious pink.

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