The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Setting Off A Storm Online (1)

At this time, Ye Peicheng had just arrived at the Ye family Mansion.

Father Ye was upstairs in his study sharing an audience with a very important guest. Ye Peicheng intended to wait downstairs for the meantime, but then a maidservant cam to him and said: “Second Young Master, you are invited to go to the study room.”

Ye Peicheng nodded and looked up. He made eye contact with his elder brother, Ye Peiqing, who was descending from upstairs. The man’s lips appeared slightly hooked, revealing a meaningful smile.

These brothers have always been at odds with each other. Almost every time Ye Peicheng visited home and entered the study, his father would toss the ashtray at him in anger. Seeing his younger brother back once again, Ye Peiqing was in a good mood.

Ye Peicheng ignored him and made his way upstairs.

He knocked on the door and heard the words “Come in.” After receiving the invitation, he pushed the door open to his father’s study. As soon as he entered, Ye Peicheng noticed a man in his sixties wearing a tangzhuang jacket. The elderly stranger’s eyes seemed to brighten as he observed Ye Peicheng from top to bottom with undisguised curiosity,

(**T/N: 唐装 tangzhuang is a kind of pseudo-traditional Chinese jacket with a straight collar)

“Dad,” Ye Peicheng greeted.

“Peicheng, this is Mr. Huang,” his father introduced. “Mr. Huang is a famous Feng Shui consultant and a Master of Face Reading in China. He seldom visits our Imperial City so I’ve asked Mr. Huang to inspect our new project.”

“Hello Mr. Huang.” Ye Peicheng disapproved of his father’s infatuation with Feng Shui, but he remained polite.

Mr. Huang stared at Ye Peicheng for a long while before stretching out a hand to pat the young man’s shoulder. The corner of the old man’s lips lifted: “Not bad.”

After commenting, he directed a wink towards Father Ye.

Father Ye understood the old man’s intentions with a glance. He quickly instructed his son and said, “Peicheng, I have a matter to discuss with Mr. Huang. You wait for me downstairs.”

“Okay,” Ye Peicheng replied. He smiled at Mr. Huang before exiting the room.

Within the study, Father Ye couldn’t wait to ask, “Mr. Huang, what do you think of my youngest good-for-nothing son?”

“Second Master’s fate is a little odd,” Mr. Huang mused as he stared off into the distance. “Originally, he should have the fate of a Gusha**. This is an inauspicious sign that leads to a difficult and sad life. Such an unlucky fate is not to be confused with the constellation of Tian Sha Gu Xing; someone who has the Tian Sha fate brings misfortune to those around him. But for someone like Ye Peicheng, the Gusha fate brings misfortune only to himself, leading to a life of loneliness and growing old without anyone to support him. However, there now seems to be a very clean and pure aura on his body.”

(**T/N: Gu Sha 孤煞 – it essentially means that he will have a lonely life; it is supposed to be one of the stars in a constellation that fortune tellers use to see a person’s fate)

“What do you mean?” Father Ye asked.

“This event can only mean that there’s a noble person around him, and this virtuous person may be able to change his originally lonely fate,” Mr. Huang explained. “I once saw this kind of pure qi when I used to train under my Master during my early days. I didn’t expect such an energy to appear beside Second Young Master. But with this kind of purifying spirit, your second son will no longer have to worry about these things.”

“So that’s how he’ll be able to break free of his Gusha fate? Can you tell me who this noble person is so I can invite him into our house?” Father Ye was a bit anxious since this concerned his own son after all. The young man refused to manage the family business. As a father in his late years, he can’t just stand by and watch his son do nothing.

Mr. Huang replied, “Mr. Ye, this pure qi will naturally flow according to fate; it won’t be good if we interfere too much. However, at present, there is a slow reversal of Second Master’s fortune. The only thing we can do is let nature take its course.”

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