The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Bed Scene (1)

“Cut.” The director wiped the sweat off his forehead: “Very good, it’s finished in one shot.”

Qiao Moyu breathed a sigh of relief. Just when she was about to break away from Ye Peicheng, the man loosened his embrace first.

Having calmed down, Qao Moyu looked up at the actor who had already regained his normal state, and whispered: “Thank you, Mr. Ye.”

The woman’s eyes shone bright, like a cute little animal. Ye Peicheng gave her a faint glance. With his usual indifference and aloofness, he replied: “It’s nothing, I just wanted to finish work as soon as possible.”

Qiao Moyu wasn’t bothered with Ye Peicheng’s attitude. She was truly thankful to him so she gave him another smile before going to her assistant, Xiao Su.

According to the script, there were only a few scenes left between her and Film Emperor Ye before female no.3 dies. She recalled that a bed scene was part of the script.

The plot at that time was this: not only was character’s father avenged, she had also experienced losing her mom at a very young age. At this point, she was truly an orphan. Ye Peicheng happened to see her crying secretly in the woods. He comforted her, saying that she wasn’t alone because she still had him.

The couple soon opened up and exchanged their heartfelt consolations. After Ye Peicheng escorted his beloved to her home, the two of them consummated and truly became husband and wife.

From this point, the male lead doesn’t have any memory of how his lover died. That’s because the very next day, when Ye Peicheng left to the city to buy things for his parents, he suddenly encountered his enemies. The man was severely injured and had no choice but to flee from their pursuit.

Later on, his wife looked everywhere for him, but she was unfortunately killed in battle during her search. By the time he returned home, she had already died.

The scene of Qiao Moyu weeping in the forest was shot during daytime. Although it was difficult for her to fake tears, the task was relatively simple since the scene would only show her back.

The bed scene will be performed during the evening, so the crew had to travel to the other side of the Film and TV City. **

(T/N: Film and TV City is a large studio where movies and TV dramas are made, and China has many of these sets for historical dramas)

In the evening, when Qiao Moyu stepped out of the bathroom, she found that everyone had disappeared. She left her cell phone with Xiao Su so she couldn’t inform the crew that she was left behind.

Since this was a sizable Film and TV studio, their night-time shooting location was about 3-4 kilometers away from where she was at right now. Even if Qiao Moyu walked to the designated meeting place, it would take her around 40 minutes to get there.

Unfortunately, everyone had left, including the staff. Although it was dark, Qiao Moyu had no choice but to follow the road signs and keep walking forward.

After only a few steps, heavy bean-sized raindrops fell from the sky, dampening her hair and face.

The heavens suddenly darkened and lightning flashed across the sky, followed by the rumbling thunder.

On one side of the scenery was the bamboo forest while the other side was made up of ancient buildings. In such a fierce thunderstorm with no one in sight, there was a kind of gloomy atmosphere that hung in this place.

Far in the distance, Xing Wanshuang looked at the rain. The corner of her lips hooked to a smile and she urged her driver, “Keep going!”

She deliberately informed assistant Xiao Su that Qiao Moyu had already joined their camera men to ride towards the evening set, so the foolish assistant left her actress without worry.

This heavy rain, coupled with this dead city… that woman should be enjoying herself about now right? If she was frightened to the point of losing her mind, it would be even more perfect!

Xing Wanshuang’s car soon disappeared into the curtain of heavy rain. At this moment, Qiao Moyu was thinking about what she learned at school: on rainy days, isn’t it a bad thing to stay outdoors? Why should she inconvenience herself?

After thinking about it, she thought it would be useless to walk since she would be late anyways. Might as well wait until everyone finds out she’s not there, then they can send someone to pick her up. That way, her wig won’t get wet and she doesn’t have to rearrange her outfit all over again.

Qiao Moyu spotted a dilapidated wooden house and went over.

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