The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Bed Scene (2)

The cabin was specifically made for ancient horror dramas. It was too old and worn to be of any use, but its roof was a decent shelter from the rain.

When Qiao Moyu pushed the door open, she found a piece of white silk cloth** hanging by the door. Seeing that it was clean, she used it to wipe the rain off her face and hung it back once again.

(**T/N: white cloth used to commit suicide)

She stood by the window and quietly waited for the lights from the crew’s car to return.

Lightning continued to flash and the storm persisted. The bamboo forests in the distance were blanketed in a shadow. Qiao Moyu thought of an ancient poem she had learned in the past.

Just when she was about to recite the first sentence of the poem, she saw a car light approaching. From the distance, the vehicle approached very quickly until it was close to where she was.

Qiao Moyu rushed out in such a hurry that she didn’t bother going through the door. Instead, she jumped out of the window and waved at the car: “Help, please give me a ride!”

Ye Peicheng drove his own car to Film and TV City today so he didn’t bother riding with his assistant. Just now, he had received a call while he was in the parking lot. Afterwards, Ye Peicheng began to drive towards the set where they will be meeting.

What he didn’t expect was that on his way, a stranger in white ancient clothing suddenly leapt out from an old dilapidated cabin like a martial arts Master.

Ye Peicheng blinked in surprise. His car was soundproof so he couldn’t hear the noise from outside. However, looking at his rearview mirror, a flash of lightning illuminated the stranger’s figure underneath the heavy rain. At that moment, Ye Peicheng felt that the woman in white was inexplicably familiar.

He changed gears and slowly reversed his car, until he saw that it was Qiao Moyu who still wore her plain white costume from earlier that afternoon. She was still waving back at him.

After parking his vehicle, he rolled down the window: “Get in the car.”

With relief, Qiao Moyu quickly rushed through the rain, opened the copilot door, and sat down.

“Thank you, Film Emperor Ye!” She wiped off the raindrops on her forehead.

Ye Peicheng started the car and asked, “Why are you here?”

She shook her head and replied: “By the time I came out of the bathroom, everyone else had disappeared.”

Ye Peicheng said nothing more.

He signaled her to fasten her seatbelt before moving on.

Along the way, the black car drove through the rain shower. The two people in the car were completely quiet, until Qiao Moyu opened up and asked: “Film Emperor Ye, can I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead,” he replied.

“I’m a little unsure about the scenes we’ll be acting later.” Qiao Moyu had just been thinking about his earlier. She wasn’t good at acting kissing scenes, let alone bed scenes. Is this it for her? She asked, “What should be my mood during that scene?”

Ye Peicheng frowned slightly at her question and gave no further response.

Suddenly she felt unsure. Did he mistakenly think that she was trying to seduce him with this question?

Just when she was about to explain herself, the man next to her suddenly stopped the car.

Qiao Moyu turned to him and asked doubtfully: “Film Emperor Ye?”

The man unfastened her seatbelt and approached her, little by little.

The space within the car was too narrow. Qiao Moyu couldn’t avoid him completely; even if she shrunk away, the car seat behind her prevented her from retreating any further.

Until…the man’s chest was only a hand’s width away from her. He put one hand to her side to hold her down, while his bottomless eyes stared deeply at her. With only the dim car light, the expression on his face was unclear.

Outside the window, a flash of lightning suddenly sparked, briefly illuminating the dark sky, along with the man’s eyes. Qiao Moyu saw her own image reflected in those eyes. Because the man was stained with a deep mystery, he was especially captivating.

Ye Peicheng pressed down little by little, almost touching the tip of her nose. She could clearly smell the clean scent on him.

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