The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Bed Scene (3)

His deep voice stunned her, just like the kiss from that day; it seemed to create a tension in the air around her, making her conscious of her own breathing. He said, “Women only need to resist when it comes to this kind of action.”

The rain outside the window washed against the car window. For the first time, Qiao Moyu had some intuitive understanding of this ambiguous feeling. The moment she began to think of this deeply, the man in front of her had already pulled away and returned to his driver’s seat. He drove forward without looking back, and resumed his indifferent and calm demeanor.

As a result, the ambiguity within the car began to fade, dissipating into the rain as if it had never happened in the first place.

When they arrived on set, Xiao Su was just about to arrange a car to pick up Qiao Moyu, but to her surprise, she saw the actress step out of Ye Peicheng’s car.

The one who was even more surprised was Xing Wanshuang. The color on her face could almost rival a tub of red dye.

Qiao Moyu thanked Ye Peicheng before Xiao Su came to escort her with an umbrella. A few feet away, the crew had already begun to set up the equipment.

The actors’ makeup was quickly retouched. For tonight’s shooting, not only was there the bedtime scenes between Qiao Moyu and Ye Peicheng, there would also be several acting scenes between Xing Wanshuang and the lead actor.

Who knows what happened between her and Ye Peicheng within the car just now, but during their filming time, they only had to perform their scenes in one take.

After she fell down together in bed with Ye Peicheng, the director yelled, “Cut!”

After all, with the media censorship, intimacy in TV drama only involves kissing, rolling over in bed, turning the lights out, and finally dawn.

At this point, all of Qiao Moyu’s scenes in the drama were completely finished. She thanked everyone politely before leaving the set with Xiao Su.

“Sheng Shi” is a weekly drama that broadcasts while the shooting is in progress. The drama’s premier for its first episode was today.

The first two episodes broadcasts at 12 o’clock dawn that day, followed by two episodes every Wednesday and Saturday.

In the first two episodes, there was only one scene of Qiao Moyu that lasted less than ten seconds. That was why, during this midnight premier, Qiao Moyu didn’t bother staying in front of the TV to watch. Instead of staying up late, she went straight to bed.

But Xing Wanshuang was different; she had always been a night owl. At this moment, she pulled Xing Yicheng to the couch to watch the drama together.

Most of the scenes involved her interactions with Ye Peicheng, so the commotion in online was all about them.

“Wow, Miss Wanshuang is so beautiful! I’m amazed to death as soon as she appeared!”

“Whooo! My Film Emperor hubby is sooo handsome! My little heart can’t stand it!”

“Wanshuang Sister and my hubby are such a good match, somehow I think I’m a fan. How can I come between this CP?”

(T/N: CP stands for a movie/TV couple)

“Yes, yes, I didn’t pay as much attention to her photoshoot pictures before, but now, it looks like they make a really good couple! I’m willing to support their CP!”

Upon reading this, Xing Wanshuang’s lips raised to a smile. She poured two glasses of wine and handed one over to Xing Yichen.

But just then, the woman who acted in Ye Peicheng’s flashback scenes appeared on screen. Next to a river, the woman turned around and smiled at the camera. The cupped water in her hands shimmered in the sunlight. Her beautiful face seemed to be the only color in the whole world.

The commotion of excited fans online suddenly quieted down.

But half a minute after Qiao Moyu disappeared off screen, the net suddenly exploded!

“OMG who’s that girl! How is she so stunning?”

“Is she Ling Cang’s first love? God, when she appeared, I forgot to breathe!”

“I’m not an ‘official couple’ fan, I support Yan’er and Ling Cang couple instead!”

“No no, such a beautiful face. When she looked back and smiled, I felt like I was being drawn in. How can the male lead forget her and like other women?”

“Yes, in everyone’s opinion, she’s truly a white moonlight.”

(T/N: white moonlight — first love)

Upon seeing the comments, Xing Wanshuang accidentally spilled the red wine all over herself.

Author’s Afterword:

Hey hey, look at Xing Yichen’s expression, it must be quite a sight. The woman he regards as disgusting mosquito blood is actually other people’s white moonlight ~

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