The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Protecting (1)

Xing Wanshuang suddenly stood up and regretfully stared at the red print on her blue skirt. Her delicate eyebrows knitted: “My limited edition VIRO!”

Beside her, Xing Yichen handed over a paper towel. With a light smile on his face, he comforted, “Never mind, brother will buy one for you again.”

“Brother!” Xing Wanshuang complained urgently: “It’s all that Qiao Moyu’s fault! Are those people online blind?”

Noticing that Xing Yicheng remained silent, Xing Wanshuang’s frosty eyes sharply locked onto him: “Brother, you shouldn’t suddenly have feelings for her, right?”

Xing Yicheng stared back and shook his head: “How’s that possible?”

Then, as if to prove his words, his eyes flickered with a cold sneer: “That woman is just as ugly as when she’s wearing nothing!”

Xing Wanshuang was unhappy at first because of her ruined skirt, but her bad mood disappeared after hearing her brother’s words. She suddenly smiled brightly: “Yes! She’s not as pretty as Sister Ruohuan!”

Then, she asked: “By the way, is Ruohuan coming back from France soon?”

Xing Yichen thought of Yu Ruohuan, who should now be called Qiao Ruohuan. There was a hint of tenderness in his smile as he replied: “Well, she’ll be leaving the red carpet tomorrow and should return the day after tomorrow.”

“Brother, will you be her companion next time on the red carpet?” Xing Wanshuang asked again.

“Okay, let me check my schedule then!” Xing Yicheng said while staring at the screen. He found that even though most of the scenes were focused on Ye Peicheng at the moment, the comments below were still mostly focused on Qiao Moyu.

“Looking forward to seeing my hubby’s first love appear on screen!”

“Husband is so handsome! When will you have more scenes with Miss Moyu?”

“Hubby’s costume matches well with Moyu Sister!”


Unexpectedly, Xing Yichen’s heart weighed down in discomfort. Not wanting to watch for much longer, he stood up: “Xiao Shuang, I’m heading back first. There’s a meeting early tomorrow morning.”

His sister stood up and walked him to the door. “Alright brother, go back and rest. I’m going to sleep after I finish watching the next episode.”

After leaving Xing Wanshuang’s place, Xing Yichen sat in the backseat of the car while his driver drove slowly to his personal villa.

The car was playing its own music playlist at first, but then the driver accidentally touched one of the dashboard buttons, replacing the soundtrack with the radio.

They could hear the host announcing: “Today is the premier of this summer’s drama, Sheng Shi. I believe many of our friends are watching the first episode in front of their TV screens, but there are also many of our friends who are busy working at midnight, still on their way home. Then, let’s listen to the first episode ‘Blossom of Sheng Shi’ of the drama ‘Sheng Shi’ on this lonely night…”

Soon, the music played, and a delicate woman’s voice sang, “Night has fallen, the rain is light…”

Xing Yichen thought the song was somewhat familiar. It seemed to have played when Qiao Moyu first appeared.

As he listened to the song, he pulled out his mobile phone out of his pocket without thinking. The car passed through the quiet midnight street.

There was a game app on his cell phone. When he opened it, an ad for ‘Sheng Shi’ appeared on the front page.

He closed it and proceeded to his game. After playing for two minutes, the familiar prelude music sounded again. Then, the phone screen blurred and was replaced with a clear picture of a river surrounded by small, yellow flowers. There was only one person–a girl, washing her clothes by the river while playing with the water. She turned around and smiled charmingly at the camera.

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