The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Protecting (2)

Qiao Moyu wore a very ordinary coarse blue dress, along with a matching blue tie on her hair. However, as soon as she turned around, it seemed as if the bright world around her paled instantly into black and white behind to her dazzling beauty.

Her eyes curved up into crescent moons as she laughed, and the bottom of her eyes seemed to glow with the world. Xing Yichen clearly felt his breath taken away for just a second.

However, that shot of Qiao Moyu was too short, and the picture quickly switched to another one.

Xing Yicheng switched off his cell phone impatiently.

Sheng Shi drama’s premier had good ratings and a great response from the audience. Even a small star like Qiao Moyu caught several fans’ attention within the few seconds she appeared. Her social media followers increased from 100,000 to 800,000, but the actress herself only took a mere glance at it before looking somewhere else.

Since she had no more scenes left to perform, there wasn’t anything planned for today. So she decided take her sister-in-law and Luo Luo to go shopping at the mall.

Qiao Moyu has now figured out how her son thinks. Although his small mouth was pursed and he appeared reluctant, his big eyes were definitely full of joy.

Perhaps the original owner didn’t spend much time with Luo Luo because her heart was only devoted to Xing Yichen. The present Qiao Moyu knew that the child must be craving a mother’s love, but he subconsciously acts aloof, which makes him appear both proud and charming.

Looking at Luo Luo, she was reminded of her baby niece who was as sweet as honey. Unlike this boy, she laughed when she was happy and cried when she was upset. That little niece never concealed her emotions.

Thus, when Qiao Moyu first met Luo Luo, she felt a somewhat distressed for him.

She stared at the boy. Since she inherited this body, she would treat the original host’s son as her very own. She will take care of Luo Luo and raise him in love, so he can laugh when he’s happy and speak out boldly what he wants to say!

The three of them went shopping at the mall together. They went to a dessert shop at first and bought a pair of double skin double skin milk and some ice cream. The toddler was very curious since he’s never tasted these before.

As soon as a small scoop was placed in his mouth, the little boy was amazed by the cool sensation. His dark, round eyes seemed to sparkle.

“Does Luo Luo like it?” Qiao Moyu planned to teach him how to express his feelings out of his own initiative. She continued on to say: “If Luo Luo likes it, mother will take you to eat it every week!”

The toddler bit his lip as he stared at the dessert on the plate. He looked back at Qiao Moyu and his lips moved slightly. The boy’s fanlike lashes fluttered as he bowed his head low and gently replied: “Luo Luo doesn’t like it.”

At that moment, Qiao Moyu felt as if her heart was pierced with a needle.

Nevertheless, she raised the corner of her lips to a smile and sent another spoonful of ice cream into his mouth: “Luo Luo should say what’s truly on his mind! For example, ‘Mom, I like this dessert a lot, so I want to eat it every week!’”

The toddler looked up at her for a few seconds. He hesitated for a moment, then cautiously asked: “If Luo Luo likes it, does that mean mother will really bring Luo Luo here every week?”

Qiao Moyu extended her pinky before Luo Luo and said, “Pinky promise! In the future, mom will bring Luo Luo to this shop every week. Not only this, if you want to eat other delicious treats, mom will buy them for you!”

The dimness in Luo Luo’s eyes disappeared and his whole face brightened up with joy. He clapped his cheeks and laughed happily for the first time: “Thank you mom!”

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