The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Protecting (3)

After enjoying some dessert, the three of them went to the supermarket to buy some water. Since the line was too long, Qiao Moyu left Nanny Yu and Luo Luo to wait in line while she fetched their groceries.

Just then, several fashionably dressed girls passed by Luo Luo and went to a VIP counter next to him.

There was a billboard of Xing Wanshuang at the counter’s entrance.

One of the girls asked, “By the way, have any of you seen Shuang Shuang’s new drama?”

“I saw it last night, she was so gorgeous!” another girl replied.

“Yes, yes, Shuang Shuang and Film Emperor Ye look so great together! It’s a weekly broadcasting, so it sucks that we have to wait!”

“Yeah, nowadays TV dramas are broadcasted weekly so there’ no choice but to wait…by the way, a new actress named Qiao Moyu appeared yesterday!”

Upon hearing this, Luo Luo suddenly turned and looked towards the girls’ direction.

“Oh, are you talking about the Film Emperor’s first love in the drama? She looks good.”

“What do mean ‘looks good’? Obviously at first glance, she’s just a fox! And what were fan’s calling her? They said she was every man’s white moonlight!”

“But I was really amazed when she first appeared. I wonder where she had her cosmetic surgery done. Ha ha, in other words, she hasn’t acted in a show before, has she? Is this her first drama?

“Maybe. If she’s able to act alongside Film Emperor Ye on her very first drama AND play the male lead’s first love, maybe she slept with other men to get her role!”


“Of course, people like her are a complete mess. If Qiao Moyu was driven out by the Qiao family, how else was she able to get the acting role for Female no.3? So, ah, she’s just someone too dirty, even for our Shuang Shuang’s shoes!”

Luo Luo stood only two or three meters away from the three girls, so he could clearly hear their conversation. Although he couldn’t understand most of what they said, he could sense the obviously hostility and disgust coming from the girl in red whenever she spoke of Qiao Moyu.

Luo Luo clenched his little fist angrily.

Since the girl in red wouldn’t stop talking bad about his mother, the boy turned to his nanny and said, “Aunt, Luo Luo wants bananas!”

His nanny usually carries water and fruits for the toddler to snack on whenever they head out. She she pulled out a banana from her backpack and peels it open for him.

The little toddler seemed really hungry; he opened his mouth wide and took a big bite. Before swallowing it completely, he took several quick bites until he stuffed the very last one into his small mouth.

Fearing that he might choke, Nanny Yu quickly bent over to rummage for a water bottle in her bag, but by the time she pulled it out, she discovered that the toddler had disappeared.

Feeling anxious, she looked around while shouting: “Luo Luo! Luo Luo!”

At that moment, there was a sudden ‘bang’ sound, followed by a girl’s scream. When Nanny Yu turned around, she saw a girl in red, just three meters away, step on a banana peel before falling heavily on the ground in an awkward posture.

And close to where she fell was a billboard. Luo Luo’s little figure hid behind the board while he desperately struggled to swallow the banana in his mouth.

Author’s Afterword:

Well, our little Luo has a potential to become a Villain Boss. Mom says she needs to educate her son well; violence is wrong. Of course, if the other party offended him badly, he could slap them back.

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