The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Meeting Luo Luo (1)

When Nanny Yu arrived next to Luo Luo, she turned her head and saw the girl sprawled in front of the billboard. All of a sudden, she understood everything that happened.

Her scalp went numb and she hurriedly picked the toddler up.

At that moment, the girl was pulled up by her companion before shouting around, “Who threw the banana peel!”

But no one answered, so she turned to the cashier at the counter and demanded, “Did you throw it? This management area is part of your store. I just tripped from a banana peel here so shouldn’t this be your responsibility? Where’s your manager?”

The shop assistant didn’t want to be dragged into the mud, but she didn’t expect the fire to be directed at her. So she hurriedly replied, “There was a child around three years old, he threw it!”

At this moment, Luo Luo quickly covered his little mouth; his cheeks bulged with tension and his eyes widened.

Just in time, the crowd’s attention quickly switched towards the billboard. They discovered that a child really was hiding just behind the poster.

One of the girls noticed a smudge of banana on the toddler’s cheek. She immediately pointed an accusing finger at the child: “It’s him! He did it, you see he hasn’t even finished eating his banana!”

Suddenly, the crowd looked over and directed their gazes at the Nanny.

The girl in red angrily snapped, “How did you raise your child to be like this? He actually threw a banana peel! I fell because of it so you apologize! Also, come with me to pay for my medical bills!”

Nanny Yu had never encountered an situation like this before. When she noticed everyone staring back at her, she couldn’t help but panic and say, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! My child doesn’t understand what he’s doing, but girl, aren’t you okay?”

“Who said I was okay? Do you know how much this dress costs? And my ankle hurts…I have a performance tomorrow–” The girl said while covering her leg. “Anyways, you come with me to pay the medical expenses, and this kid, you have to apologize!”

Nanny Yu looked around the supermarket, but Qiao Moyu still had not returned. She was at a loss as she held Luo Luo within her arms.

At this time, the toddler opened his mouth. Having finished his banana, he stared directly at the girl, and with his serious and angry little face, he retorted: “You’re a bad person! I wasn’t wrong. I won’t apologize!”

“Hah! Look at this child!” said the girl in red. She rushed over and grabbed the child from the nanny’s arms: “I’ll help your parents educate a bad child like you! They’ll have to thank me for it!”

When Mrs. Yu saw that the woman was about to take the child away, her expression changed and she urgently shouted, “Somebody’s abducting a child!”

Ye Peicheng, who seldom goes shopping, happened to pass by the supermarket to buy something since this morning’s filming was completed. When he heard someone shout ‘abducting a child,’ he walked over immediately.

Since he had been wearing a hat with his head lowered, no one was able to recognize him. But just as he hurried this direction, someone noticed him and exclaimed, “Oh my God, was that Ye Peicheng?”

“That really was Film Emperor Ye!”

“Wow, wow, I didn’t expect to see Emperor Ye here!”

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