The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Whose Baby Is This? (1)

Ha ha, well this is embarrassing.

Sure enough, Xing Yicheng pulled the bathroom door open. He struggled to suppress his anger and lust as he spoke through gritted teeth, “Qiao, get out of there!”

In fact, Xing Yichen has already noticed unusual changes to his body, not because of anger, but rather…

This woman, she actually dared to drug him. Can she be more repulsive than this!

The veins on his forehead were swelling and he felt a raging fire on his abdomen, eroding his willpower. Unconsciously, he even began to visualize Qiao Moyu’s provocative figure which he had just seen.

Her body was excellent and her skin was soft like gelatin. Even if he was licking her neck in anger, the soft and delicate skin he felt under his palm was so smooth, he had the urge to grasp it.

When this thought came, Xing Yichen suddenly had an idea. Feeling as if his body was about to explode from desire, he endured his state and spoke with a chilling voice, “One, two–”

In the bathroom, Qiao Moyu was dumbstruck by President Xing’s means. If he doesn’t solve his physical need for a woman right now, who knows what he will do to her afterwards!

She just recently crossed over to this world. Everything was still unfamiliar, so it would be best to follow the plot for the time being.

Before Xing Yichen could count to ‘three,’ Qiao Moyu swung open the bathroom door open.

The man had already reached his limit. Ignoring her, he rushed directly to the shower and quickly drenched his body in cold water.

The water soaked his white shirt and poured down his body, outlining his fine body and his looming V-line.

It should be noted that the male protagonist’s body was truly top notch. As Qiao Moyu sighed in appreciation, she suddenly noticed Xing Yichen’s fiery glare, firmly locked on her figure by the door.

She sprang up quickly and slammed the door: “Wash yourself well, I won’t disturb you!”

Qiao Moyu came out of the bathroom but she didn’t leave the suite immediately. Because if she leaves looking like this, her reputation will be destroyed immediately. She needs to prepare a change of clothes right away.

She recalled that there was certain female employee among the secretary group that worked under Xing Yichen. That woman was acquainted with the original Qiao Moyu. She also remembered her name.

So she went to Xing Yichen’s desk and opened the address book to her right. After finding the secretary’s number, she immediately contacted her.

“Hello Mr. Xing,” Monica greeted.

“Monica, it’s me,” Qiao Moyu replied. “I need you to go and buy me some clothes. My current outfit has a tear. Remember to buy a complete set and deliver it immediately to the Xing General Office.”

“Miss Qiao,” the secretary replied in surprise. She then replied, “Oh yes, I’ll purchase it right away. Please give me a moment.”

After relaying these instructions, Qiao Moyu hung up. She noticed a pink mobile phone on the desktop, which she presumed to be the original host’s belongings. She picked it up and unlocked it with her fingerprint, then scrolled down the chat records. As she examined the contents, she somehow recalled the follow-up plot.

Around this timeline, the original host (original Qiao Moyu) should be heading to the acting crew to report to work immediately. She was part of a historical drama that Xing Yichen invested in and played the role of the second leading woman.

The original host had begged for the role of Female no.3 from her father, Mr. Qiao, about a month ago**. At that time Mr. Qiao had driven her out of his household, but she still had the courage to go to his office shamelessly. She demanded the role because she wanted to become a Film Empress and defeat the female protagonist through her natural beauty.

(**T/N: main actress is Female no.1, supporting actress is Female no.2, and the actress who has a lower position than these two is Female no.3)

However, her high expectations would only shatter in disappointment. That’s because the leading actress of this drama was Xing Yichen’s sister who had always hated the original host. As a result, Qiao Moyu endured constant bullying within the acting crew; the fact that she lacked tactfulness also ended in her offending everyone. Eventually, she would leave the set with her heart completely blackened.

While the current Qiao Moyu was deep in thought, the front door intercom sounded, “Mr. Xing, Miss Qiao asked me to deliver something.”

“Bring it in,” she replied.

Xing Yichen had not yet come out of the bathroom. Qiao Moyu took her clothes and went to the dressing room to quickly get changed. Afterwards, she found a place to hide herself right away because there was one more thing she needed to confirm for herself.

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