The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Whose Baby Is This? (2)

After some time, Xing Yichen walked out while wiping his hair dry. Based on his body language, he was still feeling sour.

Since he no longer saw Qiao Moyu in the vicinity, his mood improved a bit.

He quickly got changed and walked out of his office.

Upon hearing the man’s movement, Qiao Moyu quietly followed after him.

Once Xing Yichen exited the office, he should be heading out to give orders to someone, but instead, Qiao Moyu saw the man bend down to pick something from the ground with his precious fingers.

When she saw what Xing Yichen happened to pick up, Qiao Moyu cursed in her heart.

Because the man had picked up 100 yuan!

In other words, his act of licking her neck for a long time could also be considered ‘touching’ her, so he was able to pick up a 100 yuan? Does that mean that her lucky koi fish attributes have upgraded after transmigrating?

Xing Yichen picked up the money and went up to his employees at another nearby office, then asked, “Who dropped 100 yuan?”

After examining their pockets, they all shook their heads and replied: “Boss Xing, it’s none of ours.”

“Judy, order five cups of coffee and invite everyone for a drink!” Xing Yichen said.

Qiao Moyu wanted to die at this moment upon seeing such a scene. She turned to walk away while nobody noticed her.

Just when she had reached the bottom of the steps, she received a phone call from someone called ‘Yu sister-in-law.’

She knew that this was the nanny the original host hired to care for her son, Qiao Ziluo. Qiao Moyu answered the call, “Sister Yu.”

Mrs. Yu’s voice sounded anxious through the phone: “Miss, I took Luo Luo to the park near the community’s entrance. He’s been crying and won’t stop. Where are you? Can you come over and have a look at him?”

Qiao Moyu could hear the boy’s cry across the screen. She immediately replied, “Okay, but which park are you referring to? Send me the location on WeChat!”

She received a message from Mrs. Yu shortly after. When she arrived at the site twenty minutes later, she saw a woman in her forties holding a boy in her arms.

It was summer at this time. The little boy was wearing a yellow T-shirt with blue shorts and a pair of caterpillar style shoes.

At this age, the child had a bit of baby fat; his arms resembled lotus roots with his white and tender skin and his small, crinkled face. When he saw Qiao Moyu, he suddenly stopped crying. His big eyes were wet with tears and his small mouth flowed with saliva as he looked at her, but he didn’t call her ‘mother.’

The bright sunlight shone on his chubby cheeks. Just by looking at his round little face, one can imagine a vague outline of his handsome appearance when he matures in the future.

The boy truly deserves to be the original host’s and Xing Yichen’s baby. He’s so beautiful! Qiao Moyu sighed in admiration. But then, she suddenly remembered how according to the novel’s plot, the original host schemed for Xing Yichen to take responsibility for the child. The male protagonist obviously never shared an intimate relationship with the villainess, let alone having a child with her.

So this boy wasn’t Xing Yichen’s child, but rather, the original host’s son from another man? But the book never mentioned who the father was. She felt as if there were more headaches to worry about.

Before she crossed over to this world, she was only 18 years old. And now, she suddenly has a child over two years old. This put her under a lot of pressure.

At this moment, she reached out to the boy with her hand while wondering how the original host would get along with the child. She then displayed a reassuring, gentle smile with crescent shaped eyes and said: “Baby, why are you crying? Come here, give mom a hug?”

Luo Luo looked at her in confusion; he seemed to feel as if something was wrong. The boy blinked. Soon, the tears in his eyes overflowed, trickling down his round face and falling on the back of Qiao Moyu’s hand.

The girl felt as if her heart melted.

However, when she had the yearning to embrace Luo Luo, the little boy suddenly turned his head and with a ‘hmph’ sound, he buried his face directly into his nanny’s arms.

Luo Luo ignored his mother and hid behind his caregiver’s shoulder. But his lips, covered in saliva, were slightly raised to a smile.

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