The CEO's Woman

Chapter 10 Badluck

Chapter 10 Badluck

Contrary to what he believed, he didn't die that night. He went home drenched with rainwater.

He almost laughed out loud when he saw his parents worried expression. He realized how much he loved them. He always thought that death will be the answer to their sadness but on that night he realized something. Something very important.

On that night he saw the stars on his darkest hour. He learned to live on. Be brave and not fear what is yet to come.

He continued to live on. He then asked someone to find her. The beautiful girl with sad gray eyes.

Months later, he finally saw her again. He watched her from afar. He didn't dare approach her or introduced himself. He will soon die so what could be his reason in talking to her?

Instead, he just watched.

He watched her from the photos. Then watched her from the news. When she decided to be an actress, he became her number 1 fan. He watched her movies, her interviews and sadly her scandals.

He watched her ruin her life. He watched her get married into someone she barely knows. He watched her husband divorced her.

He was always there. Watching. Silently hurting every time she made a wrong decision. Silently crying when he saw her sad eyes.

He was always there looking at her.

Though deep inside he hoped that maybe...just maybe, one day she will look his way.

But of course, that didn't happen.

He was devastated one day when he received some news of her death. She was driving drunk one night. She lost control and crashed into a tree.

Her body was badly burned. Even he couldn't recognize her. He blamed himself.

Maybe if he approached her, talked to her, be her friend...then maybe she won't become so broken. He couldn't take her death so he vowed revenge to the people who hurt her.

He ruined her ex-husband. He destroyed her paternal family. He even wrecked the career of her little sister. Yes! He was petty. But who cares? She is dead. And he will soon die too.

He knows it. He felt it. The smell of death looming, coming, trying to caress him. He knows it wasn't his illness. Maybe it was the sadness from her death. Maybe it was the guilt slowly consuming him. Killing him.

Until his final days. He still couldn't fathom the fact that he didn't do something to save her. He just watched her. How could he just let her ruin her own life? How could he didn't let her realize that someone like him is there for her?

And before he closed his eyes. Just before he lost his breath, he vowed, he vowed to the heavens that in his next life, he will not let any moment pass without letting her know that he will always be there for her. In his next lifetime, he will save her. He will love her more than he will ever love himself.


It was a sleepless night for Jiang Yue.

She doesn't know why she still couldn't sleep. She just keeps on tossing and turning. She felt restless.

She let out a long sigh before finally getting out of her bed. She decided to go to the music room and play some instruments, maybe it will tire her out.

When she woke up, she felt sore. She felt really tired. She covered her eyes from the blinding light coming her way.

She realized she fell asleep at the table in her music room. She checked the time.

"Oh…" She thought out loud then quickly made her way into her bathroom.

It was already 8:35 in the morning. She overslept! She quickly undresses and couldn't help but groan as the hot water touched her body. She is just too clumsy. It's the first day of school and she is late.

Such bad luck. She couldn't help but curse.

After a quick bath, she hurriedly dresses in the universities blue checkered uniform. She then put on a lip gloss, tied her hair in a messy bun and quickly left the building. Good thing, Wang Bolin, is already waiting downstairs.

It's already 9:30 when she arrived at the school. She directly went into her classroom and apologize to Miss Shen for her tardiness.

She was so busy looking for a vacant chair that she didn't notice, everyone's weirdly gazing at her.

After another hour of boring discussions. Her morning classes finally ended. But before she could go outside to get her lunch, her teacher, Miss Shen called her for a private talk.

"Miss Jiang, I know you just attended my class and I don't want to pressure you but the National exams are coming and...well I know you are a genius so I...I would like to know in which way I could help you pass the exams with ease?" Miss Shen said awkwardly.

"I'm good Miss Shen. Seriously! You don't have to worry about me. But thank you for your concern." She smiled politely.

"So...ahm...listen… I mean look… I know your a genius and stuff and I would like to know the percentage of you passing the exams with flying colors?" She looked at Miss Shen weirdly. Jiang Yue was wondering why would she ask something like that on her first day?

"98%," She said confidently. Although she barely passed the test in her past life, she is quite confident in this lifetime. She is naturally smart. In fact, she had an Eidetic Memory so she won't be able to forget something that she already laid her eyes on.

"Good! Very Good! That's very good news. I want you to ignore all those rumors going on inside the school about you and focus on passing the exam. Prove them wrong. Especially that arrogant Miss Yang of the special section!" Miss Shen replied. Her tone happy as is she just hit the jackpot.

Jiang Yue couldn't really understand this teacher. Aside from the fact that she looks weird with her antique dress, she seems to have a grudge against Miss Yang. The teacher who didn't accept Jiang Yue.

She felt her stomach grumbled so she quickly excuses herself and went to the school cafeteria to grab some lunch.

She could hear the students trying to murmur around her but honestly, she was too hungry to care. To give herself some peace, she put on her earphones and started to play a classical music concert.

She was busy munching her food that she didn't notice someone standing next to her. She almost choked when she saw Jiang Mian with some of her close friends. Jiang Mian is looking at her eerily. Like she is just about to do something sinister.

'She is already trying her best to avoid her ah. Why did Jiang Mian have to approach her and ruin the rest of her day?' She thought.

She heard Jiang Mian say something but she continues to look at her weirdly. She was thinking why would this protagonist approach her. What could be her motive? Is she scheming again?

"Eldest Sister. You have worried father so much. Where did you sleep last night? We were waiting for you but you didn't even call to let us know you were safe. Eldest Sister, father is… he loves you so much, please do not ignore him like that again...I am asking you to forgive father for whatever he did wrong to you" Jiang Mian said with a pitiful voice.

Everyone looked at Jiang Yue like she had committed a big crime. Although Jiang Mian did her best to lower her voice down, they still heard every word that she said. Jiang Yue is still in her teens so where could she stay the whole night?

"Hey, I saw Jiang Yue running late this morning with a messy hair."

"I wonder where she spent her night."

Jiang Yue surely wanted to punch these people in front of her. How could these people be so dumb? She is trying to stop herself from rolling her eyes. She could just ignore Jiang Mian but that would only make these people think that she is bullying her family.

'Or I could just act! Ha!' She thought.

"Eldest sister, please forgive father. Father and mother truly asked the headmistress to let you in but the headmistress said it was too late so mother didn't push it. You are already enrolled so please forgive them." Jiang Mian said. This time her eyes reddened like a little girl being bullied.

Jiang Yue really couldn't stand it anymore. To everyone's surprise, she suddenly get up and removed her earphones, then she looked at Jiang Mian.

"This miss, I'm sure we haven't met before. I wonder why are you crying in front of me. Did your mother die or something?" Jiang Yue said. Her voice flat devoid of any emotions. Like she is just talking to a stranger.

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