The CEO's Woman

Chapter 11 Bastard Child

Chapter 11 Bastard Child

Jiang Mian started to sweat when she heard Jiang Yue. How could she forget that they haven't met yet? Of course, she didn't! But she assumed that Jiang Yue would directly lash out at her.

Her mother, Lu Shi, said that this Jiang Yue is dumb and ignorant. That Jiang Yue was raised under her equally ignorant and arrogant mother. She should not react like this. Jiang Yue should have thrown a fit and bully her in front of everyone.

"Jiejie… I" She said while clenching her fist. She should not say something that will further embarrass her.

"Jiang Yue ah, you're too much, You didn't just curse your new mother! Now you are also pretending that you don't even recognize your sister! You are despicable!" A shrill voice came beside Jiang Mian. It was Lu Qian, Jiang Mian's cousin.

Jiang Yue looked at them like they were clowns. Her eyes full of ridicule. She felt a little angry though. She always thought that Jiang Mian is smart.

In her previous life, Jiang Mian always wins. This is not her character at all. She remembered that in her previous life, Jiang Mian always had the advantage. This situation seems to be a bit weird.

She looked at them again. Her mood is slowly changing. If Jiang Mian was originally dumb. Does that mean she was too muddled in the past? Is that the reason why Jiang Mian is always above her? Always one step ahead of her? Does that mean she is dumber than Jiang Mian in her previous life? Did Jiang Mian infect her somehow?

'Sorry, Jiang Mian. I am not in the mood to play with you today', she thought. She is really bent on avoiding this type of people. What if she gets infected again?

"You must have mistaken me for someone else. My mother died when I was 15. I'm an only child. Unless…" She looked at Jiang Mian from head to toe. Then back at Lu Qian. "Unless you're telling me that my father had been cheating on my mother and got her mistress pregnant?" She held her chin, trying to show that she is contemplating something. "Are you telling me that my father had been cheating on my mother for more than 15 years? And that this miss is the bastard child of my father from her mistress?"

Jiang Mian and Lu Shi paled in fright. This is a taboo topic. How could this Jiang Yue just blurt it out in the open like this? Isn't she also a part of the Jiang Family? Why would she speak something that would harm her father and the Jiang's?

On the other hand, the other students who heard what Jiang Yue said are already having thoughts of their own.

"I also heard about that from my father. It was a big scandal. The Wang's were angered because Jiang Yue's father married Jiang Mian's mother just three months after he lost his first wife."

"So, are you telling me it's true? Senior Jiang was born a bastard child from an affair?"

"I heard, Jiang Yue didn't even show up on her father's wedding. Is it possible that she was not aware? I heard she was not in the country at that time."

"What kind of father will not let his daughter know about his marriage?"

Seeing that she already achieved the effect that she wants. Jiang Yue felt elated. Now all she had to do was to find a way to leave and avoid this Jiang Mian again.

"Aiyah… I don't want to speculate something without proof…"Jiang Yue looked at Jiang Mian and the people surrounding her. "This miss, what did you say your name was again?" She asked Jiang Mian.

"Jiang Mian." Jiang Mian said while gritting her teeth in anger. She had no choice but to answer Jiang Yue. She really wanted to find a hole where she could bury herself. This is the first time that someone embarrassed her like this.

"Oh! Jiang Mian... Jiang Mian, I already heard that name before. Hah! You're Lu Shi's daughter! You should have said so earlier. You didn't even introduce yourself. Where did all your manners go? Aiyah... As an elder of the family, I will take all responsibility of your ill manners. The family have not raised you well." She shook her head. Then her eyes widened as if she just realized something. She then checked her purse, trying to find something.

"Oh right! Here… take this. This is the calling card and address of my etiquette teacher when I was 5. I will let her teach you. Don't worry about the bill. I will pay everything for you. Okay?" Jiang Yue said while giving Jiang Mian a sweet innocent smile. "Oh..look at the time! I have to go now! My next class is about to start!" Then she waved her hands and strutted her way out of the school cafeteria.

A total silence wrapped around the cafeteria after Jiang Yue left. Everyone was dumbstruck. What does she mean by ill manners? What takes responsibility as an elder? What etiquette teacher?

A lot of people didn't know if they want to laugh or cry. That Jiang Yue is surely cunning and shameless. Embarrassing her sister like that then bolting out before they could even react. She even sound so righteous.

Some of the students who witness the scene started to leave silently. They don't want to get implicated. After all the Headmistress came from the Lu family.

On the other hand, Jiang Mian was fuming with rage. Rage roared through her mind. She closed her eyes to calm herself down as she swallowed another mouthful of blood.

"That Jiang Yue is too much! How could she not recognized you!? And she really had the guts to embarrass you like that! Hmp! I will call aunt Lu and let her know about this. Let's see how Aunt Lu will take care of that b*tch!" Lu Qian whine beside her.

Jiang Mian didn't utter a single word. She is too angry. She miscalculated!

'I will remember this humiliation today Jiang Yue. This is just the start. I will make you pay ten times the humiliation I felt today!' Jiang Mian thought.

Jiang Mian's group just walked to their respective class in silence, they were not in a good mood. They hated Jiang Yue for embarrassing their Sister Jiang. They had even forgotten the reason why they approached Jiang Yue in the first place.


Jiang Yue is ecstatic! She was able to avoid a possible humiliating scene. She was humming a tune while skipping her way to her classroom.

'Hahaha! Who is the best actress now?' She thought while giving herself a cunning smile.

"Hey! Hey! I like what you did a while ago. Hah! That girl Jiang Mian thought she could fool everyone in this school. It's surely refreshing for someone to remind her of her roots. Hahaha" Someone suddenly said, startling her.

She looked at the person smiling happily beside her. She seems to look familiar but she couldn't remember her name.

"Oh, hehe... where are my manners. I'm Shen Rong! We're actually classmates and my sit is located in front of yours." Shen Rong introduces herself enthusiastically. She always thought that rich people are quite arrogant just like her family but this girl beside her screams different. This Jiang Yue seems to be different.

"Nice to meet you I'm-"

"Jiang Yue! I know! I saw what happened at the cafeteria and I'm a fan. Hahaha! You should have seen Jiang Mian's face when you left." Jiang Yue couldn't help but feel happy inside. In this lifetime, someone had approached her and talk to her like a normal person. She remembered that in her previous life, no one wants to approach her because she acts as if she is above everyone else.

They reached their classroom while laughing and talking. "So, you seem to not like Jiang Mian, did something happen between you two?" She asked Shen Rong.

"Nah, I don't dislike her either. I just don't feel comfortable around her. I think there's something about her that I can't explain. Hmmm... Maybe it's the way she pretends and acts pure and kind. That and I like the way she looked when you embarrassed her. Hahaha..." Shen Rong answered without batting an eye.

Jiang Yue enjoyed Shen Rong's company. She looks at her and gives her a sincere smile. Maybe in this lifetime, she will have friends. True Friends.

And the day ended with Jiang Yue feeling happy and Jiang Mian quivering with rage.

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