The CEO's Woman

Chapter 13 Mr. Student Presiden

Chapter 13 Mr. Student Presiden

Jiang Yue is feeling uneasy. She is wondering why Yu Chen would want to see her now.

In the previous life, Yu Chen, never initiated any contact first. She was the one who approached him first. She wanted seduce him and make Jiang Mian jealous.

In this life, without her interference, who knows if Yu Chen and Jiang Mian are already together.

"That Yu Chen is Jiang Mian's boyfriend." She heard Shen Rong say.

"You might want to be careful in the days to come. He is the Student President. Jiang Mian fooled a lot of people with her attitude. Some people might retaliate because you embarrassed their goddess." Shen Rong continued.

Jiang Yue shrugged. As she guessed, Yu Chen and Jiang Mian are already together. Shen Rong is right. A lot of people liked Jiang Mian. But they should not provoke her. She is doing her best to avoid them. If they do something to cause her any problems then she won't hesitate to crush them like the insect that they are.

After their class, Jiang Yue decided to spend some time at the library to study. Shen Rong, on the other hand, decided to go to her dormitories to rest. She had been having stomach cramps all day.

Jiang Yue offered to bring her to the hospital but Shen Rong refused. So Jiang Yue didn't have a choice but go with her to her dorm first before going to the library by herself.

But, on her way to the library, she bumped into the person she wanted to avoid at all cost. Yu Chen.

Yu Chen is handsome. In fact, a lot of girls like him. But, he is not her type. For her, he looks like a typical actor. A not that outstanding actor, at that.

She often wondered why Yu Chen's charms didn't work on her.

She looked at Yu Chen and his entourage of male and female. As a student president, he is always busy and a lot of people always loves to follow him around.

"Hmp! Look, she couldn't get Brother Yu's attention so, she finally decided to show herself and try a different strategy" Someone said out of nowhere.

She furrowed her brows. When did she attempt to get Yu Chen's attention? Did they think that she refused to see him because she wants his attention? If so, these people are dumb. She needs to avoid dumb people.

"Still acting... I see. Hey you... why don't you accept that you like Brother Yu?" A girl with cropped hair said.

She stopped walking and look at the group of people accompanying Yu Chen. Jiang Yue knew most of them from her past life.

"Are you talking to me?" Jiang Yue asked them. 'She really wanted to live a peaceful life ah. Why did these people want to ruin her day?' She thought.

"Is there anyone here aside from you?B*tch! Your tricks won't work with brother Yu!" The girl said with a smug smile on her face. Everyone laughed except for Yu Chen.

"Excuse me. Are you talking about Yu Chen the Student President?" She asked. Considering the fact that she is yet met Yu Chen in this lifetime, her question is still reasonable. Then she giggled. Her eyes full of mockery. "Why would I like a stern piece of wood that I haven't met yet?" She asked.

The group's laughter died. They looked at Yu Chen then at Jiang Yue. Yu Chen was standing in front of Jiang Yue. Yet, she didn't recognize him. Did they assume the wrong thing?

Yu Chen's gaze turns cold. As a student council president, a lot of people admired him. This boosts his ego and made him assumed all girls like his cold attitude. Even Jiang Mian couldn't help but blush while looking at him.

Jiang Yue on the other hand, was smiling inwardly. If these people thought they could bully her then they need to think again.

"What? Did I say something wrong? He asked me to see him a while ago. But I refuse. Why would I waste my time seeing a dog fart who loves to associate himself with people who likes to [1] pat a horse's ass?" She looked at them. Her gaze full of hidden contempt and mockery. "Tsk... you people think that by saying something bad to me or about me you can earn the students presidents good books. How naive." She continued.

"You- Stop acting! We know you like brother Yu! Stop acting as if you don't know him. We're not buying it" The girl with the cropped her blocked her way.

Everyone thinks that this girl is so willful. She even had the guts to insult Senior Yu Chen in front of his face.

"Enough. Stop it, Xiao Yan. You know I don't tolerate fighting."

"But brother Yu-" the girl tried to say something but Yu Chen interrupted her.

"So you are Jiang Yue." Yu Chen looks at the girl before her. She is definitely a beauty, but the contempt in her eyes are way to obvious. She wondered how did she manage to offend this girl.

"I asked to see you earlier because I have something to tell you." He continued.

Jiang Yue looked shocked. Of course she is just acting, but they don't know that. She knows that Yu Chen will intervene at some point. She knows his ego can't take the insults. He would want her to apologize in front of this people. But he will not be so vulgar to say it directly.

"You're Yu Chen?" She raised an eyebrow while looking at him.

Yu Chen nodded. " I just want to tell you about the rules in this school. I heard you have been bullying your sister. We don't allow bullying in this school." Yu Chen tried to act calm.

Jiang Yue's lips lift up into a smirk. 'So, Jiang Mian is using someone else to make trouble for her.' She thought.

"That's right! Stop bullying Senior Jiang! You can't bully her just because she is your step sister!" Another voice said behind Yu Chen.

"Bullying?" She looked at Yu Chen. Her eyes full of ridicule. 'Ah! this person is still dumb as she expected.' Jiang Yue smiled to herself. 'Alright, Yu Chen. Lets play'

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