The CEO's Woman

Chapter 14 Jiang Mian's Plans

Chapter 14 Jiang Mian“s Plans

Jiang Yue was about to retort when she heard someone's footsteps coming towards their way. She turns her head to look and her eyes almost popped out.

"Xiao Mian, why are you here? I told you to wait for me at the cafeteria." Yu Chen asked Jiang Mian who just arrived.

Jiang Yue wanted to curse her luck. Yu Chen is one thing, but both Yu Chen and Jiang Mian together is another. The gods of luck must have cursed her when she reincarnated.

A realization hit Jiang Yue. Maybe she really couldn't avoid them forever. Maybe a peaceful life is not really for her. She needed to prepare herself to counter these people. She needs to find a way to protect herself. Without her maternal family, she is vulnerable. She just can't depend on them forever.

"Chen gege, I left something in my dormitories. I was about to get it. What are you doing here with my elder sister?" Jiang Mian tried to act innocent. She knows Yu Chen will approach Jiang Yue after she told him what happened.

Her mother Lu Shi told her to be cordial with Jiang Yue. So how could she pass an opportunity like this? She could not create trouble for Jiang Yue by herself. But she could always make someone do it for her. Jiang Mian could always ask someone to bully Jiang Yue, then she could save her and establish a relationship with her sister.

Somehow Jiang Mian felt satisfied with her plan. She needs to get close to Jiang Yue.

"I was about to ask your sister to make a public apology for embarrassing you the other day." Yu Chen said while looking at Jiang Yue.

Jiang Yue was dumbfounded. Yu Chen actually wants her to apologize? Is this guy dumb or what? Jiang Mian approached her first that day. She was just clearly defending herself.

"Chen ge there must be a misunderstanding. Jiejie didn't bully me. She only wants to help me" Jiang Mian said as she tries to hold Jiang Yue's arms.

Jiang Yue looks at her sister. Then she tried to shrug her hands off. She is wondering what could be Jiang Mian's plan. It is unusual for her to say something like that.

"What misunderstanding? She bullied you. Everyone saw it." the girl named Xiao Yan said while pointing her fingers at Jiang Yue.

"No... I...I'm fine. It was just a misunderstanding." Jiang Mian shook her head and look at Jiang Yue.

"Elder sister I apologize on their behalf. They misunderstood you." She said as she cupped Jiang Yue's hands. Jiang Mian is clearly showing a sign of goodwill.

Jiang Yue really didn't know if she wants to laugh or to cry. She just couldn't understand this Jiang Mian. She knows that Jiang Mian is scheming and black-hearted. However, she couldn't guess Jiang Mian's reasons for doing so.

"Chen gege, I would like to have some private time with my sister." Jiang Mian said to Yu Chen.

Yu Chen nodded before walking ahead with his entourage. He felt proud while looking at Jiang Mian. He didn't choose wrong. His little girlfriend is so kind. Yu Chen couldn't wait to prove his parents wrong.

Thinking about his parents, his mood changed. When he went home last night, his father asked him to get close to Jiang Yue, the heir to the Wang group.

Yu Chen wondered why would Jiang Yue become an heir to the Wang's when she is already a Jiang. His father told him a lot of things including the scandal between Jiang Mian's parents. His father told him that all of Wang Rou's assets are in Jiang Yue's name.

This means that she owns half of the Jiang's Company and half of the Wang group. Yu Chen was dumbfounded. This Jiang Yue asset is bigger than all of the Yu Families combined.

His father told him to try to win Jiang Yue's heart. But the conversation did not end well when Yu Chen declined. He then told his father that his girlfriend is Jiang Yue's younger sister, Jiang Mian. Even her mother showed some disappointments.


"Elder sister. I know you are living at your own place already but father and mother miss you and we could all use a family bonding. How about we visit you at your house some time?" Jiang Mian asked Jiang Yue the moment that they were alone.

"En..." Jiang Yue answered. These people won't stop pestering her. She needs to know what they actually want from her. She needs to keep her enemy closer.

"Truly? " Jiang Mian asked enthusiastically.

"You can visit after the National Exams. I'm quite busy these past few days. I'm trying to catch up with the lessons here." She replied.

"Then that's great!" Jiang Mian beamed with happiness. The quicker she could get close to Jiang Yue the better. She couldn't wait to get everything from Jiang Yue.

Jiang Mian is laughing inwardly. She really couldn't wait to destroy Jiang Yue's pretty face. Since she was a child, her mother already told her a lot of stuff about Jiang Yue. She knows that her mother should have been the wife of her father. She knows that without Jiang Yue and her mother, they could have avoided all those humiliations brought by being a mistress.

Without Jiang Yue, she could wipe off the dirt and shame of being a mistress' daughter.

Jiang Yue and her mother stole everything from her and Lu Shi. So it is only reasonable that she stole Jiang Yue's assets and make it hers.

This is going to be the compensation for the humiliation that Jiang Yue and her mother had caused on them.

The thought of the completion of her plans made Jiang Mian beamed even more.

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