The CEO's Woman

Chapter 3 The Vaul

Chapter 3 The Vaul

Jiang Yue's question shocked Lu Shi. How could Jiang Yue not know her? Thinking about it, they didn't inform Jiang Yue of their marriage. It is only reasonable that she will not know her.

"I am Lu Shi, your father's wife. I am your new mother." She said with a friendly smile.

Jiang Yue looked at her blankly. "My mother's dead."

"I…" Lu Shi wanted to retort. But what could she say?

"If there's nothing else you can go now. I want to be alone." Jiang Yue said as she looks at her book again. Her expression showed that she is so engrossed to what she is reading.

Lu Shi's eyes were turning red because of anger. She calmed her emotions and tried to look pitiful.

"Child, I know you are mad that we didn't invite you to our wedding but…but we thought you are still grieving and we didn't want to slight you. I will understand if you don't like me. You can disrespect me all you want. I just want you to know that I and your father sincerely love you. I.." She started to sob. "I didn't expect you to show up without letting your father know. Even if you hate him, you could have at least let him know that you are coming home. He loves you so much. He had been talking about you for the past 3 years." She then stared at Jiang Yue, her eyes red-rimmed from crying. Everyone would think that Jiang Yue said something hurtful to her new stepmother.

Jiang Yue just looked at her blankly. Her face devoid of any emotion. Jiang Yue then diverted her sight and stood up. She walked past her as if she didn't exist.

"You… Where are you going?" Lu Shi asked. Her tone showed her grievance as if someone just bullied her.

Jiang Yue stopped walking and turn around then walk towards her.

"Lu Shi, you say?" Jiang Yue tilted her head as she looked at her. Lu Shi slowly nodded.

"Lu Shi. I hate talking. And I hate noisy people. So let me waste a couple of minutes so we will not waste each other's time in the future. First, you are not my mother. Second, this is my house. A house under my name. I don't have to tell anyone when I come back to my own house. And third…" Her face moved towards Lu Shi's pale face. "I know what you are. So don't waste my time with your green tea act." She then looked at Lu Shi from head to toe before giving her a smirk then walk out of the Veranda without sparing her another glance.

Jiang Yue felt satisfied. She promised a long time ago not to dwell on this pity people but she still couldn't stop herself sometimes. She knows Lu Shi is fake. She was never sincere. In her past life, she always loved and respected Lu Shi like a real mother. She would even sometimes vy for her attention just to slight Jiang Mian.

However, one day she saw Lu Shi's true face unintentionally. It was also the day that she discovered Yu Chen had been cheating on her. She heard Lu Shi talking to Jiang Mian over the phone. Telling her that she already poisoned Jiang Yue making her unable to get pregnant so their plan is foolproof. No one will pity a divorced woman who can't get pregnant. They had a perfect reason for the divorce. They could say that Yu Chen divorce Jiang Yue because of her inability to get pregnant and to compensate to the Yu family. Yu Chen will marry Jiang Mian instead.

Jiang Yue was fuming with rage when she discovered their intricate plot. She was always so arrogant that she got Yu Chen. Yet she was just making herself a joke to this mother and daughter pair. She wanted to confront Jiang Mian. So she hurriedly drives away without realizing that she is just moments away from death.

However, she chooses not to dwell on those things that are part of the past. She knows she was wrong in the first place. She shouldn't have competed with the protagonist. All antagonist will end up dead and lonely. She let out a loud laugh at her foolishness.

In this life, she will never give them the satisfaction that they had before. She will avoid them like a plague and live this life to the fullest. She will enjoy her youth and will get everything that belongs to her.

She chuckled at the thought of the future. Since her reincarnation, she always wonder what would her future hold if she avoids all of those people.

The first thing that she did after she entered her room was to lock her door. She doesn't want anyone to disturb her. Then she walks into her 20 sq. meter walk-in closet and roams her eyes around the glass shelves. She couldn't stop herself from smiling. Her mother always loves to dress her up. That is the reason why her closet is always full of beautiful and branded clothes. She then pushed a button just below her shoe shelves.

A click was heard then a little vault can be seen slowly popping out from the bottom-most part of the custom made stone counter top at the middle of the room. She smiled as she walks toward the vault. This is the reason why she choose to visit this place first before going to her grandfather's house. This vault contains all the property deeds under her name. This also includes the original will of her mother.

She entered her password and opened the vault to check its contents. A victorious smile can be seen in her face. She then put the whole content of the vault inside a wheeled duffel bag together with some high heeled shoes that she loves the most.

After preparing everything, she took a hot comfortable bath before going to bed with a smile.

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