The CEO's Woman

Chapter 4 A Boring Show

Chapter 4 A Boring Show

The wind was howling outside. Rain hammering on the window pane.

Another sound of shattered glasses can be heard. Lu Shi was panting. Curses flying everywhere. She reeked of whiskey and resentment. She wanted to vent her anger. She wanted to hurt someone!

"AHHHHHH!!!" another shout can be heard followed by a string of curses.

"HOW DARE SHE!? How dare she disrespect me like that?"

Then she laughs like a mentally deranged woman.

"Jiang Yue ah! Jiang Yue! Very good! Let me play with you!

Meanwhile, Jiang Yue was sleeping comfortably in her room.

The sun is already high when Jiang Yue decided to get off her bed. She immediately dialed Wang Bolin's number telling him her itinerary for the day. She doesn't want to spend any more time in the Jiang's Mansion.

True, the mansion is listed under her name but she felt that there is too much negativity in this house. And she doesn't need any negativity in her life.

She quickly washed her face and brush her teeth. She choose to wear a knee-length black flared dress. Then she made her way out of her room with her duffel bag. However, fate had another plan for Jiang Yue. She was already on the foyer when she heard her father's voice. She couldn't help but roll her eyes.

'It was just morning ah. And luck is already not in her way.' She thought.

"Hey! Are you listening to me?" Jiang Chanming's voice echoed.

This brought back Jiang Yue from her thoughts. She looks at her father. He still had the same sharp features. To be honest, if someone would ask her, she wouldn't say that her father is good-looking. Now that she thought about it, she couldn't help but notice that they actually have no resemblance whatsoever.

"Hey! Are you deaf? Are you ignoring me? Hah! So this is what you get by staying abroad?" Her father lashed out. She tried to remember the words that her father said earlier. But it seems that she couldn't remember anything. She wondered how did she become so absent-minded lately.

"Sorry, I didn't hear you." Jiang Yue shrugged without halting her steps as she continued walking down the hall.

"Good! Very Good! You are showing just how ungrateful you are. The gods must have punished me for not raising you well. You are a bad egg to this family! How embarrassing. You are just like your mother!" She heard her father say.

"Dear, calm down. Yue'er is just tired from her flight yesterday. She just forgot to inform you."

She heard Lu Shi's high pitched voice trying to comfort her father. She smiled inwardly. Jiang Yue stopped walking and look at the couple sitting on the dining hall. She is waiting for a good show.

"Yue'er come here. I didn't ask the servants to call you because I know you are tired. Come sit down and eat with us." Lu Shi said with a big smile on her face as she gestured her to sit.

Jiang Yue obediently sat across Lu Shi. She didn't say anything and just waited for the servants to prepare some utensils then she started to eat. She is indeed hungry.

"So, are you still going back abroad? You should just stay and continue your studies here. I'm sure the old Wang Patriarch will understand." Lu Shi was smiling while talking to her. Jiang Yue wanted to give this woman a standing ovation. Such an artist. She wondered why Lu Shi didn't pursue acting instead.

"I should be staying here permanently." She answered.

"Magnificent! Don't worry. I will arrange everything. It is too late to start school but I'm sure we can do something about it. What do you think dear? Why don't you give the headmistress of Xin City's International School a call?" Lu Shi looks at Jiang Chanming. As expected, Jiang Chanming looks like he just swallowed a fly. His brows are furrowed. Anger visible in his eyes.

Jiang Chanming knew that Jiang Yue is very smart. In fact, she was once called a genius during her elementary years. If Jiang Yue will go to the same school as Jiang Mian, then she will surely overshadow her.

"It is almost the end of the year. The school won't accept any enrollments this time. Especially now that the National examinations are coming." He said. Jiang Chanming couldn't hide the anger in his voice. This daughter of him is becoming more and more willful every day.

After Wang Rou's death, Jiang Yue directly requested her maternal grandfather to send her abroad to mourn, away from her birthplace. She then changed her mobile number so he couldn't contact her at all. She didn't attend his wedding with Lu Shi and didn't even call in the past 3 years.

He is still asking himself why Jiang Yue suddenly become like this. She used to follow him all around asking for his attention.

"Hmm… Grandfather already took care of it." He heard Jiang Yue said. He couldn't help but grit his teeth. That Wang old man is trying to isolate his daughter. Jiang Chanming is sure that Wang Patriarch wants to protect Wang Rou's inheritance.

"Great! That is very good news. I will let Jiang Mian know so she can help you. Are you going to stay in the dormitories as well? It would be great to-"

"Jiang Mian?" Jiang Yue interrupted Lu Shi.

"Oh. You haven't met her yet. She is my daughter and your blood-related sister." Lu Shi answered with a broad smile. Although Jiang Mian is not as pretty as Jiang Yue, she knows that her daughter is the top student of her school. She would love to see how her daughter will handle this ungrateful brat. Plus, the headmistress is also her cousin. She is getting excited with the thought of Jiang Yue's aggrieved face in the future.

"Oh." Jiang Yue replied, clearly uninterested. Her reply startled Jiang Chanming. He had expected for Jiang Yue to throw a tantrum. He didn't say anything as he continue to look at her. He cannot seem to fathom this daughter of his. She seem to hate him. As if she knows about his relationship with Wang Rou.

The thought of Wang Rou made him more angry. The fact that Wang Rou gave all of her assets to Jiang Yue was a great insult to him as her husband. He force to swallow down his anger. He will do everything to get some of the company shares and properties back.

While Jiang Chanming was busy scheming, Jiang Yue decided to consume her food quickly. The show that she was expecting is so boring. She was highly disappointed.

"I won't stay here or the dormitories. I'll come back tonight to get some of my things." She said as she get up and she strutted her way out of the house without waiting for their response. Eventually, she reached the parking lot adjacent to the mansion. She waved at Wang Bolin who was standing next to a tinted black BMW. Then she handed her duffel bag before going inside the car.

"Make sure to give the bag to grandfather when we arrive." She told Wang Bolin as they started to leave the gates of the Mansion.

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