The CEO's Woman

Chapter 31 Dreams

Chapter 31 Dreams

While Yu Chen was busy scheming. Jiang Yue is in a sullen state.

Her plan was ruin. Everything is ruin. Yu Chen was supposed to pay for everything. Then she will go home happy and satisfied. She didn't expect that Fu Jin will take care of the restaurant bill.

She gives Fu Jin a cold shoulder and ignored him. She thought that she could get rid of the guy once they leave the restaurant but she was so wrong.

Fu Jin insisted on bringing her somewhere else. Of course, he already got the permission from her grandfather. Her grandfather even confirmed it when she tried to call him.She wondered if her grandfather is trying to sell her to this shameless man.

Jiang Yue still couldn't understand how Fu Jin got her grandfather's permission. Did this guy threaten her grandfather?

She ended up in Fu Jin's car while Wang Bolin drove Shen Rong home. Of course, Shen Rong didn't leave without giving her an I-need-an-explanation-when-I-see-you-again glance.

"Mr. Fu, what are you really up to? Are you trying to punish me for threatening to kill you the first time that we met?" Jiang Yue finally decided to ask Fu Jin. She really had a lot of questions for this young man.

Fu Jin looked at her without saying anything. Although Fu Jin looks composed on the outside, his heart is beating rapidly on the inside. His mind is flying elsewhere. This is the first time that he was able to hold her hands ah… This moment is memorable for him.

This reaction from Fu Jin is just reasonable. After all, he was not able to touch any other woman in both of his lifetimes.

"Hey! Are you even listening to me? How did you get my grandfather's permission? Did you threaten him? Why are you always following me like a dog? When have I offended you?" Jiang Yue bombarded him with a lot of questions.

"I… sorry but I like you and I would like to marry you." Fu Jin's sudden confession made Jiang Yue froze. Isn't this a little too... rush? Is this guy abnormal or something?

"What are you talking about? This is only the third time that we met! You can't like someone that you don't know!" Then Jiang Yue's eyes widened after she realized something. That statement is wrong.

This man knows her! He knows she likes abalone. He also knows that she likes strawberries. The question she should ask is how.

"How did you know me?" She inquired as her heart started to beat rapidly. Is this man stalking her?

"I saw you three years ago on the news when you got into an accident. Before that, I've been dreaming about you since I was nine years old." Fu Jin answered. This would explain everything that he knows about her. He couldn't just say that he reincarnated. That will make Jiang Yue think he is crazy.

Jiang Yue's pupils narrowed. Did this man also reincarnate just like her? "What did you saw in your dreams?"

"I saw you die… from a car crash." He said.

His statement made Jiang Yue dumbstruck. This is too much information. If this guy reincarnated then he wouldn't just tell her everything like this right?

She heard from her previous life that Young Master Fu is a very closed off person. He doesn't socialize much and won't even attend any social events. But that is because he was ill.

Did she know Young Master Fu in her previous life? If so, then why is it that she couldn't remember him?

So, did Young Master Fu just dreamed about her? Or did he reincarnate? Is it even possible?

"What else?" She asked him.

"I saw you become an actress and you had a lot of scandals." Fu Jin answered truthfully.


"You were married to Yu Chen but he betrayed you." He added.

This time Jiang Yue could not hold back a gasp. This person knows her past life! This is almost impossible! However, Jiang Yue seemed to believe him. This situation is weird but she is a reincanator herself. Weirdness is already running in her veins.

"Is that the reason why you suddenly showed up today? To ruin the dinner with Yu Chen?" She asked. If he tried to stop the dinner then it only means one thing. He is trying to stop Jiang Yue from associating with Yu Chen. Somehow this information calm Jiang Yue.

Fu Jin nodded. This is the only explanation that he could come up with. He knows that this information will attract Jiang Yue's attention. Still, he is willing to gamble. Jiang Yue is smart. Fu Jin knows that she will ask him more questions soon.

Jiang Yue nodded in return. This explanation is not enough to satisfy her but it's the only plausible reason why Fu Jin would know her this much. Fu Jin even asked her grandfather not to make any engagements for the next three years. This reason is the only thing that could explain his weird actions.

She also heard Fu Jin cried during her coma. Fu Jin must have thought that she will die from the crash again. Still, she needed to know if Fu Jin also reincarnated. If it can happen to her then it will surely happen to anyone.

After Fu Jin revealed this information about her, Jiang Yue felt a little safe around him. Jiang Yue decided to observe this guy for a little bit.

"So? What do you think about my proposal?" Fu Jin inquired with a serious face.

"No, I will not marry you. I don't even know you!" Jiang Yue immediately answered. True, Fu Jin knows her from his dreams but she doesn't know this man at all. Why would she marry someone she doesn't know?

"But this is already the third time that you saw me. You already know my name. Why would you say no to me? Am I not handsome enough?" Fu Jin asked.

Why would Jiang Yue decline his offer? He is clearly more good looking than Yu Chen. His family background is also the best. Is there something wrong with him?

Fu Jin's inexperience with girls is clearly obvious. After all, he didn't have any experience with any other girls in both of his lifetimes. Moreover, he is so focused on stalking Jiang Yue in his previous life that he was not able to study anything about wooing girls.

On the other side of the car. Bei Ye can't help but be sad for his young master. He already knows everything about Fu Jin's dreams. In fact, everyone close to Fu Jin from the Fu family knows about this information.

His young master is too pitiful ah… The young miss directly decline Fu Jin without even batting an eye. However, Bei Ye can understand the young miss. After all, the proposal was too sudden. Just how clueless is his young master when it comes to love? The young miss is not that familiar with his young master. Yet, his young master directly propose a marriage. He should teach his young master some techniques in wooing the young miss.

"That's it. I don't know anything about you. Aside from your name. That- and I can't marry someone that I don't love." Jiang Yue said earnestly. In this second lifetime, she will only spend her time with people that she truly love.

"Then what can I do to make you love me?" Fu Jin asked. Innocence and anticipation visible in his sparkling eyes.

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