The CEO's Woman

Chapter 30 Uncouth Man

Chapter 30 Uncouth Man

"Hey… I don't think it is proper for you to fed Sister Jiang. After all, Sister Jiang is still young and unmarried!" Yu Chen reprimanded Fu Jin. This Fu Jin is really shameless. He didn't just enter the room without his permission. He even stole Jiang Yue's attention away from him.

Fu Jin looked at Yu Chen for the first time. His eyes full of mirth. "Who did you say your name was?"

Sensing the ridicule in Fu Jin's voice, Yu Chen can't hold back his dissatisfaction anymore. He suddenly gets up and slaps the table loudly.

"I am the one who invited Jiang Yue for dinner and you shamelessly barge in without permission! Now you even have the courage to ask me who am I? Why are you even here? You don't look like someone who can afford this place!" Yu Chen's anger exploded. He will surely make a complaint to the head of this restaurant later on.

How did the security let this uncouth man enter? Yu Chen thought that Jiang Yue is not saying anything because she is still mad at him. Jiang Yue must be using this man's presence to slight him!

"Where is the attendant here?" Yu Chen continued to shout. This time he is shouting at the door. He is trying to get the attention of the attendant. Surely the attendant can make this person go away.

"Yu Chen there must be a misunderstanding. Jiang Yue knows this person. He even said he is acquainted with Jiang Yue's grandpa." Shen Rong says as she tried to calm Yu Chen. This Yu Chen is really stupid and unrefined! Even daring to create a scene here.

It is pretty obvious that Jiang Yue knows the handsome man beside her. He might even be related to Jiang Yue. After all, most good looking people are related by blood, right?

"What acquainted? Do you really believe that he is acquainted with the Wang household? Look at him, he is shameless and does not have any good manners. Clearly an attitude of someone from the lower class." Yu Chen sneered. This man is just a little more good looking than him, aside from that, he can't compare to him at all!

Yu Chen was so full of himself that he failed to see the ridicule in Jiang Yue's eyes.

"Xiao Yue, I didn't know you are acquainted with someone like this ah. Come I will bring you home. You should not associate yourself with this person. Grandpa Wang does not like this type of people" Fu Jin mocked Yu Chen. He just asked him one question... one question and he already exploded in anger. Just how weak is this man?

Jiang Yue nodded and signaled Shen Rong. Both of them gets up with Fu Jin. Jiang Yue already lost her appetite. Shen Rong is also not in the mood to eat anymore.

"Jiang Yue! Don't listen to this man. Let this man leave. Can't you see? He is shameless and unrefined. I know you are still mad at me. I also know that you are just using this man to get your revenge. I forgive you. Just let this man leave so we can continue our dinner!" Yu Chen hurriedly coaxed Jiang Yue. If Jiang Yue is just using this man. Then she will clearly abandon him if Yu Chen will offer a sincere apology.

"Look I know I've wronged you. And I really apologize for that. We've met at the wrong time and I was not feeling great that day. Look, we still have a lot of food. We have a lot of desserts and such. I know you love this. Just let this man leave and we will finish all this alright?" Yu Chen almost begged Jiang Yue. He knows that this is embarrassing but this will all be for his and Jiang Mian's future.

Before Jiang Yue could utter a word, Fu Jin already grabbed her hands and pulled her towards the door. "Don't worry about the dishes, I already paid for everything." Fu Jin said before walking out the door dragging while Jiang Yue with Shen Rong in tow.

Yu Chen paled after he heard that Fu Jin already paid everything. He felt that the man slapped his face black and blue. He actually thought that the man is not from a wealthy family. He even berated the man for wearing such simple clothes. Yet the man said he already paid for everything.

He immediately called the attendant and confirm what Fu Jin said. The attendant said everything had been taken cared of. When he asked more information about the guy, the attendant just told him that he is one of their patrons. And that he is not allowed to divulge any private information about him.

This made Yu Chen more frustrated. He didn't even know the name of the person that he dared to offend. If that Jin is really acquainted with Jiang Yue's grandfather then...

Yu Chen can't help but let out a string of curses when the attendant left. That guy named Jin is really his nemesis. He even lost his control and showed his true colors because of him.

Now, he had to think another method to get Jiang Yue's attention. He was in deep thought for a while. If he can't get Jiang Yue's attention using this technique then he will use his greatest advantage against her. And that is the university.

Seems like his initial plan will come handy after all.

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