The CEO's Woman

Chapter 8 Island of Yue

Chapter 8 Island of Yue

Jiang Yue and Wang Minghua decided not to go to the Jiang's residence to get some of her things. Instead, they decided to go directly to the penthouse given by Wang Guiren. The penthouse is just 20 minutes away from the university. Her grandfather especially chose this for her own convenience.

They went inside an upscale building and proceeded to the 10th floor where her 3 bedroom penthouse is located.

From the private lobby, they walked into a foyer with white marble floors. She roamed her eyes into the entire penthouse. It had a state of the art kitchen with whitewashed cabinets. She was impressed with the gigantic 18-foot floor to ceiling glass windows in the living room making her see the beautiful view outside. The living room also features a hanging supernova chandelier.

The first room is an office with its own tiny music room. The second which she assumed as a guest room, had a very earthy design with mud brown color theme and some decorations full of textures.

The master bedroom was also skillfully designed. It had been staged dripping in gold from the chandelier down to the bed sheet. It comes with a walk-in closet and a master bathroom with a big black and white theme vanity complete with a tub and stand in shower.

And the most beautiful feature of the penthouse is a terrace featuring a one of a kind 25-foot long private pool with a luxurious view of the city.

"So tell me! Tell me! Do you like it?" Wang Minghua asked excitedly.

"What do you mean by like? I love it! This is awesome! Wow! I'm speechless! Did grandfather do all this?" She asked, eyes sparkling from happiness.

"Well kinda. Of course, this wouldn't be possible without my help. Hahaha!" her cousin laugh triumphantly.

"Wow! Thank you! I really love it!" She was truly thankful. She remembered that in her past life, her grandfather loved to give her presents like this but she was so busy scheming that she was not able to appreciate it.

Jiang Yue is emotional. She couldn't stop the tears from racing down her cheeks. How could she have taken for granted the love and affection that her maternal family showed her before?

"Hey! What are you crying for? What's wrong? I thought you like it? Do you want to change something? Shhh… Shhh, stop crying" Wang Minghua started to panic.

She looked at him awkwardly. Could she tell him the reason for her tears? Of course, she couldn't! There's no way she will tell other people about her rebirth.

She shook her head and give him an assuring smile. "Sorry. I'm just so happy to have you guys. Thank you. I feel so lucky"

Wang Minghua looked at her then patted her back. "No problem Little Yue. We are always here for you"

Meanwhile, In a private Island just outside Xin City, a tall young man with broad shoulders was standing inside a villa. He was looking at the pictures scattered in front of his table.

"It has been confirmed, Young Master. She is back in the city and will start going to school tomorrow." A respectful voice interrupted the silence inside the room.

The young man looked at the person speaking. "What about the man?" He asked.

"They haven't met yet. He is also a student at the school but it seems that he likes her younger sister. They have been seen together for quite some time now"

"Hmm… I will go to back home tomorrow. I want you to take care of everything on this Island. Including the construction of the house that I want." The young man said as he took his seat and choose one of the photos. He looked at the woman in the picture full of affection. A boyish grin made its way into his face.

The man just nodded without saying anything and silently walk away from the young man. As if he was trying to make his presence as little as possible. In fact, that is really the case. He doesn't want to disturb his young master especially in moments like this.

His young master started obsessing over a girl when he woke up from a comatose 10 years ago. After waking up, he started telling everyone about a girl that he saw in his dreams. Apparently, this girl saved him from dying. He insisted that she was his angel. He said she is very beautiful with her silver-gray eyes. His parents were very concerned about this but the doctor assured them that this is just normal for patients who had been comatose for a long time.

Of course, no one really believed the Young Master then. That is until 3 years ago. The young master suddenly insisted that they go back to their ancestral hometown. He told his parents that he had a dream that his angel will suffer from a car accident. He told them that he had to stop it. Still, his parents didn't believe him.

But everything changed. Three weeks after the young master's breakdown, they saw the news about a car accident involving a young girl with gray eyes.

"Butler Xia?" He heard the young master called him just before he could reach the door.

"Yes, Young Master?"

"I want to go and study to her university." The young man declared.

Butler Xia was stunned. He looked at his young master cautiously.

"But young master you are already 19. You have already finished secondary education. I doubt the old master will agree." He answered.

The young man furrowed his brows. "Then, I want to take the National Examinations with her."

Butler Xia nodded "I will take care of it Young Master"

"And one last thing!" The young man added.

"Yes, Young Master?"

"I want you to change the name of this island." The young man looked at the photo again. His mouth lifted into a doting smile.

"Name it Yue. Yes... name it The Island of Yue."

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