The CEO's Woman

Chapter 7 Rumors

Chapter 7 Rumors

Jiang Yue is bored. NO! She is very bored!

It had been more than an hour since they arrive at Headmistress Lu's office and she asked them to wait for the teacher assign for the Special Section. Headmistress Lu said that she is more than qualified to enter the first class because of her achievements. However, it seems that the teacher does not agree with this and is blatantly ignoring her calls.

"Headmistress Lu, If you don't mind, how long are we going to wait for Teacher Yang? It's more than an hour and she is still not here. This is clearly a sign that she doesn't want my cousin in her class." Wang Minghua said. His voice low and grave. He is clearly losing his patience.

Headmistress Lu lifted her head and looked at them. She pursed her lips, thinking what to say to them without sounding offensive. She couldn't afford to offend Mr. Wang. Although her cousin Lu Shi already told her to make things difficult for Jiang Yue, she couldn't really do it in front of the heir to the Wang Empire.

"Mr. Wang, please understand. Teacher Yang is a very brilliant teacher. She had been the adviser of our special class for more than 10 years and she has shown great results. She is reluctant to accept her because she doesn't want to start over to let her adapt to her lessons." Headmistress Lu said with a stern voice.

"But-" Wang Minghua was about to retort. He clearly knows that his cousin is more than capable to top the National Exam. However, Jiang Yue interrupted him before he could say something nasty. She knows how impulsive Wang Minghua is and it won't be good if he will lash out to the headmistress.

"Headmistress Lu, I don't want to spend both our day waiting for someone who doesn't want me to be in her class. Why don't we just do this instead." She pause while observing the headmistress. "I want to go to the second best class. I am willing to take any test." She declared as she looks at her cousin. Her gaze enough to make him not utter any word. Headmistress Lu looked at her while contemplating. She is considering Jiang Yue's suggestion.

"Okay, I will give teacher Shen a call." She then dialed her phone and ask someone to bring Teacher Shen inside. Teacher Shen is a beautiful petite young lady that is wearing an old fashioned dress and glasses that seems to be too big for her face.

When Teacher Shen saw her qualifications she was ecstatic. She is clearly looking at a young genius. Her skills exceeded all of her previous students. Be it in academics or extracurricular activities.

"I will absolutely accept you in my class. Ayah... no need to worry about tests and formalities. From now on I will be your teacher. Call me Miss Shen." Teacher Shen is smiling from ear to ear. She is positive that this is now her time to beat the arrogant Teacher Yang in the National Exams. What else could go wrong with the young genius by her side?

At that time, she is not yet aware that this decision will change her life forever.

The news of what happened in the Headmistress' office spread like a wildfire.

"I heard Teacher Yang refuse to accept her. Ha! I say this Jiang Yue is very bold. Even asking to be in the Special class 2 months before the National Exam."

"I hope she won't embarrass our school at the exams. She just arrived after all. What could she learn in this 2 months?"

"Hey did you know? This Jiang Yue is the older sister of Senior Jiang! The top student of the special class."

"Sister? But she is so shameless! I won't accept it. How can she become the sister of my goddess?"

Jiang Yue haven't even formally started going to school and everyone already knows her as the shameless and arrogant sister of Jiang Mian. Of course, Jiang Yue didn't really care about rumors like this. When she heard their chauffeur mentioned what he heard from the students she just laughs it off like the rumor has nothing to do with her. This cannot be compared to the mockery that she received in her previous life.

On the contrary, Wang Minghua's fury sprang to life.

"What arrogant? What shameless? That's slander! They are slandering you! They haven't even seen you and they are already spreading rumors! I will let grandfather know about this. Grandfather didn't even use his connections to get you in! I will-"

"Hua gege calm down. These are just baseless rumors from jealous people. If a dog bites you, you can't bite them back." She interrupted her cousin. This rumors will not affect her in any way. There were also rumors like this in her previous life. The only difference is that the rumors in her previous life are true.

Wang Minghua let out a sigh while looking at her. He couldn't help but pity his little cousin. She is just a weak woman. She already lost her mother and her father doesn't care about her. Their grandfather is already old and sickly, things like this will not be good for his health. His own father and Jiang Yue's uncle might be capable but he is very childish. He will surely act like a child and bite everyone that bullies his little niece.

He shook his head. He is the only capable person to protect his little cousin. He clenched his jaw, determination visible in his eyes. From now on, he will be the one protecting his little cousin. He will not allow other people to slight her in any way.

What he didn't know was that if Jiang Yue can hear his thoughts right now, she will surely die from amusement. She would think that this cousin of hers is just too adorable.

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