The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: It’s Time to Run Now

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Bao Junyan saw the horrid expressions on their faces. “…”

They do realize that they look more horrible than me, right?

Both Mu Huan and Li Meng had dressed up to the image of a flapper. Not only were their faces dolled up in exaggerated gothic look, but they also had their wigs on and wore blue-tinted contact lenses. Moreover, they had smudged the bright red rouge on their lips as they unconsciously scratched their faces earlier to remove the muddy stains. Thus, the two of them looked like they were getting ready for a Halloween party instead.

Li Meng glanced at Mu Huan, sending distress signals with her eyes.

She was Mu Huan’s best friend and knew that Mu Huan had always performed the role of a virtuous wife after her marriage. Now that her husband happened to catch them in such a get-up, she would be doomed!

Mu Huan forced herself to stay calm. Recalling how she managed to escape his attention last time, she knew that it would be even more difficult for him to recognize her this time with her thick makeup and exaggerated look. Hence, she determined that the time to run was now!

After catching Li Meng’s eyes, the two of them grabbed hold of Xiao Ying on each side and took off with their lives.

PA Wang happened to catch them fleeing as he returned to the car after finishing with his business. This scene caught him by surprise. After all, women would fling themselves on the President no matter where he went. But this time around, the girls were actually running away as fast as they could from him.

After he got into the car, he could not contain his curiosity and asked Bao Junyan, “CEO, what happened to those girls?”

“They have a guilty conscience.” Although the man could not recognize his wife, he could tell that she was not in the right frame of mind. No matter what, he could not imagine that rebellious-looking girl with atrocious makeup was actually his doleful wife.

In his heart, there was no way his obedient, gentle, lovely, and timid wife could dress up in such a manner to roam the streets at night.

Upon recalling a few cases where girls were reported to steal things in cars after smashing the windows, PA Wang asked, “President, do you want to go after them?”

“No. Let’s go to the factory now.” To him, these were just a few naive and ignorant girls who had chosen to walk down the wrong path in life and deserved no attention from him. There was no need to investigate further.

Mu Huan and Li Meng haphazardly dragged Xiao Ying all the way through several alleys before they finally stopped.

The little lass had reached her physical limit by then and could hardly stand up when they reached the final stop. Leaning against the wall, she slid down to the ground before bursting out after a long pause, “I’m never ever going to come out to roam the streets again…”

Why did I even think of this idea in the first place? Was it because my phone was not interesting enough, or the games weren’t fun enough? Or, perhaps, it wasn’t comfortable just lying on my bed with my tidbits?

Why was I so stupid as to suggest this idea in the first place?!

Not only did she almost lose her life, now, her legs were even about to give way from running too much!

I’ll never, ever want to roam the streets again! It isn’t a good idea at all!

The two girls looked at each other when they heard what she just told them.

The tiresome and frightening experience tonight was well worth the price in exchange for her enlightenment!

After they sent Xiao Ying home, the two of them returned to Li Meng’s house.

“I can’t believe that Bao Junyan couldn’t recognize you!” Li Meng retrieved a can of cola from the fridge and threw it to her friend.

“Do you think you can recognize me from that makeup if you hadn’t known that it was me in the first place?” she asked in return, cocking a brow.

Sizing her up, Li Meng had to agree. “That’s true.”

“Still, I have to ask: have you seriously not considered being with him for the rest of your life? He’s so good-looking! Every time I see him, I’m reminded of how fortunate you are to be selected by this man to sleep next to him!”

Mu Huan: “…!”

Is my friend in the right frame of mind? No matter what, I’m a young and invincible beauty. Why am I the one to gain by sleeping with an uncle?!

“Xiao Huan, think about it! It’ll be stupid to lose a man like Bao Junyan who has such good looks!”

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