The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: All Men Are Like Pig’s Hooves!

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“I’d rather be called stupid than to be stuck with the bloodsucking Mu family!” The Mu family had a hold over her. If she were to be with Bao Junyan, then she would be under the Mu’s control for the rest of her life.

And the greatest mission in her life was to cut off all ties with the Mu family!

Recalling that unscrupulous family, Li Meng shook her head and retorted, “I was wrong. You better work hard to save money so you can flee as far as you can!”

“That’s right. This is the only truth!” She then sat down in front of the mirror to remove her makeup.

She had originally intended to stay over at Li Meng’s place. However, after bumping into Bao Junyan tonight, she dared not stay out anymore. After showering and changing into a fresh set of clothes, she returned home.

By the time Bao Junyan had returned home after a busy day at work, she could be seen to be occupied with learning English pronunciation.

He glanced at his watch; it was almost 12 midnight. Thinking of those flapper girls he encountered earlier in the night, he was contented to have such a hardworking and studious wife in contrast.

He walked up and reached out to pat her head while saying some words of encouragement. All of a sudden, Mu Huan stood up and grabbed him by his hand.

However, she immediately jumped aside like a frightened little bunny with a look of horror when she realized that it was him.

Bao Junyan: “…”

“Hub… Hubby… you… you’ve returned…” Sh*t! Why were his footsteps so quiet?! She had initially thought that a burglar was going to assault her, so she almost threw him over her shoulder! If that had happened, it would have meant the end for her!

Bao Junyan: “Did I scare you?”

She looked down. “No…”

Frowning at her insincere words, he extended his slender and broad palm to hook her chin and make her look at him. “Am I scary?”

She was so startled by this question that she dared not utter a sound.

“No… Not scary…” Looking directly into his eyes made her feel ill at ease somewhat, so she’d stammered in response.

Bao Junyan: “…”

Obviously, she must be so frightened to stammer in this way.

When she saw him furrowing his brows in displeasure, she clarified hurriedly, “You’re not scary, Hubby. It’s true! You aren’t frightening at all! And furthermore, not only are you not scary, you’re so handsome, too! You’re so handsome that it makes my heart pound faster!” The thought that he might disown her, his Mrs. Bao, because he did not like to see her in this way was terrifying.

Bao Junyan: “…”

“You can check my heartbeat if you don’t believe me!” She grabbed his hand and put it to her chest for him to check.

Bao Junyan: “…”

“Can you feel it? Isn’t it beating fast?”

She stared sheepishly at him. Her pair of clear, sparkling big eyes were pleading for his agreement.

The man’s orbs turned pensive and became darker.

She did not realize that he was starting to have his suspicions. Thinking that he was still unhappy over what happened earlier, she grabbed him and planted kisses all over his face. “Hubby, you’re really not frightening… I actually find you handsome, really handsome…”

Before she had adequate ability to stand on her own, she needed to fortify this precious status of being Mrs. Bao!

Facts have proven that all men were like pig’s hooves. Once in the arms of a woman, they would no longer bother with many other things!

This was a conclusion Mu Huan had on the next morning when she woke up.

She was one who could not bear with hunger pangs; hence, her growling tummy refused to let her continue with her sleep. She was about to get off the bed despite her sleepiness when she heard running water from the bathroom out of the blue.

That gave her a start. Hasn’t Bao Junyan gone to the office yet?

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