The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Confrontation Between Enemies (2)

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As it was now a matter of life or death, Mu Huan kicked the armed girl away from Xiao Ying and pulled her to the side.

Xiao Ying was trembling from the shock. She honestly thought she was going to die.

“Are you going to run now?” Mu Huan looked at her.

Xiao Ying shivered, unable to speak. She could only grab hold of Mu Huan’s hand tightly. She had always been protected by her family very well since she was young and had never encountered such a dangerous situation before. When she came out to mingle, she had only been spending money on a bunch of sisters, eating and drinking while speaking in some coarse language. This was her first time fighting. Initially, she was very happy and excited as she was finally going to be in one of those scenes in the movies. Therefore, she’d been the first to rush forward.

But who’d have known…

Mu Huan didn’t say much as she pulled Xiao Ying and ran off.

But now, they wouldn’t be able to escape just because they wanted to. The opposing gang refused to let anyone off just like that.

“You take Xiao Ying and leave first, I’ll follow along at the back.” Mu Huan handed Xiao Ying over to Li Meng, then dealt with the people who had chased after them.

“Be careful!” Li Meng knew that Mu Huan was a better fighter than she was. Therefore, she didn’t waste her breath to say much more as she pulled Xiao Ying along to escape.

Xiao Ying’s gang were no match to the opposing gang at all. Soon, only a few were left standing. As much as Mu Huan hated battles, she wasn’t able to get away from it this time.

In the suite at the top level of the bar.

Sipping on his alcohol, Gong Zeye noticed the commotion happening below them. Thereafter, he yelled, “Brother Bao, come here quick and have a look!”

Bao Junyan looked over, only to see a bunch of delinquent girls fighting. He retracted her gaze and glanced coldly at Gong Zeye.

What’s so great about watching a group of delinquents fighting?

Gong Zeye smiled brightly. “There’s nothing to do anyway!”

Bao Junyan ignored him as he continued to drink.

Gong Zeye looked out the window and continued to watch the fight with keen interest. “Brother Bao, look! This girl is really good. She’s fighting seven to eight people by herself, and it seems like she hasn’t put in all her effort yet!”

Bao Junyan did not look over. He wasn’t interested in looking at those girls dressed in strange clothes with monstrous and messy make-up.

Below, Mu Huan was getting a little pissed with being beaten. Just as she was about to pick up a wooden bat in retaliation, she heard the sound of the siren.

Someone shouted loudly, “The police are here!”

The seven to eight girls who had been beating Mu Huan began to panic right at that moment.

Mu Huan took the opportunity to escape.

The girls began to go after her. Mu Huan wasn’t sure if they were doing so because they wouldn’t let her off or if they were just escaping in the same direction as her.

Mu Huan managed to catch up to Li Meng and Xiao Ying, with the girls still chasing them from the back. The three of them began to run like their lives depended on it. Only after running for two whole streets did they finally manage to shrug those girls off.

The three exhausted individuals stopped by the roadside as they tried to catch their breaths.

A black car zoomed past them, not even slowing down when it went over a puddle, thus splashing filthy water all over their faces while they were catching a break.

The three of them were stunned!

Li Meng could taste the muddy water in her mouth as she yelled angrily about the driver’s inadequacy.

Mu Huan had initially wanted to send Xiao Ying home first, but she couldn’t take the dirty water on her face. She walked toward a car that was parked in front and looked at her reflection against the car window, wanting to wipe her face clean before sending Xiao Ying back.

Then, just as she was about to take a wet cloth to wipe her face, the car window was rolled down slowly as an ethereally handsome face came into view!

Mu Huan was stunned. She stumbled backward in shock, nearly falling butt-first on the ground.

Bao… Bao Junyan!

Why was he here? Didn’t he say he’d be overseas for a week?!

Witnessing the situation, Li Meng wanted to dash forward to ask her what’s wrong. But when she saw Bao Junyan sitting in the car, she took a few steps back in fear.

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