The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: You Do Not Have to Try So Hard

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By the time Bao Junyan came out from the shower, the tender- and youthful-looking woman was already decently dressed and standing in front of him like a bright and delicate flower!

The sight made the man narrow his eyes and crease his brows.

He disliked such feelings of losing control of himself.

The sudden appearance of a frown on his face baffled Mu Huan. Thinking that he was upset over something, she hastily approached him. “Hubby, will you be heading to the office later or are you off today? Shall I prepare the clothes you’ll be wearing?”

He could tell that his wife had been trying her utmost best to please him. He was, of course, aware of the reasons behind the Mus letting her marry him and her careful treatment of him. Still, he did not like her behaving this way.

“I did not get married to have a divorce later. As long as you behave yourself and not cause trouble, you’ll always remain as Mrs. Bao. So, you don’t have to try so hard to please me.” Everything would be fine as long as she did not stir up trouble and act out of line.

The woman got startled. She had already put in so much effort into behaving normally around him, but he could still see through her disguise! It looked like she would have to be even more careful in the future. She bowed her head and replied, “I wasn’t.”

The man chuckled helplessly as he looked at her fluffy head. She still dared to deny it after behaving in such a manner.

Never mind. She would eventually get tired and lower her guard around him.

“I’ll be heading to work after breakfast.”

“Alright. I shall go prepare your clothes!” She hastily turned to the direction of their cloakroom.

Despite having been married to him for quite some time already, the actual time they spent together was really little other than the time in bed. Thus, it gave her the notion that being a virtuous wife was no sweat at all. It was only today that she felt the mounting pressure on her!

How she wished her husband could head off to work every day before she wakes up, to return only late at night.

After she prepared his clothes, she made up an excuse and hurriedly left the room.

Bao Junyan could tell that she was hiding from him and did not dare to stay in the same space as him, but he did not expose her. After all, it was only natural for the young lady, having married a stranger, to feel frightened for a while.

Mu Huan bumped right into Mu Kexin as soon as she stepped out of the room.

“You slut! You’ve been seducing my Junyan again!” The latter’s room was next to their master bedroom, so it drove her mad hearing the sounds of their lovemaking all night!

“What do you mean by ‘your Junyan’? If there’s a problem with your brain, then go see the doctor! Don’t go crazy here!” The older sister slapped away the hand that was grabbing her clothes.

“Go crazy? Mu Huan, do you truly think that you, a fallen woman, can always be Mrs. Bao? Dream on! I’m telling you, quickly help pair me and Bao Junyan up if you know what’s good for you. I’ll let you and your granny off easy then. Otherwise, you’ll die a horrible death!”

“Mu Kexin, can’t you have the slightest bit of self-awareness? Please be aware that you’re only a madwoman, not a god!” Did this half-sister consider herself to be God and think that she could plan out the rest of her life?

“You b*tch!” Mu Kexin gnashed her teeth in anger but did not dare do anything to the woman when her husband was just inside the bedroom.

“Rather than spouting nonsense here, you might as well return to your room to apply more makeup on your face. You won’t be able to seduce Bao Junyan with that wan face of yours.” Starving, Mu Huan could not be bothered to argue with the other woman any longer.

Even though Mu Kexin was mad with anger, she felt that what her older sister said was right. And so, after shooting her a glare, she returned to her room to dress up nicely.

Dining room.

This was her second time meeting the man. Still, she could not control her pounding heart! He was simply so handsome that she wanted to just throw herself at him!

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