The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Are You That Stupid?

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Out of the many hunks and male celebrities she’d met since she got acknowledged as the Mu family’s young missy, none can be compared to even a fraction of Bao Junyan. She felt that nothing in this world could match up to him!

She wanted him! In fact, she wanted him badly!

“Junyan…” She leaned in closer to him as she deliberately bent down to expose her boobs. Even her voice was dripping with sweetness.

Frowning, the man turned and gave his wife a look that said, Is your sister mentally sound?

Mu Huan nearly burst out laughing when she met his gaze.

She felt the urge to give him two thumbs up and praise him for being so smart that he could actually see through her sister’s character with just a glance!

However, this would not conform to her present image of a virtuous wife. Hence, she could only hold in her laughter, bow her head, and pretend that she did not understand his meaningful look.

Bao Junyan: “…”

“Try this, Junyan. This is delicious.” Despite not receiving any response from him, Mu Kexin was not discouraged at all. Instead, she proceeded to pick up a prawn dumpling and put it onto his plate. In her sweet fantasies, they would be sharing an indirect kiss if he ate the food that she picked up with her chopsticks.

Alas, he pushed the plate to his wife right away.

Enraged, she immediately shot a glare at the latter. Damn b*tch!

Mu Huan: “…”

How on earth is this my fault?! She’s indeed hopelessly stupid!

“Junyan…” The relentless woman continued to pick up more dishes for him.

Bao Junyan responded sullenly, “I’m your older sister’s husband. You should be calling me ‘Brother-in-law.'”

The air around them instantly changed along with the darkening of his face.

This caused her hand to quiver in shock, which made the vegetables she picked up with her chopsticks drop on the table.

“Mu Huan, come to my study after you’re done eating.” With that, the man stood up and left.

The younger sister flew into a rage as soon as he left. “Mu Huan, you b*tch! Did you talk bad about me in front of Junyan?!”

She reckoned that the man’s cold attitude must be a result of her sister’s doings.

“Need I do that?” scoffed the other woman. Is there a need for me to do something about you when you’re the one who delivered a subpar performance?

Mu Huan truly felt that their grandma’s IQ had deteriorated. To think that the elderly woman would actually believe that her half-sister was capable of seducing the man.

“I’m warning you. You’ll be in for a life worse than death if I can’t get him!” the latter threateningly said.

“If you’ve got the time to spout nonsense here, you might as well go study how to successfully seduce a man.” She found it a complete waste of time to be talking to her sister. So, in order not to waste any more of her precious time, she did not mind giving her some useless advice that she could try with no success.

Despite her fury, the other woman could not help finding that what she said was true.

After Mu Huan somewhat filled her stomach, she hastily proceeded to the study lest her husband gets upset from waiting for her too long.

She found the man to be on the phone upon entering the study, and so, she quietly stood aside like a dummy, not daring to make any sound.

It was only when he’d ended the call and indicated for her to come forward that she approached him.

“What’s wrong with that sister of yours?” He had bitten down the urge to kick the woman out of his house only due to the fact that she was his wife’s sister.

“What do you mean?” She hung her head low in feigned incomprehension.

“Are you that stupid?” He lifted her chin. He truly disliked her habit of looking down while they conversed.

She, on the other hand, hated him doing that. With her chin lifted, she would be facing him directly. That would make her lies be easily seen through!

Since she was unable to lie now, she confessed, “Even if I’m not stupid, I can’t help it.”

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