The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Good Husband!

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“Didn’t she move in because you were lonely and wanted a companion?” When his wife called to inform him about her sister moving in with them for a while, he did not oppose it as he thought that she might have felt bored being alone at home since he was usually busy with work. However, judging from how her sister behaved earlier, he found that something seemed amiss.


“Then just send her packing.” He disliked having outsiders in his home, so he rarely hired servants as well.

Mu Huan was eager for her sister to leave, too, as it would mean that she’d have more freedom. Unfortunately, if she were to send her off now, her family would surely seek trouble with her and go back on their words about finding her granny a specialist.

“Hubby, just let her live here as she wishes. If you don’t like it, just ignore her, alright?” She cast a pitiful look at him.

The man narrowed his eyes slightly. “Don’t you know why she wants to live here?”

“I do know about that, but she’s my sister. Furthermore, since it’s useless chasing her away, we might as well let her stay and give up on her own when she finds that it’s just a futile attempt on her part!” She paused for a little before gazing up expectantly at him. “Hubby, you’ll make her give up on you, right?”

Bao Junyan actually found it hard to say no to her puppy eyes. Still, he said, “You might see her as your sister, but she apparently doesn’t see you the same way.”

Despite knowing that he was her brother-in-law, Mu Kexin still dared to seduce him outright. It was clear that she had no regard for her sister at all.

“I know. I’m not so foolish as to treat her as my biological sister. If we don’t let her stay, though, I can’t account it to my family…” Mu Huan bowed her head.

The man fell into silence for a while before eventually asking, “How long do you intend to let her stay here?”

“One month at most!” replied the woman immediately.

A month was enough for her to report back to her grandma.

“Fine. Keep in mind, though, that you don’t have to suffer grievances. You’re my wife, and you don’t need to put up with others’ attitudes.” Knowing that her biological mother died young and that she had a stepmother, he did not want to make things difficult for his little wife and her family. Hence, he just reminded her that she need not fear anyone now.

Now that she was his wife, she should not be bullied by her family at all. In fact, the Mus should be sucking up to her.

Feeling touched, she gushed, “Noted. Thank you, Hubby!”

As far as she was concerned, Bao Junyan was truly a good and dependable husband! It was just a pity that she could not rely on him.

As she was preparing to step out of the house after sending him off, she got stopped by her half-sister.

“What are you doing?” she asked in irritation.

“Tell me everything he likes!” ordered Mu Kexin.

“Are you stupid?” Putting aside the fact that she had no clue about his preferences at all, even if she did know, why would she tell her?

“Mu Huan, you’d better not antagonize me!” the other woman growled.

“That’s what I should be saying to you. Hurry and get lost!” She dismissed her with a wave of her hand.

Mu Kexin instantly got enraged. “I’m telling you, you’d best be useful to me while I need you, or else, you’ll suffer real good when Bao Junyan finally finds out how cheap you are!”

Too lazy to put up with her nonsense, Mu Huan simply sped off on her motorbike, leaving her hopping mad half-sister behind.

After fetching Li Meng, they then rushed to their client’s home.

This said client, Zhao Xuan, found out that her boyfriend was actually a married man only when they were about to get married. Even though it pained her very much to do so, she firmly made the tough decision of breaking up with him.

The problem now was that this scoundrel ex-boyfriend claimed that the marital home, which she paid for wholly with her own money, was his. It was previously bought under his name as she, a non-local, could not buy an apartment using her name.

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