The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Three Seconds’ Tears

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But who would have known…

Her friend used the trust she had to create false evidence against her. First, she took some ambiguous pictures of her when she came to visit her while working in the bar. Then, she placed those branded bags into her room and went to inform her ex-boyfriend of it, on the pretext that she helped her friend to cover up her materialistic ways.

“Grandma Mu did not force Xiao Huan to do anything she didn’t want to. Xiao Huan’s granny is fine as well, she’s receiving treatment in the best hospital right now!”

“Xiao Huan wants to borrow money from you not because she has no other ways to help her granny, but because she wants to go overseas to have fun!”

“When Xiao Huan refused to go on date with you, she was lying when she said she was busy. She was at the bar the whole time…”

“But this is not what she wants. After losing her mother as a kid, she became so insecure that she turns to money for comfort. She feels uneasy when she’s broke, that’s why she works as a bar hostess.”

“I’m her best friend. If I don’t cover up for her, what will happen to her?”

“Chenyi, don’t be mean to Xiao Huan. She might have been interested in only your money at first, but she really fell in love with you after that!”

“Xiao Huan, don’t be upset with me. I’m doing this for your own good! I have to tell the truth now so you won’t turn from bad to worse! You’re my best friend and I can’t watch you sink!”

She did not know that her friend could put on such a good act.

It was also Lin Qingya who suggested an evil plot to Grandma Mu. In order to prevent her from turning against the family after marrying Bao Junyan, Grandma took her friend’s suggestion to create falsehood against her, which the old lady was using now to blackmail her.

Still, no hurt was greater than the pain brought by her friend’s betrayal. For a period of time, she could not trust anyone or anything.

“Stop the car,” she ordered out of the blue.

After the chauffeur pulled the brake, she got down from the car and walked up to her former friend.

“Xiao Huan!” Lin Qingya maintained her happy countenance when she saw her approaching.

“Lin Qingya, since Gu Chenyi isn’t around now, you don’t need to keep up your pretense. Doing this will only want me to give you a punch!” She was a fighter who preferred to use her hands rather than words to resolve any conflict. Her instinct right now was to retaliate.

The forced smile on Lin Qingya’s face slowly disappeared. “Xiao Huan, don’t treat me this way. We were best friends!”

“Please don’t insult the word ‘friends’ with your behavior!” Looking at her disdainfully, she quickly added, “I’m here to tell you, you can do what you like with Gu Chenyi, but don’t play such games with me again. Leave me alone and I won’t pursue the past. If you cross my path again, you’ll be my enemy! And you know how ruthless I can be toward my enemies!”

After the whole incident, she did not return an eye for an eye with her friend. That was because she could not forget how Lin Qingya took a great risk to steal food for her to eat when she was almost dying from hunger. When she was found out subsequently, her friend got a bad thrashing as well, together with her.

And it was because of this that she had avoided the sting of her betrayal. She did not want revenge. All she asked was for her former bestie never to appear before her again.

When she saw her at the mall earlier, she only wished the latter to disappear before her eyes immediately.

But she finally realized that this was not the way to go. She could not run away from the truth forever. School was about to reopen, and being in the same faculty, she was bound to see her again.

She would cut the past ties clean! In the future, she had to stay away from her!

Lin Qingya did not want to maintain their friendship either. But her former bestie had married a rich man, and the man so doted on her!

More importantly, if she stopped being friends with and stayed away from her, then there would be no way for Gu Chenyi to give up his ex-girlfriend totally. She needed to create a chance to get the boy’s heart for herself.

Looking at Mu Huan, forlorn tears started to fall from her eyes within three seconds.

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