The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Forgive Me This Time, Please?

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They grew up together, so she knew Mu Huan very well. Knowing that the latter was a warm-hearted person who would instinctively take care of the weak, she had always played the role of one in front of her in order to take advantage of and enjoy her protection.

“Xiao Huan, I know I did you wrong. I shouldn’t have done that to you just because of my deep feelings for Gu Chenyi and burning desire to be with him. I know I deserve death. I…” She choked on her words and was unable to go on.

However, Mu Huan only gave her a cold look. She did not act like how she used to, showering her with concern and comfort and telling her not to cry, telling her that she would always be by her side and would never let her get into trouble.

“Believe me. I truly know my mistakes…”

“Lin Qingya, do you think I’m a fool?” There was no way she would believe that she was crying over their lost friendship. After all, she was a first-hand witness to her superb acting.

“How can that be? You’re the smart one here. If I was truly a malicious person, how would I be able to stay friends with you for these many years? I was momentarily blinded by my love back then!” The other woman grabbed her hands and looked at her pleadingly.

“Never mind about whether or not you’re a bad person who was blinded by your love, just know that I don’t give second chances to those who betray me!” To be honest, she had realized that her bestie was not as good as she thought her to be since the start of high school. However, on account of their childhood friendship, she’d chosen to overlook those flaws as she felt that no one was perfect.

“Can you really bear to do that? Have you forgotten the times we spent secretly eating food and receiving punishment?”

Lin Qingya knew that she was a devoted and kindhearted person who would pay back ten-fold the kindness she received, so she deliberately mentioned the times she used to sneak her food when her stepmother abused her.

“That’s why I’m calling it even instead of settling the score with you. On account of our past friendship, I’m here to formally tell you to mind your own business and lead your own life. Don’t come antagonizing me in the future!”

“Xiao Huan…”

“Don’t say anything about us being friends again. We can never be friends again!” interrupted Mu Huan.

Looking hurt, the former cried out, “Why are you so heartless? Even though I did make a mistake, you have a happy ending now! Look how good you’re living now! Not only did you marry a handsome, rich man, but he also dotes on you!”

Mu Huan has some darn good luck, indeed!

“Why? Do you think I should thank you for this?” the other woman scoffed in response.

“I don’t mean that. What I’m saying is to err is human. I might have made an unforgivable mistake, but even murderers get their death sentences deferred if they’re truly repentant. Won’t you forgive me this time, please? Now that things have ended between you and Chenyi, we no longer have any conflict in interest, so we can go back to how we used to be!

“Xiao Huan, I know you’ve always treated me well, and you would share with me everything you had when we were young. When I got abused by my stepfather, you even taught him a harsh lesson just so that he won’t dare bully me again. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to survive, let alone attend high school or college. I truly know my mistakes! I swear, I won’t ever do you wrong again! For you, I can even throw my life away! Just forgive me this one time, alright?”

She knew that Mu Huan was most softhearted to those she valued. From how the latter was willing to call things even despite the atrocities she had committed to her, it meant that she still saw her as a friend. She was bound to relent if she continued to plead with her.

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