The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Go Seek Death, Then

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“In that case, rather than dying, how about you confess to Gu Chenyi that my grandma forced you to say all those things that night? Tell him that I’m actually not such a person and I kept quiet about my work because of my strong self-esteem. Well, will you do that?” Mu Huan cocked a brow.

Lin Qingya’s fists were clenched tight. “Xiao Huan, what’s the point of me saying all that now? You’re already a married woman. It’s impossible between the two of you!”

“That’s my business. All you need to do is to do as I said.”

“Do you truly see me as your friend? If you do, then you wouldn’t be forcing me to do such a thing. It’s as good as driving me to desperation! I did what I did to you because I like him. For him, I betrayed you, my most important friend. If I do what you ask, it’ll surely wipe out any possibility of a relationship between me and him! You might as well ask me to go seek death!”

“Well, go on, then.”

Lin Qingya: “…”

Mu Huan then sneered at her. “Do as you deem fit!”

As she watched the former’s back disappearing into the distance, she balled her hands in anger and hatred when she realized that she had no intention of giving her any chance at all. The other woman only wanted to mock her and make her give up.

Why wasn’t Mu Huan’s lifetime happiness ruined by her marrying an ugly old man?! Why?!

Feeling down, Mu Huan did not wish to return home yet, so she sent Bao Junyan a short text, saying: “Hubby, will you be back home for dinner tonight? If you’re not coming back, I’d like to go out and meet my friend for dinner.”

She soon received a succinct reply from him: “No.”

And so, she immediately arranged a meetup with Li Meng at their frequently visited store where they ate kebabs and spicy crayfish over drinks.

When the latter learned that she was upset from having met Lin Qingya earlier, she snorted. “You’re just too kindhearted! She might have sneaked you some food in the past but you have also done a lot for her over the years! Aren’t you just being silly?!”

“Are you my frenemy? How can you call me silly when I’m feeling down?” Mu Huan pouted.

“Yes, I am.” The other woman rolled her eyes in response.

“You haven’t been starved before, so you don’t know what starvation feels like or understand how it feels to even consider eating soil. It goes beyond the meaning of a bowl of rice…”

Back then, she was starving so badly that she fell into despair. Hence, she had always remembered how touched she was when she saw Lin Qingya appearing in front of her with a bowl of rice.

“Regardless of its meaningfulness, you’ve paid back enough! You nearly got a record, a permanent stain in your life, when you taught her stepfather a lesson! Even most of your hard-earned money was given to her for her living expenses, and because of that, she got to receive a good education and have a bright future!

“But how did she treat you in the end? While you’re busy earning money to support her through school by working part-time in a bar, she used this very point to sabotage you! You had a good life back then! Not only did you have the school beau as your boyfriend who treats you well, but you also entered Yun University as the top scholar. You had such a bright future in your love and career paths!

“But now? You were drugged… and forced into marriage. Even though Bao Junyan is a very rare catch, it doesn’t change the fact that she had destroyed your future since you’re unable to truly be with him!”

At that, she fell into silence. She then opened a bottle of beer and gulped down half of its content.

“Xiao Huan, if you continue to be hung up over that bowl of rice and wish to treat that ungrateful thing well, I’m telling you, you’re truly an idiot!” The more Li Meng said, the more agitated she got.

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