The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Bottom Line Continuously Hitting a New Low

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It was not only Mu Kexin who thought that the man was hers. The rest of the family did so as well. Still, they knew that it was impossible for such a man like Bao Junyan to marry as told.

Therefore, they came up with the idea of letting her stay in his house first to get closer to the man while Mu Huan tried to match them together. Once he developed feelings for Mu Kexin, the other woman would then step down from her title as his wife and let the former replace her.

She was struck dumb when she got what the elder woman was saying. Out of all the thick-skinned people she had met before, her grandmother was the worst one of all!

She had been unwilling to attend the matchmaking session from the start but was forced to do so when they threatened her with her granny’s safety. Now, however, everything was destroyed just because Mu Kexin wanted to marry her rich and handsome husband. The latter shamelessly saw the man as hers and demanded that she return the man to her.

She could understand the reason behind her brainless sister’s absurd behavior and illogical thinking, but what she could not get was how her grandmother and father actually thought the same, too!

Just what exactly was on their mind? How did they come to the conclusion that Bao Junyan belonged to Mu Kexin? Where did they get the confidence to reckon that he would surely choose her sister after choosing her?

Also, even though she did not want to admit this at all, Mu Kexin was her half-sister. This meant that the man was her brother-in-law. Never mind that they did not find it shameless and not stop her from climbing onto her brother-in-law’s bed, but they even encouraged her, his wife, to help her sister climb onto her own husband’s bed!

D*mn it! She felt a burning urge to spew vulgarities at them.


That’s it!

“Grandma, even though I know that you’re used to being so thick-skinned and shameless, you’ve gone too far this time! There are some lines that one, as a human, shouldn’t cross!” It felt like her bottom line had been continuously hitting a new low.

“Did you hear what she’s saying, Grandma?! She dared to call you thick-skinned and shameless!” Mu Kexin immediately grasped the chance to complain to her grandmother.

The elderly woman’s face darkened at that. “Mu Huan, it looks like you don’t wish for your granny to get better!”

Ever since her mother’s demise and her stepmother marrying into the family, she and her granny had been relying upon each other throughout the years. Alas, her granny had suffered a stroke and had been in a coma since early this year. Now, she lay in the hands of the Mu family.

The hands hanging down by her sides got balled tight.

“Well, weren’t you very reluctant to marry Bao Junyan? I’m giving you the chance now to leave him. You should cooperate with us since I’m fulfilling your wish.” The Old Mrs. Mu softened her tone and hit her right at her sore spot with her words.

“After you help Kexin marry Junyan, I’ll give you a house and let your granny continue to receive the best treatment in the hospital. Both of you will be well taken care of for the rest of your lives.”

“Do you still think of me as that young and naive girl who’ll believe everything you say?” Mu Huan sneered. Give me a house and let Granny continue to receive the best treatment in the hospital?

Hah. By then, this old woman will only have kicked granny out of the hospital and cut off all means of my survival to exterminate any possible future threats!

“You’ll do as told, whether you believe it or not! Don’t think yourself all capable now that you’ve married and fulfilled marital duties to Junyan. Do you think you can continue to be Mrs. Bao if those things reach his hand?” The old woman, who had gotten used to taking an aggressive stance when dealing with Mu Huan, could not even be bothered baiting her with gains and simply straight-out threatened her.

She had long ago made preparations should her granddaughter defy her after marrying the man.

After Mu Huan got selected, she drugged the woman and kept irrefutable photos and medical records of hers. If Bao Junyan were to know of such things, he would definitely not let her off!

If her granddaughter were to obediently hand over her status as Mrs. Jiang, she would let her and her granny off just fine. However, should she choose to go against her instead, then the two of them would be goners!

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