The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Perish Together

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“Do as you deem fit, then. But do you really think that I’ll be the only one who will be kicked away if those things reach his hands?” sneered Mu Huan.

The things in her grandma’s hands could indeed suppress her, strip her of her title, and infuriate Bao Junyan. However, to him, she was the Mus’ representative. If she got into trouble, the rest of the family would surely be, too.

“Once you hand over those things to him, you can forget about letting Mu Kexin marry him. In fact, the Mu family will be finished as well!”

Despite being surprised by her words, the older woman calmly countered, “Do you think I haven’t consider this point? Since I dare to do so, then I have the confidence to retreat unscathed!”

“Oh? Give them to him, then, and let me see just how you retreat unscathed,” she nonchalantly retorted.

“Think about your granny, Mu Huan!” The elderly Mrs. Mu’s face instantly turned eerily cold.

“We’re on the same boat here. It’ll be beneficial for us if we don’t cross each other’s bottom line. If you insist on forcing me against my will, then I don’t mind letting us perish together! As the saying goes, ‘He who’s down needs fear no fall.’ Since Grandma isn’t afraid at all, I’ll muster up my courage as well!” For the sake of her granny, she was willing to be restrained by them, but no way was she going to help that half-sister of hers to marry her husband!

Should Mu Kexin gain Bao Junyan’s favor, she would instantly become a deserted pawn. By then, not only could she not save her granny, but she would forever be subject to the Mu family’s riding roughshod over her!

The Old Mrs. Mu knew that her granddaughter meant every word she said. She had the same temperament as her granny, which was why she disliked this granddaughter so much.

After a moment of rumination, she conceded, “I can invite over that American specialist you mentioned previously for your granny on the condition that you let Kexin move into your place. Never mind if you don’t help her, but don’t you dare play any tricks and get in the way of her plans. This is my biggest concession!”

“She can move in after that specialist has arrived and met my granny for a diagnosis.” Mu Huan had no problem with that at all. Without her stepping in, she still had all sorts of ways to get her sister discreetly kicked out of the house.

“Kexin will be moving in today. I”ll get someone to send her luggage over later in the afternoon. By then, you’ll need to tell the Baos that you want your sister’s companionship,” declared her granny firmly.

Before she could say something about it, the former continued, “Xiao Huan, you should know that letting your granny suffer during nursing without crossing the bottom line is something very easy to do.”

This was a warning to her: even though she had a card in her hand, the former was the one who had an upper hand!

She clenched her fists tightly at that.

As Mu Kexin got to her feet, she taunted, “Mu Huan, you’d better not play any dirty tricks to stop me unless you truly want your granny dead. Otherwise, your granny will be the one suffering real good!”

Mu Huan would only choose to perish together with them as a last resort. After all, they were not worth staking her life and that of her granny over. So, before she could amass enough capability and money to leave this place with her granny, she needed to put up with their nonsense.

The former moved into her place that very day, and when she called her husband to inform him of this matter, the man simply said that she could make the decisions regarding their home affairs on her own.

Speaking of this husband of hers, she found him to be a rather good person. He basically left her alone to do whatever she wanted. All he asked for was for her presence at home when he returned and for her cooperation in matters of love.

At the request of her grandmother, she invited the man to come home for dinner as well.

Mu Kexin spent the entire afternoon making preparations for a stunning entrance for Bao Junyan. At dinnertime, she appeared at the dining table dressed in a super short dress with a deep V cut.

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