The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Face Resembling Mother, Body Resembling Father

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Seeing that her… were almost bulging out of her clothes, Mu Huan realized that she was rather relentless. She was not afraid of getting sweat rash on such a hot summer day.

Her half-sister had a face that resembled her mother and a body that resembled their father. From the looks of it, she must have put at least three thick layers of bra padding in order to have such a push-up effect.

“Why haven’t Junyan returned yet?” After inquiring about their dinner time, Mu Kexin made it a point to come down late, creating the effect of a grand entrance so that the man’s gaze would instinctively land on her.

Unfortunately for her, the man had yet to return even though she had already come down this late!

“No idea.” The other woman shrugged her shoulders.

She very nearly flew into a rage on the spot. Alas, the butler walked in on them right then, so she could only put a lid on her anger.

“Young Mistress, PA Wang called to inform us that Young Master has an urgent matter to settle and needs to leave for abroad. Hence, he won’t be able to come back and dine with you.”

“What?!” She could not help exclaiming at that. Can’t come back for dinner? Won’t all the effort I’ve spent this afternoon be in vain, then?! How can it turn out this way?!

The butler frowned in contempt at the sight of her clothes when he regarded her.

“Did PA Wang say for how long he will be overseas?” That was what Mu Huan was most concerned about. With her husband spending a long time abroad, she could have a free hand in arranging her work schedule sans any worries.

“About a week,” respectfully replied the butler.

Yay! She hung her head low to hide her irrepressible high spirits.

In contrast to her happy state, her sister was devastated. A week! Bao Junyan will be abroad for a whole week!

What’s the point in staying here when he’s not around? If I leave now, though, what excuse can I find to move in again?!

D*mn it! If I’d known about this, I would have surely moved in several days later!

She looked at Mu Huan, who had her head bowed, and caught sight of the marks on her skin, which reminded her of how the married couple had rolled about in the sheets last night… She could have stunned the man today, but alas, she did not even manage to get a glimpse of him. This made her even more infuriated.

As soon as the butler left, the enraged woman picked up the pot of chicken soup from the table and flung it at her sister.

Thank God for Mu Huan’s quick reflexes. Otherwise, that pot of hot soup would surely have hit her face. It would have left her face scalding red for days, if not disfigured.

Even so, a good amount of soup was splashed onto her bare arm, and it hurt a lot.

Furious, she shot up right away, picked up a plate of vegetables, and approached the other.

“Mu Huan, your granny will be in for a good suffering if you dare touch me!” Mu Kexin threatened. Touch me if you dare!

She merely responded by clamping down on her shoulder and sending the plate of vegetables into her face. “If you dare do that, it’ll be hot oil over your head next time! You’ll be disfigured!”

She did not fear this sister of hers. The one making decisions in the family was her grandma, who had the feudal view of esteeming men above women. If she were to hurt her half-brother, the elderly woman would probably deal with her harshly. As for Mu Kexin, however, she would only weigh her pros and cons and would not do anything to her if she still had her usefulness.

When the other woman started screaming, she put a hand over her mouth and said, “Behave yourself if you want to remain here for a chance to marry Bao Junyan! Wise up. Don’t antagonize me!”

Her patience was limited!

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