The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Confrontation Between Enemies (1)

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Mu Kexin couldn’t shout. She was going berserk from feeling all sticky and disgusting!

Tramp! Just wait and see, when she marries Bao Junyan, she would make sure that she dies in the ugliest way possible!

Three days later, at a back alley behind a night bar.

“Are delinquent girls nowadays all playing with such high stakes?” Li Meng asked in disbelief as she saw the other gang bringing over more than 20 people, some even carrying wooden clubs.

Mu Huan furrowed her eyebrows slightly. “I’ll try to convince Xiao Ying to leave. If she refuses and you sense that something is wrong during the fight, retreat immediately!”

“That goes the same for you as well. Don’t lose your life just because of money!” Li Meng said while looking at her.

After graduating from university, Mu Huan had made plans to have enough money and capability to bring her maternal grandmother away from Yun Cheng district and into another city to live, completely breaking away from the Mu family.

Therefore, she worked extremely hard just for money. As long as they were not illegal activities, she would accept them.

A few days ago, Li Meng and Mu Huan had received a request to protect a delinquent girl. That is, they had to disguise themselves as rebellious delinquent girls and mix into the gang to secretly protect Xiao Ying. Thereafter, they needed to gradually make her understand that mixing with these delinquents was neither a cool nor a good matter. Instead, it was a dangerous and bad decision she made.

Today, Xiao Ying and her gang had been asked to take part in a fight. Initially, they thought that it would just be a catfight between the girls and a small-scale physical battle. However, they didn’t expect to see so many people, with some even carrying wooden clubs!

Just as Mu Huan was about to head up front and advise Xiao Ying, both gangs began to fight. Xiao Ying was even the first to dash forward.

“This girl is really something!” Mu Huan dashed forward as she witnessed the situation.

Li Meng followed closely after her.

Mu Huan rushed forward and held onto the girl Xiao Ying was fighting with as she urged Xiao Ying to run.

Xiao Ying refused to leave no matter what. “I can’t run away. I cannot leave my sisters behind!”

Loyalty was the most important value to those who mingled in the streets!

The corners of Mu Huan’s lips twitched unconsciously. Some people had no choice but to fight for their lives just to survive. Xiao Ying was wealthy and had parents who loved her very much, yet just because she found her easy and comfortable life too boring, she decided that she wanted to live like those underworld girls that she had seen in movies. She even gathered a bunch of hooligans who stuck with her due to her wealth and her willingness to spend money on them, and she treated them like die-hard sisters as seen in the movies!

As she thought of an idea, Mu Huan released her grip and let Xiao Ying dash forward.

Li Meng, who had finally caught up to them, was left in shock. “Are we not grabbing her and escaping?”

“Sometimes, constant protection is useless. We need to let her witness the cruelty of this world. That way, she wouldn’t be so naive.” It was just like her. If she had not seen her paternal Grandma’s cruelty, she would have never believed that there would be a day that she would ever treat her this way.

Even though the process was very painful, that pain was way better than being a fool and being harmed by others.

Li Meng felt that she had a point. Therefore, the two of them skillfully left the violent commotion but stood close enough to Xiao Ying to ensure that she was safe.

When Mu Huan saw that someone had taken out a knife, she hastily ran toward Xiao Ying.

At that moment, Xiao Ying was helping her sisters to fight another gang member. Suddenly, she was tugged forward by her sisters. Initially, she was a little dumbstruck. Then, she saw the opposite gang member running toward her with a knife. It was at that moment that she realized her sisters were only using her as a shield against that knife. Her eyes widened in complete astonishment!

As she was too stunned and scared, she was completely motionless. She could only watch the other party swing the knife in her direction.

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