The Divine Elements

Chapter 11: The Axier Family

Chapter 11 – The Axier Family

Sitting in a relaxed posture, Calron eagerly waited for Elias to continue speaking.

“Before we start your Martial Arts training, you need to learn something about the so-called Legacies.”

Elias stated in a serious tone.

Calron immediately straightened up as he knew how mysterious the legacies were, and the power they held in the martial world. Although he did not know the whole details on the different legacies, it was clear that only the most powerful people possessed them.

Every single legacy was unique, as each one followed a different path of martial training like the path of fist, sword, spear, etc.

There were many elementalists that practiced Martial Arts, but only the most talented and the direct disciples of their Master could inherit a legacy.

In a fight between a Martial Artist and a legacy Inheritor, the one with the legacy would always win regardless of how weak his or her legacy was. This was the might of inheriting a legacy.

“Child, you might’ve heard various things about legacies before, but do you know the real reason why legacy Inheritors are so much stronger than their peers?”

Calron shook his head in response to the question.

“It is because a Legacy cultivates your battle spirit and killing intent.”

Calron was completely stunned and stared at his Master.

He knew exactly what this meant. In order to cultivate your fighting spirit or killing intent, one would have to experience life-threatening battles on a daily basis and kill without mercy.

For an eight-year-old, it was a horrific thought that he would have to soon start killing mindlessly.

Just then, Calron realized why a wild and violent atmosphere occasionally surrounded his Master. It was because even without releasing his killing intent, his Master had already reached a stage where his mere presence released the unrestrained bloodlust in him.

Seeing the blood drain from his disciple’s face, Elias could guess the direction of Calron’s thoughts, but he made no motion to comfort him. Calron had to overcome his fear of killing others right now; otherwise, in future, he would hesitate at killing an enemy and that would be certain death for him.

Although he felt pity looking at his disciple, this was the path of his legacy and Elias was even younger than Calron when his father had first started to train him.

Even the Voice inside Calron’s mind stayed silent through this. He naturally understood the boy’s dilemma, but he knew that in Calron’s future there would be countless massacres and powerful people after him, so he could only hope that Calron would be prepared by then.

Meanwhile, Calron’s thoughts were running wild and his horror at seeing the assassins killed yesterday surged through his mind once again. Although he was sometimes cold and indifferent to others, he was still just an eight-year-old boy.

Could he really kill people? Could he really stare into the lifeless eyes of the ones he had killed?

No, he couldn’t. Absolutely not.

Thoughts like these ran through Calron’s mind while Elias patiently waited for him.

Father… Mother… What should I do?

Suddenly, a bolt of blue lightning surged through Calron’s mind, as it shattered all his hesitant thoughts. His mind immediately regained its composure, and his thoughts abruptly cleared up.

He had long ago vowed to seek revenge against the ones who harmed his family, and he had already decided to embark on the path of bloodshed long ago, so why was he hesitating now?

Would his enemies give him a chance at life? Did they stop themselves from exploiting his father?


In this world, how many would look down upon Calron and his Lightning element? Would they show him mercy, a person born to be a servant?


There was no place for mercy in this cruel world.

The strong made the rules and the weak followed them. If this was the path he had to take to get his revenge, then he would gladly throw away his humanity.

The very humanity that deserted him and his family, and the same humanity that was never once shown to them.

Slowly, a determined expression formed on Calron’s face and Elias smiled at this sight, as he knew that the one who would inherit his legacy was finally here.

Kneeling on the grass in front of the boy, Elias slowly placed his right hand on top of Calron’s head and fiercely gazed into his disciple’s pitch-black eyes. Seeing unmistakable resolve there, he stated in a somber tone.

“From today onwards, you will walk in the path of blood. Destruction and Carnage will be your sworn brothers and follow wherever you go. May the God of War bless and look favorably upon you and give rise to your valor. I, Elias Salazar Xuria, hereby acknowledge you as my Inheritor and pass on my will and legacy to you. Do you accept?”

“I do, Master.”

Elias then cut the palm of his hand with a small knife and placed his palm on Calron’s forehead, with the blood dripping onto his eyes.

“The first blood has been shed, and from this day forth, you will walk the path of my family’s legacy; the Legacy of Blood. Let’s begin.”


Meanwhile, at the Axier Household, a commotion could be heard from inside the family Head’s room.


“What do you mean they just simply disappeared?”

An ice-chilling voice whispered to the man kneeling on the floor.

The kneeling man was dressed in very similar clothes to the assassins that had tried to kill Calron.

The seated man on the throne had a head full of silver-grey hair and a trimmed beard. His face was cut like a stone sculpture, full of sharp edges and no softness. Although the man could not be labeled as handsome, there was a certain dignified nobility in his stature and aura. However, at this moment, only a chilling anger could be seen on his face.

Trembling under the pressure that the grey haired man exuded, the assassin could only gulp down his saliva and pray to any of the gods listening for one more day of life.

“My Lord, they were all guarding the little lady but the three never reported back the next morning. The others stationed at the school also did not know where they went. But… ”

Under the glare of the giant man, the assassin hurriedly spoke.

“But there was a commotion regarding Lady Felice, where a boy humiliated her in front of her friends. Although the little lady was safe, it was after that incident that the three who were guarding her suddenly disappeared! Since we can’t detect them, I’m afraid that they probably died a while ago. I suspect an enemy knew of the Shadow Corps stationed there and took action.”


Finally, the man spoke.

“Investigate the ones responsible for this and bring them to me. Use as many men as you need. As for the boy, leave him alone. Felice needs to learn how to be on her own, and I cannot always indulge her whims. Now, leave!”

Under the intensity of the blazing arctic-blue eyes of the man, the assassin shakingly bowed once, and then immediately disappeared into the night.

If Calron were here, then he would have definitely recognized those ice-cold eyes as they were almost exactly the same as the pretty girl he had humiliated the night before.

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