The Divine Elements

Chapter 12: The Legacy of Blood

Chapter 12 – The Legacy of Blood


Calron abruptly opened his eyes and saw the smiling familiar face of his Master. His vision was still tinged with red from the blood, but it started to slowly return back to normal.

Calron sensed that the foreign blood was seeping deep into his body, as it began to merge with his muscle tissues and into the bone marrow. His cells multiplied at an alarming rate and jolts of pain flared through his body as the transformation commenced.

Although Calron could not see this phenomenon, his internal muscles and bones were currently emitting a faint crimson glow.

Consumed with an unbearable agony, Calron doubled over on the grass and prayed for the pain to leave him.

His heart was furiously pounding against his chest, and while his muscles continuously stretched and contracted, they became denser by the very second. Despite the size of his muscles staying the same, at Calron’s current muscle density, he would be able to lift a large rock twice his height, without even the aid of his essence.

Calron’s transformation continued for a full two hours until finally, the pain started to subside slowly as it left a completely sweat-soaked boy in the middle of the garden.

Throughout the boy’s transformation, Elias had patiently waited at the side and silently observed the changes happening in Calron.

After losing his ability to cultivate essence, Elias’s main worry had been that his family’s legacy would die out, and that he would be its last Inheritor.

Although every legacy inheritor went through the same initial transformation, the extent of one’s transformation would vary according to how compatible one was with the legacy itself. The Blood Legacy resonated with violence and carnage, and since it had taken so long to transform the boy, it seemed as if within the depths of his soul, Calron subconsciously sought for a life of violence.

Elias had been the same when he was young, and this was the reason the Blood Legacy had chosen him as its Prime Inheritor.

Multiple practitioners could inherit the same legacy, but its power dwindled as the number of Inheritors increased due to the sharing of the legacy’s source pool. The only exception to this rule was the Prime Inheritor.

Generally in a family that possessed a legacy, the head of the family would be the Prime Inheritor, and he would then pass this onto his eldest son. If the legacy did not deign his son as a Prime Inheritor, then the head of the family could only try for his next son or daughter, as the will of the legacy could never be forced.

When Elias’s family had been exterminated on that fateful night, he felt the death of all his family’s Inheritors, especially his father and brother. Since they all shared the same source pool, their consciousness was linked together and they could faintly detect each other’s location and life force.

Once all the previous Inheritors of his family’s legacy had died, Elias had felt an immense power flooding through his veins, as waves of source energy crashed into his body. This was one of the reasons why Elias had been able to survive the onslaught of the silver-robed woman.

The source energy had constantly replenished his lost blood and regenerated his muscles and bones back to normal. Elias was able to maintain his consciousness until the Red Boar School’s Head coincidentally encountered him.

It wasn’t until the next morning when Elias realized that yesterday’s sudden surge of source energy was due to the death of his family members.

There were other family members who were not legacy Inheritors and could have possibly survived. However, how could Elias even hope for such a thing, as who would be able to protect the other members, when the strongest of his family were all killed?

At this moment within Elias’s consciousness, he felt another bridge forming in the legacy’s source pool. This new bridge was much thicker and stronger that his own. Elias felt an immeasurable joy when he sensed this scene unfold, as it meant that a new Prime Inheritor was finally being born!


At the same time within Calron’s consciousness, a similar scene was occurring, and this was his first time seeing the mental manifestation of the Blood Legacy!

It was truly breathtaking.

It was an ocean of thick red blood surrounded by an endless darkness. The crimson waves violently crashed into each other as Calron felt the raw energy contained within them.

Just at the corner of the blood ocean, Calron noticed a decaying bridge connected to the blood ocean.

Sending his consciousness into the worn-out mental bridge, Calron suddenly entered the foreign entity. Delving deeper into the core of the bridge, Calron discovered another consciousness within that bridge.

It was his Master.

Suddenly, a tremor ran through Calron’s mind.


Another bridge was slowly materializing in the opposite direction of the decaying bridge. The new bridge was much thicker and stronger than the other one, and it seemed to burst with a limitless vitality.

Calron felt a mysterious connection with that new bridge and curiously sent his consciousness into it.

A ball of essence shot from Calron’s core and rushed into the bridge, and a bright blue light illuminated the entire bridge. Soon, the light dimmed down as it revealed a faintly glowing azure-blue bridge.

The other decaying bridge seemed to lack this glow, and there were no further doubts in Calron’s mind that the worn-out bridge belonged to Elias, his Master.

“It is quite a sight, is it not?:

Hearing Elias’s calm and gentle voice, Calron jolted awake from his inner consciousness and abruptly opened his eyes.

Detecting the bewildered look on the boy’s face, Elias guessed that the bridge to Calron’s Blood Legacy was finally awakened.

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