The Divine Elements

Chapter 20: Big Sister?

Chapter 20 – Big Sister?


A powerful voice suddenly roared throughout the entire area, as it caused some of the disciples to clamp their ears shut with their hands.

Calron’s body was completely paralyzed, an invisible force constricted his limbs from moving.

Chax was in a similar situation as him, but the larger boy’s face still remained distorted in anger. Being so close to landing his killing blow on his enemy, and then abruptly being forced to stop only made Chax even more infuriated.

On the other hand, Calron had calmed down quite considerably, and this was the result of Elias’s continuous mental training. Even Calron had not realized until now that his mental fortitude had been slowly getting stronger day by day.

The crowd slowly began to part away from the center, while the two figures slowly walked towards the front.

One of the two figures was a middle-aged man wearing an ordinary dark red robe. He had an angular face with a slight stubble and pale hazel-green eyes that were as sharp as the edge of a blade. The man walked with the stride of a warrior, which was a series of coordinated and precise steps.

Scowling with irritation as he walked towards Calron and Chax, it became clear that the previous explosive voice had belonged to him. With a sword buckled to his side, the man continued walking towards the two boys.

The other figure walking next to the middle-aged man was much smaller in height, but the proud lofty aura around her was in no way inferior to the man beside her. The girl appeared to be around nine or ten years old, but she had a face that was blessed by the heavens There was still a childish charm to her, but it was obvious that once she grew up, she would be a beauty that men would fight wars for.

Her gaze was sharp as a broken glass, and her arctic-blue eyes chilled the soul of any being that met her glare.

The surrounding male disciples all found themselves blushing without control and even their eyes lit up as they greatly admired the beauty of this mysterious girl.

“Goddess… why did no one tell me that there was a goddess in our school?”

One of the younger males passionately spoke aloud.

A female disciple standing behind him smacked him on the back of his head as she fiercely whispered.

“Idiot, that’s Lady Felice Axier of the Axier family! Do you want to die by pursuing her?”

“Sh*t! She’s from that Axier family?”

Another nearby disciple exclaimed in a sudden surprise.


Both the new figures did not pay any attention to the commotion caused by the disciples around them and continued to stoically walk towards the two youths involved in the fight.

“Chax! I thought I had made it clear last time that you were not to involve yourself in fights anymore. If you want to remain as my disciple, then you will have to obey my commands. Even your father has no say in this.”

The middle-aged man agitatedly scolded the large boy.

The man’s voice had a rough huskiness to it that made it sound deeper than it really was.

“Master Dane! It was this boy’s fault! He intentionally provoked me and even insulted my family’s honor!”

Chax hurriedly replied with a flustered expression, and it was obvious that he was afraid of this Master Dane, so instead he tried to present himself as the victim.

“He’s lying! Chax was bullying me and he even beat me up along with his friends over there. Look at my eyes, they’ve lost all their cuteness! Which girl would ever take a second look at this bruised face? Thankfully, big brother valiantly stepped in and stopped Chax from hurting me!”

The fat kid immediately interrupted Chax and blabbered his version of the story while shooting Calron a mischievous wink.

Although Calron was still furious with the fat kid for dragging him into this mess, he could not remain angry after seeing the fatty’s playful and childish attitude. An involuntary smile slipped from Calron’s face.

“Rory! What are you doing here?”

Fatty abruptly turned around and squinted his eyes to determine who it was that just spoke as the voice was oddly familiar. His eyes were swollen from the beating he took earlier, causing his vision to remain blurry.

“Wha-? Big sister!”

Fatty exclaimed as fresh tears poured down his cheeks, and running towards the girl. Tightly hugging her, Fatty wailed and complained nonstop about the abuse he had suffered at the hands of the “demon” Chax and his “minions”.

After hearing snippets of the story from her crying little brother, Felice turned a baleful glare at Chax. If looks could have killed someone, then Felice’s would have definitely obliterated Chax right there and then.

Feeling the murderous killing intent directed towards him, Chax visibly paled.

The background of this little girl was absolutely terrifying! Even his father as the city Lord would have to pay respects to her if she demanded it, and if he had known that the weak-looking fat kid was the brother of this girl, he would have never even touched the chubby boy.

“Your name is Chax, right? Who gave you the right to torment my brother?”

A frosty voice sounded out from the girl as she questioned the petrified larger boy.

Cyan wisps of essence coalesced around the girl as they formed into a whip that slowly spiraled around her. Her ice-cold eyes contained a fury that asked for retribution. Even the air around her had suddenly chilled, making nearby Fatty began to feel the frost creeping up on his skin.

“Enough Felice!”

Master Dane irritatedly bellowed as his essence cut through Felice’s and dispersed it.

“I will decide the punishment for my students, not you! Chax is a new student of mine and he will be joining you in learning Martial Arts from today onwards. I was just going to introduce you to him later today, but things seem to have not gone according to plan.”

Hearing the last sentences of her Master, Felice was immediately appalled as her face turned even more frosty. Her arctic-blue eyes continued to bore fiercely into Chax.

Both disciples knew that this matter would not be settled anytime soon.

“By the way, Rory, who is this person you’ve been calling big brother?”

Felice lovingly asked Fatty while tending to the bruises on his chubby face. It was clear to anyone who could see that this girl heavily dotted on the fat kid.

“Hmm, big brother? Oh, that’s him right there!”

Fatty cheerfully said as he pointed towards the hidden Calron behind the tree.

Damn this Fatty! He puts me in a dangerous situation again!

Calron cursed inwardly the moment Fatty pointed at him.

A few minutes ago, when Calron had seen Felice walking, he immediately hid behind the nearest tree as the whole path around him was blocked off by the disciples, and that was the only decent place that provided a cover to hide. Unfortunately, Fatty had already noticed Calron jumping behind the tree.

Since the beginning, Felice had not paid attention to anyone except Fatty and Chax, so she had completely missed the other person who was involved in the fight: Calron.

Calron recalled the last time when he had encountered the girl, and noticing the proud and arrogant nature of this girl, he knew that she would definitely have her revenge if given the chance. Especially now that Felice knew that he was just a lightning cultivator. If Calron could turn back time, then he would have just ignored those girls that night and continued walking.

He wished he could have met Elias earlier, so his Master could have taught Calron to control his emotions before he encountered those girls.

Felice slowly tilted her head to look at the figure her little brother was pointing at.

The smile on her face instantly froze.


Felice furiously screamed, and just as she was about to release her essence, Fatty quickly grabbed her hand and yelled.

“Big sister, what are you doing? Big brother here risked his life for me! I can’t let you hurt him!”

Although Fatty had intentionally pulled Calron into his mess, he was only goofing around and did not really want Calron to get hurt.

He had initially sensed a powerful aura around Calron and that was the reason why he chose to hide behind him. If he had known that Calron was just a lightning cultivator, then Fatty would have probably taken the beating all by himself.

In the past, Fatty had always been accurate in sensing the aura of others, and he was confused as to how he had made a mistake with the lightning boy.

Fatty was a mischievous kid, but his heart was still innocent and pure.

Seeing her little brother start to get teary-eyed again, Felice forced herself to calm down and softly petted his head while she whispered.

“Big sister is sorry, Rory, I promise that I won’t hurt him, so why don’t you bring your “big brother” here?”

Although her voice was gentle when she spoke to Fatty, everyone could hear the chilliness in her voice when she mentioned “big brother”.

Fatty was completely oblivious to all of this and happily walked towards Calron. Grabbing his hands, Fatty forcefully dragged him towards Felice while ignoring Calron’s protests.

Meanwhile, Calron resigned himself to his fate and let Fatty lead him. Calron’s body was still injured from the previous exchange with Chax, so he did not have the strength to resist anymore.

Master Dane was just quietly watching this scene unfold along with the rest of the gathered disciples.

“What’s your name.”

Felice sweetly asked once Calron arrived in front of her along with Fatty.

Hearing the mock sweetness in her voice, Calron slightly shuddered and he knew that once Fatty left his side, the ice demon in front of him would force countless tortures upon him.

“Uh, Calron.”

“Calron? That’s a weird name.”

Felice responded as she wrinkled her nose.

This brat! How is my name any weirder than hers? She is just trying to provoke me!

Calron inwardly thought, but kept it to himself. It was not good to add oil to the already burning fire.

Before Felice could speak again, Master Dane abruptly interrupted her.

His low husky voice slowly reached Calron’s ears.

“Boy, who is your Master?”

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