The Divine Elements

Chapter 21: A New Bond

Chapter 21 – A New Bond

“Boy, who’s your Master?”

Calron’s mind froze when he heard those words.

There is no way he could’ve detected the Blood Legacy. I didn’t even release the source energy! Maybe he sensed the Azure Lightning? No, that’s impossible!

While Calron’s mind raced with these thoughts, Master Dane continued.

“You have the heart of a warrior, Calron. Do you wish to become my personal disciple?”

Both Felice and Chax gasped in surprise!

Others might not know the complete identity of Master Dane, but how could his own students not know his background?

Although Dane did not know much about the boy in front of him, he had seen the fight from far away. He wanted to test Chax, but he found the smaller boy to be more interesting. He only took in Chax due to the insistence of his father and to give him some face, but he had no real expectation from a boy who liked to bully the weak.

It was the valiance of the smaller child that ignited his admiration! To stand in front of a larger and stronger foe without hesitation – that is the heart of a true warrior! Even if the child was an Elemental-Less, Dane would have still taken him under his wing. The path of a warrior had nothing to do with essence.

When Calron heard those words, he inwardly sighed in relief but his expression remained the same on the outside. He was afraid that his secret had been revealed. However, now he was faced with an even greater dilemma. He couldn’t say that he already had a Master nor could he outright refuse the offer, as that will be far more suspicious.

“Um, can I take some time to think about this?”

Calron hesitantly asked. The best option right now was to delay as long as he could until he talked further with Elias. He didn’t get a bad feeling from Dane, but he already had a Master to whom he was completely devoted to.

When the others nearby heard those words, they were stunned. This kid was a lightning cultivator and he actually refused an offer like that? No Master would be willing to take in Calron within the entire school and this kid actually asked for more time? The other disciples might not know the complete story, but it was clear that this middle-aged man was powerful as even the Axier family had connections with him. The only reason others could think of for Calron to refuse Master Dane’s offer was that Calron’s brain must have been addled in the previous fight!

Chax visibly sighed in relief the next moment. If Calron had chosen to become a student of his Master and a fellow disciple, then that would have just added more to his humiliation! Even Felice seemed a bit more relaxed after Calron’s words.

Unexpectedly, Master Dane was not offended by Calron’s decision.

“Take your time, kid. Felice, let’s go, it’s time for our lesson. Chax, follow me. We still have to decide your punishment for disobeying me.”

Dane’s husky voice resounded throughout the area. Chax slightly trembled when Dane mentioned his punishment as he could clearly imagine the pain he will be undergoing for the next few days.

“Kid, take this pill. It will heal your injuries faster.”

Dane threw a small Vermillion pill towards Calron and started walking away.

“Rory, take care of yourself and if you get in trouble again, just find me. I will deal with the bullies!”

Felice warmly said while hugging her little brother. She then followed behind her Master.

“I will, big sister!”

Fatty sadly responded back.

A tinge of pain flashed across Felice’s face when she heard the sadness in his voice, but she hid it as soon as it appeared. She hurried to catch up to her Master.

Chax gave a final intimidating glare to Calron, and started following behind Felice as well. Just as he was about to pass Calron, he whispered in a low growl.

“I’ll deal with you in the Ranking Tournament, runt. Let’s see who will save you then!”

He then walked away without waiting for a response.

Soon the other disciples started to scatter away as well. They had witnessed a pretty good show today and walked off chattering about it. It was certain that rumours about Calron would soon be spreading around the school. Some of the comments were also about Felice and her family.


In a few minutes, everyone had left until only Calron and Fatty remained in the area.

Calron looked at the pill in his hand and not seeing any defects, he popped it into his mouth and swallowed. The pill immediately set to work and he felt a cool gush of sensation spread out from his stomach. Clearly this was a high ranked pill as Calron immediately started to feel its effects. He didn’t know how effective this pill was in terms of healing, but at least it removed the pain of his injuries.

“So Fatty, what’s up with that sister of yours?”

Calron asked curiously. From the day he met Felice, she always seemed to be getting on his nerves. He didn’t have much experience with girls, but Felice seemed to differ from what Calron knew about girls in general. All the girls he knew in his village were all shy and meek; however, Felice seemed to be the complete opposite.

“Huh, big sister? Well, she’s mean to everyone, but she really is nice and kind! It’s just that Father d-“

Fatty stopped mid-sentence as if he recalled something.

“Hey! Stop calling me Fatty! I’m not fat! I just gained a little bit of weight last week… it’s completely normal! All my girlfriends tell me how cute I am!”

Calron couldn’t hold it in any longer. He cracked up in laughter. Fatty really was humorous with his actions and words. This was the first time Calron had laughed this openly after the death of his parents. He didn’t realize how long he had been laughing but he only stopped after he started to feel his wounds open up again.

Fatty just blankly stared at Calron. He didn’t understand why Calron was laughing so hard, was he really this funny? Contrary to all of his boasting, like Calron, Fatty didn’t have many friends as well. As if that thought had just crossed his mind, Fatty puffed up his chest with pride.

Seeing the way Fatty was standing, Calron felt another burst of laughter coming but forced it down as he felt his wounds hurting again.

“Haha, Fatty! You’re really funny! Your sister called you Rory, right?”

Calron asked in delight. He never had a friend of his own growing up and this was the first time he simply enjoyed being in someone’s company.

“Mn, well, my whole name is Roran, but I’ll let you call me Rory as well!”

Fatty said with a cheerful smile and extended his hand towards Calron.

Looking at Fatty’s silly smile, Calron soon had a goofy smile on his face as well. He extended his own hand and clasped Fatty’s firmly while placing his other hand around Fatty’s chubby neck.

“Since you already called me big brother, you can continue to call me that! Hehe, Fatty, how does it feel to be my little brother?”

“Eh? But we are the same age! Why do you get to be the big brother? I’m much more handsome than you!”

Fatty whined.

“Well, you should have thought of that before you dragged me into your mess earlier!”

Faced with the instant reply from Calron, Fatty hung his head in dejection, but he continued to mumble about how he was still cooler.

In an empty courtyard in a small, unknown school, two boys formed a bond that would last for countless years and whose names in a few years would soon shake the continent.

“Hey Fatty, do you want to go eat something?”


Far in the distance from where the boys stood, an old man in a simple white robe gazed from a high cliff. His long silver hair wildly flung in the wind but the man paid no attention to it. His grey opaque eyes glowed unnaturally while he scrutinised the whole scenery below him and it was unknown on how long he had been standing there.

“This disciple of mine continues to get himself in trouble…sigh.”

Elias softly said, but there was a faint smile lingering on his face.

“He’s grown powerful again, and that technique he used to suddenly increase his essence’s intensity must have been taught to him by someone else. That’s a high rank technique and no one in this school has the knowledge of such precious techniques, so it’s not any of the Elders… Haha, this boy has more secrets than this blind old man.”

Elias then turned back, and started speeding through the terrain. The interest Dane had on his disciple worried him slightly, but if any issues arose, he would deal with it within the shadows.

“At least he didn’t get hurt too seriously, I’ll have to keep a closer eye on him.”

The irony of that last sentence was not lost on him. Giving a low chuckle, Elias sped even more.

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