The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 A Complete Victory in Shennong Faction

“Ah…” Those beautiful maids, singing and dancing girls were scared and screaming, shivering and hiding from one place to another place with a pale face.

Sikong Jing squinted at those women with a brutal look and thought that he should kill them in case they became Li Mu’s servants if he could not take them away. He flung dozens of green needles away to those women with his hands and hit their eyebrows. Those needles were poisons that not only could kill a person but also turned their bodies into the green liquid. Those poor women just died miserably although Si Kongjing liked them very much at usual times.

“Sikong Jing. Roll over and prepare to die.”

The gate of the grotto was smashed.

In the midst of the dust and debris, a figure stepped on the broken stone door from the smoke and dust. People could only see a vague outline, which was like a demon, and the figure walked into the room step by step.

That was Li Mu.

Sikong Jing wore an evil smile, waved his hand and said coldly, “Kill him. Cut him into mashed meat for me!”

“Kill Li Mu!”

The shouting and screaming were so loud as if it could quake the earth and sky.

The elite disciples of Shennong Faction, armed with long guns, bows and crossbows, horse-chopping knives, tripping locks, and other weapons, went crazily towards Li Mu, and they were like a wave that could submerge Li Mu.

Li Mu kicked out the slates and rocks under his feet. And those things, which weighed more than tens of thousands of Jin, flew out immediately and hit these people with great power.

There came the sound of bones were broken. Flesh and blood were splashed, and everyone was screaming.

It was not until the actual fight began, the so-called disciples of Shennong Faction were killed by one-third.

Li Mu’s fighting style was simply not in accordance with common sense. Under the absolute power of unmatched strength, although the armors of Shennong Faction disciples were able to counter the hitting and cutting from any sharp-edged sword, they were like a paper paste now, which not only could not protect them but also let them lose their agility and speed, and thus helped they die faster.

Sikong Jing showed a gloomy look.

He immediately realized even if he himself could not equal to Li Mu’s power.

Then he stepped back a little and took a big bow from the stone wall next to him.

This bow was silver-white, which seemed to be made from some kind of vine nitrate. The bow body consisted of seven vines winding like pythons, and the surface texture of the vine branches was rough. The shape of the about one-meter-long bow was simple and uncomplicated, which had a smaller bow curvature. Its one-finger-thick string was a milky white tendon-like rope, which was obviously much thicker than the ordinary bowstring. All of these illustrated a fact that was an extraordinary bow.

This bow was very heavy.

Even as a great master, Sikong Jing’s arms were still slightly trembling when holding the bow.

“Just use this God-killing bow to send you on the death road.”

He looked at Li Mu in the battle circle and made a silent sneer.

A special steel wolf’s tooth arrow was placed on the bow. Sikong Jing took a deep breath and run his body with internal qi, which ran around his body in his meridians. A faint green layer hung around his arm. As a great master of Joint-qi level, when running the internal qi, his strength increased sharply. There was an indescribable trance on the seven twining vines of the bow, which seemed to produce some species change.

Sikong Jing used all his power to draw the bow, and the bow was pulled open about one-sixth.

The arrow tip was aimed at Li Mu.

At this time, Li Mu had killed more than two-thirds elite disciples of Shennong Faction.

He practiced Xiantian skill, and thus had a keen sense and quick reaction now. Those so-called elite disciples could hardly capture his figure. However, they were like a watermelon being hit by a hammer and immediately broken their muscles and bones and soon after their bodies burst into pieces when hit by Li Mu… That was an unequal killing.

“Go to die.”

Sikong Jing was quite experienced and he captured the moment when Li Mu exhausted and rested for regaining his power. At this moment, Sikong Jing shot this arrow.

The milky white ribbed bowstring made no sound at all.

With only one-sixth of the bow opening, the wolf teeth arrow instantly turned into a flash of light.

As quick as lightning.

Human eyes were difficult to observe it.

At this instant moment, Li Mu suddenly had a creep intuition of danger during the fight.

He subconsciously twisted his waist to the right side.


Here came a dull thud.

Li Mu felt as if his left shoulder had been hit by something fiercely. This great force poured in, and his body became light, which made him fly far and crash into the stone wall ten meters away with a loud crash.

His left shoulder was pierced by this arrow.

The big wolf teeth arrow passed through Li Mu’s shoulder and nailed him live on the stone wall.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The feathers of the wolf teeth arrow was vibrating constantly.

A hot feeling came from his shoulder. Li Mu turned his head and looked at the arrow. Then he opened his mouth and made a heavy breathing sound.

The torn pain, coming from his left shoulder, almost fainted him.

“Haha. Hurry. Kill him. Come on!”

This successful sneak attack made Sikong Jing laughed loudly.

The remaining four or five stunned elite disciples of Shennong Faction, were ecstasy, wielding long and sharp knives to slash Li Mu.

Li Mu showed a keen look.

With more and more heavy and rapid breathing, Li Mu entered into a state of madness, who was like a mad yak. He pushed his feet on the wall and jumped, and the huge recoil power made him free from the stone wall. In the splash of blood, Li Mu rushed out with the big wolf teeth arrow on his shoulder.

Ordinary fast steps.

The same style of boxing method.

No rules!

But it was fast, too fast!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The five elite disciples of Shennong Faction only feel that there was a vague image in front of them, and then their bodies were shocked and immediately burst into pieces. Everything was just over for them.

Li Mu then rushed to the front of Sikong Jing.

Sikong Jing was so terrified that he operated internal qi and lightness skill as if an invisible rope was pulling him straight back. At the same time, he bent his bow again and struck an arrow, but he barely pulled it to one-tenth and fired three arrows in succession.

However, Li Mu was well-prepared this time.

Still seemingly cumbersome dodging steps to left or right, but because the dodging speed was very fast, Li Mu avoided all three arrows. And the arrows were shot past Li Mu fastly, rubbing his hair tip with hot air.

“You are the scum, Sikong Jing?”

Li Mu asked with a roar.

Sikong Jing ran his internal qi in his body, turning around to the other side to avoid Li Mu and did not speak. He pulled out the special steel wolf’s teeth arrow in the arrow pot behind him and bent the bow again. He abandoned the close hand-to-hand combat because he knew it very well that he would be injured as long as he was touched by Li Mu.

Li Mu stopped fighting for a moment.

He grabbed the steel arrow coming from the front, then swung it to the left or to the right and pulled the other two wolf-tooth arrows away with two tinkle sound.


After Li Mu gave full power to his legs, numerous cracks were opened in the rock floor under his feet, and he shot like a barrel of artillery projectiles and did not give Sikong Jing the chance to shoot again. Like a flash of lightning, Li Mu immediately approached him and punched him directly, hitting this master of Shennong Faction firmly in the stomach.


Sikong Jing sprayed a blood arrow from his mouth. The organs in his lower abdomen were completely turned into mud. Under the protection of the black armour, his body did not burst but was badly injured in an instant. He flew back over a dozen meters and hit the wall of the circular pool in the middle of the cave patio with a loud bang, which left a human-shaped figure.

He gasped badly and completely lost the ability to fight.

The thick strands of blood flowed out of his mouth.

Blood pattered!

Li Mu approached him step by step, staring at him angrily, and his flame in his eyes almost burned Sikong Jing up.

“Hahahaha…” Sikong sneered.

Sikong Jing knew he was wrong.

He made a big mistake when he wanted to kill Li Mu because of hatred. If he fled directly at the beginning, he would still have a chance to live. But owing to the thought of killing Li Mu to vent anger, he ended up in a place of sudden death. He could not survive with such serious injuries even if he could run away from Li Mu.

“A scum like you should die tens of thousands of times.”

Li Mu looked down at Sikong Jing and said, “Tell me. How do you want to die?”

“To die?” Shi Kong knew he could not escape death. So, he calmed down. He spat out a stream of blood, looked up at Li Mu, and laughed sadly with a pale face, “There are so many dead people I have seen, whether they are 80-year-old people or unborn fetuses… Ha-ha, I have killed them all! So my death is coming. In this man-eating-man world, even the incomparable emperor, or the nine grand masters of Holy Clan, will die one day. I have enjoyed my life and it is worth living. Haha, you ask me how I want to die?”

Speaking of that, he coughed and laughed loudly.

“I – want – to – die – with – you… green dragon. Come out now!”

After those words.

A loud crash!

Suddenly a flash of green lightning rushed out from the calm, mirror-like green water pool.

This green lightning moved with extremely quick speed and immediately entangled Li Mu in circles. And this green thing turned out to be a giant anaconda with green spots all over its body. It was as thick as a bucket with two horny bones on its head with fast moving speed. This dragon-like giant anaconda opened its big mouth and swallowed towards Li Mu’s head.

“Damn it.”

Before Li Mu could respond, his body was entangled.

Li Mu lifted his hands and grabbed the upper and lower jaws of the giant anaconda, making it impossible to bite him.

A feeling of paralysis came from the palms of Li Mu’s hands.


Li Mu’s face took on an ugly expression.

“Ha-ha-ha. Just give up. This green dragon is a heterogeneous species in Taibai Mountain that could devour tigers and leopards. I spent a lot of money to get it. I have been raising it for ten years with all kinds of herbal medicines, and it has just reached maturity and got the psychic powers… Cough… I meant to use it as a medicine for alchemy drugs… Now there is no chance for me. Haha, green dragon is poisonous all over, and I’ve never got close to it… You’re dead for sure. See you in the way to hell!”

Sikong Jing was laughing bitterly and then smiling with ease.

A great flow of blood gushed out of his mouth, including broken organ fragments.

Li Mu felt that the feeling of paralysis coming from his arm was becoming more and more intense. Gradually, his arms seemed to be unconscious, and he could no longer hold the green python. The huge bloody mouth of it, which sprayed poison and mist, approached Li Mu’s face bit by bit, with a pungent smell of stink and decay. And that almost made Li Mu instantly fainted.

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