The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 All People Came

The sound of shouting and killing stopped.

Outside the gate of Shennong Faction, it was strangely quiet. The people who observed in the dark or not could clearly hear the sound of their heartbeats as if they had even forgotten to breathe.

Ma Junwu hesitated to go in or not.

Had the county magistrate won?

He hesitated and finally made up his mind that he was about to walk in.

Suddenly, there was a thunderous horseshoe roar behind him.

Under the leadership of Dianshi janitor Zheng Longxing, more than five hundred Taibai County guards hurriedly arrived.

“Ma Junwu, where is the county magistrate?” Zheng Longxing asked Ma Junwu from a long distance.

“Dianshi janitor Zheng. The county magistrate Li Mu had already walked into the house and was killing now…” Ma Junwu said respectfully.

He was a Dutou official, the subordinate of Zheng Longxing. So he dared not to neglect him.

“Then why are you still outside? My man. Don’t stop. Follow me. Follow me to save our county magistrate.” Zheng Longxing shouted with a worried face. Urging his horse under him, he was the first one, who was like a lightning, that rushed into the collapsed gate of Shennong Faction.

Zheng Longxing was coming?

All the people who were observing this scene in the dark felt really strange.

What did that mean?

Everyone knew that the person who helped Shennong Faction in the dark these years was this Dianshi janitor Zheng Longxing.

Why did Shennong Faction infuriate Li Mu? Some smart people with available information could guess the reason behind it. Now that Shennong Faction had been eradicated, it meant literally cutting off one of Zheng Longxing’s arms. Was it for Zheng Longxing like lifting a stone but hitting his own feet?

The reason why Zheng Longxing arrived in such a hurry might be that he wanted to take the opportunity to destroy some evidence of collusion with Shennong Faction to show he had nothing to do with it.

However, was that so easy?

Everyone knew this Dianshi janitor Zheng was in great troubles this time.

Not until Zheng Longxing and his guards rushed in, and here came the sound of many hurried footsteps in the distance.

Deputy county magistrate Zhou Wu arrived in a hurry with about three hundred soldiers and horses.

However, except the secretary Feng Yuanxing, Li Mu’s two little servants Qing Feng and Ming Yue were coming with Zhou Wu side by side in the front. Nobody knew why they were coming together.

“Ma Junwu. Where is our county magistrate?” Zhou Wuhe shouted from a long distance like Zheng Longxing as if he was very worried.

Ma Junwu pointed out the gate of Shennong Faction headquarter, and did not get the time to speak yet…


A gust of wind rushed past him.

“Young Master. Young Master. Are you inside? You are not dead? Are you still alive?” The young adorkable girl Ming Yue broke out, who was like an uncontrollable dog, with Qing Feng, who was full of anxious sweat all over his head. Those two little guys rushed in worriedly, leaving Zhou Wu and others to eat ash behind their ass.

So fast!

Ma Junwu was stunned.

What kind of food did this little girl eat? How could she run so fast?

“What? Dianshi janitor Zheng has already gone in? This… Hurry up. Come on. Rescue our county magistrate.” Zhou Wu felt anxious after hearing Zheng Longxing had entered the ruins of Shennong Faction, and he thought he absolutely could not let Zheng Longxing destroy the evidence one step ahead to show his innocence. So he rushed into this damaged headquarters hurriedly.

Looking at Zhou Wu’s worried face, people who did not know the truth would think that his mother or father was trapped here.

At this time, Ma Junwu no longer hesitated and immediately followed them up to rush in.

Soon, they saw the ruins in the stone forest.

“My. This…”

In the stone forest of the Shennong headquarter, everyone was greatly shocked.

In the stone forest of Shennong Faction, it was not like a battle at all, but rather like a devastating earthquake.

Almost all buildings and rocks collapsed with hollow, clear punch prints and footprints on them. Broken limbs and arms were everywhere as well as dispersed plasma, mud, bone debris… The corpses of the four king kongs were collected by the soldiers and guards who had entered before. The core disciples of the Shennong Faction hardly had a complete corpse, and they had been hit into pieces alive.

Seeing such scenes, Zhou Wu, Feng Yuanxing, and Ma Junwu were all trembling.

It was conceivable that the battle was very terribly horrifying at that time.

Although Zhou Wu had heard the news from his reliable servant before, he could not help but feel shocked again seeing such a battle scene with his own eyes. In his heart, he could not help but breed a sense of fear and powerlessness. Obviously, Li Mu’s real strength was much stronger than his worst imagination. It seemed he was facing a violent prehistoric beast rather than a weak scholar under the age of fifteen.

Zhou Wu restrained his inner panic and turned to the secretary Feng Yuanxing, who was following him, to whisper something.

Feng Yuanxing nodded, then waved his hands and scattered in all directions with a team of elite guards.

Ma Junwu thought about it, but he still stayed with the deputy county magistrate Zhou Wu and did not leave.

The more one went inside, the more terrible the traces of battle became.

Ma Junwu saw a natural stone pillar, which would need five or six people to embrace, was smashed from the middle. And there was a clear punch print that was in half a meter deep in its fracture, which obviously showed the stone pillar was blown off by a punch. That was really horrifying. And what kind of power was that could make someone do something like this?

Even if a grand Joint-qi level master could not own this kind of terrible power.

Deputy county magistrate Zhou Wu constantly changed his facial expressions.

He was also a master of martial arts, and thus clearly knew what the battle marks meant along this road.

Shennong Faction was one of the four major gangs in Taibai County and was also one of the most difficult gangs to deal with. Its disciples were good at using various kinds of insidious poison. In the battle for power, Zhou Wu once thought of eliminating Shennong Faction through several major cases so that the “arm” of Dianshi janitor Zheng Longxing could be broken, but several plans failed and there even occurred some losses. Thus the status of the Shennong Faction had become more and more stable.

Now, such a stubborn force was terminated by one person in less than two hours.

Zhou Wu only felt that his back was chilly.

His reliable soldiers and warriors who followed him were also pale and horrified. Seeing the horrible scene of blood plasma mud and human bones aside, his several servants could not help trembling and many of them even vomit uncontrollably.

A group of people hurried forward about a kilometre and came to the entrance of Shennong Faction’s rudder grottoes.

Surprisingly, the Dianshi janitor Zheng Longxing and his more than a hundred reliable soldiers just stood at the entrance and did not come inside.

A group of people stood at the entrance to the grotto and seemed to hesitate for some reason.

When he heard the footsteps, Zheng Longxing looked back and saw Zhou Wu and others, and showed a sinister look.

But this kind of expression passed away quickly. In the next moment, the expression on Zheng Longxing’s face changed into a gentle smile, like seeing his old friend who had not been seen for many years. Zheng Longxing laughed and said, “Mr Zhou. You arrived really fast. It seemed you are disturbed by this matter.”

Zhou Wu also laughed, walked quickly, made a bow with hands folded in front, and said, “I must come. Since the county magistrate is in danger, I must come to rescue him. Ah. I heard that some people want to murder our county magistrate… Haha. Mr. Zheng. You came faster than I did. I really admire that.”

“Oh, I am the Dianshi janitor, and my responsibility is in charge of our soldiers. So I must come early.” Zheng Longxing smiled.

Two people talked and smiled in a polite way.

People who did not know them would think those two giant figures in Taibai County were really blood brothers.

“Oh, in this case, why don’t Mr Zheng go in?” Zhou Wu asked.

Zheng Longxing smiled but did not answer.

He came to the gate of the grotto for more than the time of drinking a cup of tea, but he never went in.

The reason was very simple. There came no sound from the grotto. He even tried to scream a few times, but nobody answered him. And he sent a person to observe around the grotto but no trace of chasing occurred. So Zheng Longxing was sure that both Sikong Jing and Li Mu were all in this grotto.

Maybe… they both died?

Zheng Longxing knew Sikong Jing really well. He knew Sikong Jing was extremely cruel and merciless, and would seek revenge for the smallest grievance, but also preserved many cards in his hands. Sikong Jing always took malicious means, so after Li Mu invaded the grotto, maybe he was planned by Sikong Jing, and thus they died together?

“It would be great if that thing happened.”

Therefore, Zheng Longxing stood at the gate of the grotto and hesitated while observing.

Zheng Longxing was worried if Li Mu had not died yet, he would be very embarrassed. However, because things already happened like that, he would not dare to rush in to kill Li Mu if he was not dead in front of so many soldiers.

Zhou Wu came when he hesitated to make a decision.

Zhou Wu soon realized Zheng Longxing’s thought.

If Li Mu died in the grotto, it was absolutely great news for Zhou Wu. As long as he made use of this matter and operated a little bit, he could defeat Zheng Longxing. Then the position of the head of Taibai County was absolutely in his pocket.

This was definitely a heaven-sent chance.

Thinking of this, Zhou Wu also prayed in his heart that it was best to let Li Mu die inside.

The two teams just stood at the gate of the grotto, seemingly stiff, and did not enter into the grotto. They were really silent, so the atmosphere was very strange.

Just then, a crying sound came from the grotto—

“Young Master. What’s wrong with you? Oh. Oh. Oh. Young Master. You…”

The sound came from the little boy Qing Feng.

The two little servants Qing Feng and Ming Yue rushed into the grotto regardless of obstruction from other people when Zheng Longxing hesitated. It was definitely they found something wrong so they cried so sadly. There was a great chance that Li Mu really died there.

Zhou Wu’s face glowed with joy.

Zheng Longxing was also secretly relieved.

“Come on. Go in and support our county magistrate.”


With the orders of those two people, hundreds of soldiers rushed into the grotto.

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