The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Almost Forgot an Important Matter

Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing walked briskly with a good mood.

No matter how frightened and scared they were when seeing the traces of the horrible battles along the way, they did not have those feelings anymore.

No matter how powerful the master was, take the grand masters of the nine Holy Clans as an example, people were afraid of them when they were alive, but that feeling would not exist after they died. When thinking of Li Mu had been dead, both Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing felt like resting in the shade of the trees and eating the ice-cold watermelon on a hot summer day.

There came the intermittent crying sound from the little servant Qing Feng in the front.

“Oh, My young master…”

The crying sound was so miserable that would make people who heard it burst into tears.

But in Zhou Wu’s and Zheng Longxing’s ears, it was just as beautiful as the sounds of nature.

Those two people walked faster.

“Why? There seems to be a fragrance…”

“Yes, what’s the taste? Why does it smell so good?”

There were a few guards whispering in a low voice.

They finally arrived at the deepest part of the grotto, which was also the core position of the Shennong Faction headquarter, the patio area of the grotto hall.

Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing quickened their pace and rushed into the cave hall almost by running.




When Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing looked up, they suddenly fell stunned and stayed where they were, as if they were petrified.

In the hall, Li Mu, who was supposed to have died, was not dead, but sitting in a stone chair and eating barbecue.

Yes. It was for sure. He was eating barbecue.

Li Mu took off his large robe halfway and showed his strong arms, chest and abdominal muscles. His skin was as white as jade with a fine steel wolf teeth arrow, which was slightly thicker than an adult’s thumb, on his shoulder. The arrow tip penetrated Li Mu through his back shoulder blade, leaving blood, flesh and bone scraps around the wound, which looked very terrible, but Li Mu seemed very calm as if he was not in pain.

He lit a bonfire in front of him.

Li Mu used another fine steel wolf teeth arrow to strung several pieces of fresh meat that nobody knew where they came from, and they were placed on the fire to roast and the oil was coming from the meat.

A wonderful fleshy fragrance filled the entire cave hall.

This smell made the whole atmosphere even more awkward and strange.

How did this happen?

Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing almost bit their tongues.

Li Mu’s large robe was taken off halfway, revealing his strong arm, chest and abdomen muscles. His skin was as white as jade with a fine steel wolf teeth arrow, which was thicker than an adult man’s finger, on his shoulder. The arrow tip penetrated through the back shoulder blade with blood, flesh and bone scraps on him. It looked terrible, but Li Mu looked very calm as if he was not in pain.

Li Mu was… still alive!

Not only did he not die, but he also looked very well.

To everyone’s surprise, he was eating barbecue here?

That… what the hell was that?

Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing almost went crazy.

“Hey. People are coming. Ah, You look very familiar. Who… yeah. I am talking to you. Who are you?” Li Mu asked, pointing to Zhou Wu, as he unconcernedly raised his eyes and barbecued earnestly.

Zhou Wu began to feel hopeless.

Zhou Wu thought, “I have exerted all my strength and wisdom for such a long time and regarded Li Mu as my biggest obstacle, but in fact, Li Mu never thought I was somebody. He once asked my name before, and it seemed he never remembered it.”

“Your Honour. I am your subordinate Zhou Wu, the deputy county magistrate.” Zhou Wu curved his mouth into a smile, “Your Honour. Congratulations to you for stepping down the Shennong Faction and showing your prestige. Taibai County will be so proud of you.”

Li Mu nodded, but no longer paid attention to him. Then he picked up the roasted meat, took a bite, shook his head unsatisfactorily, and said, “Without a little cumin, the taste is not pure… Oh, by the way, what about you? You seem to be an official by your look. What should I call you?” He pointed at Zheng Longxing with a barbecue arrow.

“You Honour. I am your subordinate Zheng Longxing, the Dianshi janitor.” Zheng Longxing smiled bitterly and salute to Li Mu.

Behind them, hundreds of soldiers and guards kneeled down and shouted, “My Honour.”

Li Mu raised his eyelids and did not say anything like no salute.

They let poisonous tumors like Shennong Faction occupied part of Taibai county for more than 20 years, poisoning civilians and Taibai County officialdom from top to bottom, so no matter who they were, they had all be involved. Li Mu, the county magistrate, was very unsatisfied with these officials who were in a position without doing a stroke of work.

Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing looked at the little boy Qing Feng at the same time.

“Just at the gate of the grotto, I was confused by this little fellow.

“Your Young Master is still alive. Why on earth did you cry so loudly in the grotto? We thought that your Young Master had died and rushed in happily… What should we do now?”

Yong Qingfeng didn’t notice the weird looks of Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing. He cried while wiped the blood from the wound on Li Mu’s shoulder. Then he wanted to wrap the wound by a bandage which nobody knew where that came from, however, the arrow could not be pulled out, so the bandage could not be wrapped at all. Thus he cried and sobbed, looking very sad.

On the other hand, the little girl Ming Yue stared at Li Mu’s barbecue with bright eyes, and her saliva seemed to rush down from her mouth.

Really? Sorry because of Li Mu’s injury?

Absolutely not.

For the adorkable Ming Yue, as long as her young master did not die, she would be fine.

What was more important than eating meat?

The bonfire crackled.

The fragrance of the meat spread out.

The atmosphere seemed to be very strange.

After a while, the deputy county magistrate Zhou Wu adjusted his mood and tried to break the silence. He said, “Your Honour. Should you leave here now? It is more important to heal your wound.”

“Yes. Your Honour. You have been injured badly. Please go to the Medical Center for treatment as soon as possible. You can trust me to handle the issue here.” Zheng Longxing also wanted Li Mu to leave now.

He knew that he had missed the best chance to kill Li Mu.

Zheng Longxing was utterly upset and he did not know how to proceed the next step. The previous plan of assassinating Li Mu by masters of Bloody-moon was definitely to be suspended because they were not equal to the martial art power of Li Mu.

“Don’t worry. I fought with them for a long time, and now I am a little hungry. Just wait for me to finish eating the barbecue first.” Li Mu slowly ate the barbecue on the fine steel wolf teeth arrow, pointed to the stuff behind him and said, “It still needs to be grilled for a while.”

It was not until then when Zhou Wu, Zheng Longxing and other guards noticed that a green python, which was more than 30 meters long, lay softly on the ground behind Li Mu.

This python already grew two grey bony horns on its head, which was the sign of turning into a dragon soon, but it died now. And without guessing, it was killed by the young county magistrate. The python tail was about one meter long, but it was cut off by a sharp blade, peeled off, and thus revealing the white-jade-like flesh, and some of which were dug out. It was obvious that the meat roasted on Li Mu’s fine steel wolf teeth arrow was from the cut-off tail.

A python, which was about to turn into a dragon, was slaughtered like this?

Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing felt shocked again after seeing that.

They were experienced and knowledgeable so easily recognized that the python was an alien species, extremely rare and of great value. For the warrior, it was also a valuable dreamy medicine, because snake blood, snake gall bladder, snakeskin, snake venom and even snake flesh could enhance the strength of the warrior, enhance and strengthen his or her internal Qi and blood.

When on earth Shennong Faction raised such a valuable thing?

Zheng Longxing became more and more uncomfortable.

He thought that he had complete control over the Shennong Faction, but now it seemed… Sikong Jing hid many things behind his back.

“Young Master. Me. Me. Me. Me…” Little adorkable Mingyue pointed at herself, drooling and saying, “Don’t be so selfish. Give me a bunch of that to eat.”

Li Mu gave a piece of roast snake meat to the little girl, and then handed some to the little Qing Feng and said, “Why cry? You are a big man! Eat meat! This meat is the essence of an a-century-old snake. Hahaha, it’s delicious!”

Little Qing Feng’s tears were still wet. He was stuffed into his mouth with a piece of roast snake meat by Li Mu when about to open his mouth to say something. So he could not speak only with some sobs still in his throat.

Li Mu laughed loudly.

To be honest. Deep down in his heart, he was still somewhat moved by the performance of these two little servants.

At this time, there were so many people in the grotto, but only those two servants really hoped that he was safe and sound. As for others… Li Mu was not a fool, and he probably could guess what other people were thinking about now.

For a time, this grotto was filled with the bloody smell. Except that Li Mu and his two servants were making the sound of eating something, there were no other sounds.

The atmosphere was getting more and more strange.

It seemed that there were some people playing the drums hardly in Zheng Longxing’s and Zhou Wu’s hearts, and they became more and more worried.

Suddenly, it seemed Li Mu thought of something, so he patted one of his thighs and shouted “Ah” loudly.

Those two people were shocked and quickly bowed, looking at Li Mu and saying, “Your honour. What is wrong?”

Li Mu said, “Crap. I almost forgot an important matter.”

Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing became more and more anxious and doubtful.

An important matter?

The young county magistrate was going to…

But Li Mu continued to say, “Here is my order. You quickly bring Huang Wei, the shopkeeper of Magical Medicine Pharmacy, to here.”

Zhou Wu heard the words, and he did not know why, but he turned around and told guards to do it immediately.

After a short period of time, under the guidance of two soldiers, the shopkeeper of Magical Medicine Pharmacy Huang Wei appeared in the grotto, trembling with fear.

“Your. Your. Your. Your honour…” Huang Wei was so frightened that his face turned white and his lips were trembling.

Seeing Li Mu, the shopkeeper of Magical Medicine Pharmacy was about to cry out.

Magical Medicine Pharmacy was one of the properties of Shennong Faction, and he himself was also a member of Shennong Faction. Under such circumstances, how could he not be afraid?

Just before a short period of time, Huang Wei just received the news that the Shennong Faction Headquarter had been exterminated. When he heard the news, he thought it was a joke because, in his mind, the person who could destroy the Shennong Faction in Taibai County had not been born yet. However, who knew that in the next moment, a team of guards would appear at the gate of Magical Medicine Pharmacy and bring him right here.

Huang Wei saw and heard these along the way: the Shennong Faction headquarter was destroyed, many corpses lay in the stone forest and Sikong Jing’s bleeding broken body in the grotto… All this made Huang Wei scared to death.

Especially when he saw the bloody corpse of Sikong Jing, Huang Wei felt that the sky had collapsed.

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